When Kids Should Learn Figure Skating

Many parents think figure skating is an activity only for the teenager. But it’s not true kids can also learn skating. Skating is fitness, fun, and social activity. Everybody can do it. There is no age restriction. But do you know when kids should learn figure skating?

Don’t push your kids if they don’t have any interest in skating. First, learn about their interest or make learning skating interesting for them. This article will tell you when you can send your kids to figure skating learning classes.

How to know if your kids are ready?

I think your kids can learn skating at any age. It’s never too late for learning. If your kids are at 5, 10, 13, or 16 years old or older, they can learn figure skating. Some parents don’t wait too much. When their kids start walking, they put their kids in the skate learning classes.

This doesn’t seem right. Before making this decision, you should know if your kids are ready or not. If your kids have the following capability, you can send them for figure skating:

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Figure skating for kids: A must-have things to follow

●    Physical Strength: 

Before going to start figure skating, your kid needs physical strength. Physical strength is essential to skate. If they are weak and don’t have strength, sending in the figure skating can be a bad idea.

●    Stamina: 

Your kids need stamina. If he or she got the stamina, nothing could stop them. With stamina, they can conquer the world.

●    Activity Level: 

It is important to build up the activity level of your kids. Active kids are good at gaming and other activities.

●    Ability to balance: 

They must have the ability to balance in other simple activities. And also need the ability to balance when they are skating. Figure Skating is all about balance. Light is also important to keep balance.

●    Coordination: 

kids should know about the value of coordination and the importance of this in other activities. Coordination is important for social bonding, as well.

●    Maturity: 

Kids are so young to be matured enough. But if you are expecting them to learn figure skating, they need to be mature enough.

●    Attention: 

Learning skating is not that easy. So, first, your kids need to keep attention, focus on what they are doing. Attention will make your kids a good skater.

●    Main Goal: 

Before your kids start to learn figure skating, they need to set their goals. If someone knows their goal and wants to achieve it, nothing can stop them. The main goal of this playing is to score the highest marks. In every game, skaters perform nice moves to gain the highest scores from the judge.

●    Skills: 

Your kids need to know some skills like spinning, turning, jumping, hopping, skipping, etc. They can build up these skills at home by regular practicing.

●    Flexibility: 

Flexibility is essential when it comes to learning figure skating. If they are not flexible, they can’t do challenging moves.

Some additional things to consider before starting figure skating:

●    Speed: 

Kids need to be very fast and speedy in their work.

●    Understanding Rhythm: 

Figure skating depends on rhythm. So your kids need to understand the rhythm first. Figure Skaters skate on the beat.

●    Skating equipment: 

For figure skating, first, you need to arrange good skating equipment. There is plenty of affordable and adjustable skating equipment in the market.

●    Basic skating knowledge: 

Learning basic skating knowledge is another significant point that kids need to consider before starting their skating journey. After gaining basic knowledge, it would be easier to be master at figure skating.

●    Learn Ice Skating: 

Ice skating is a part of figure skating. Teach your kids how to balance in the ice and how to skate in the ice. Then they can think about figure skating.

●    Safety Helmets: 

A helmet can be a safety guard for your kids.

●    Challenging: 

Your kid needs to have the ability to take challenges.


There you have the details Kids, “when should kids learn figure skating?” Kids can start skating at an early age, but it’s best if you wait until they can understand everything. Give them some time as they can build-up all the skills and qualities.

Thanks for staying with us. If you have any questions about figure skating, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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