Penny Board VS Skateboard (Figuring Out Which One is Better)

Skateboarding provides you great fun and enjoyment to ride on the roads and streets and amuse your friends by showing different tricks. But it would help if you had special dedication to ride excellently. The modern skateboard comes with unique features that make skateboarding more attractive, and many young adults are shifting towards skateboarding. Also it is a great source of physical activity.

If you are fond of skateboarding and want to start skateboarding as a career, you should own your skateboard. But when you are in the market, you see many of the varieties and models of skateboards that make you confused.

Sometimes we even become confused and cannot differentiate between penny boards and skateboards. Both of them look alike, and we become confused about which one to choose and which one is better for me.

If you are searching for that question, then you will get your answer below the content. We will guide you to reveal the secrets between Penny Board VS Skateboard.

Penny Board VS Skateboard: A Simple Guide

Penny board: An overview

Penny boards are versatile skateboards that are made up of plastic material that makes them lightweight. Penny boards were first time introduced in Australia in the early 70s. Penny boards look fantastic, and they are also known as cruiser boards.

Penny boards are easy to assemble and disassemble; you can replace it’s any part with excellent ease. You can also buy its parts separately and then can build them to make your penny board.  But if you are new to that, then it is better to purchase an assembled penny board.

There is no doubt penny boards are lighter than traditional skateboards because they are made up of plastic material.

But they have more excellent resistance and plastic of these boards and high quality that can bear shocks and bear your weight. Penny boards are also found durable and stronger than traditional skateboards.

It comes in several sizes that range from 20 to 30 inches in length and 4 to 8 inches in width. But the most popular penny boards come in 22 inches in length and 6 inches in width.

You can select matching your height and weight which one is suitable for you. If your feet are more extensive, you need a wider penny board to get the proper balance and stand comfortably on the board during the ride.

If you face any accident and see that your penny board is badly hit with any rigid material, there is no need to worry; no matter how forcefully it hit, you will never experience a breakage.

You will only see some scratches on its surface. But this feature is off in traditional skateboards, and they need a careful ride.

Penny boards also come with more great color variations. Penny boards come with a large number of variations in colors.

You have more choices to choose the best one according to your taste. It is not restricted to colors; penny boards also come in different designs.

What are the benefits of Penny Boards?

There are the following advantages of having penny boards with you.

  1. Easy to store

Penny boards are smaller in size that is easy to move and come with extensive portable features. You can easily pack them and store them in small places; even students can store them in their bags.

  1. Lightweight

The weight of your board has an excellent contribution to the performance. Penny boards are smaller in size and also lightweight.

Due to that feature, penny boards are easy to ride for teenagers. Your kids and teenage adults can ride them easily to go to their schools or anywhere.

  1. Versatility

Some people love to have beautiful things. Those who love beauty have plenty of choices to choose the best design and models because penny boards come with versatile layouts and models. You can select desired color and design, but traditional skateboards do not offer much versatility as penny boards.

  1. Durable

Penny Boards are made up of plastic material that is hard and makes them durable. They are also waterproof and protect them from harmful weather effects. Its hard plastic also has more resistance against high temperatures. Penny boards’ high-resistant features make penny boards durable than traditional skateboards.

  1. Smooth ride on rough paths

It is tough to ride on rough paths with traditional skateboards, but penny boards can ride on rough roads with incredible smoothness. It increases the rider’s confidence and also makes them better to experience on bumpy roads.

  1. Affordable

Penny boards are available at cheap rates than skateboards. It is accessible for the youngsters who have a lower budget to buy skateboards can purchase skateboards for fun.

  1. Stronger parts

Penny boards come with more robust trucks, decks, and cruiser wheels than traditional skateboards, making them stand able against profound shocks and damages.

Drawbacks of Penny Boards

Penny boards are good to have, but there are some drawbacks of penny boards that make them less charming than traditional skateboards.

  • It is very tough for the beginners to ride on such a thinner board, and he is at risk of accident or injury.
  • Your control over the board is reduced due to the small board because it provides you small space to stand on the board, which also lowers your control over the balance.
  • These are lightweight, so at higher speed, there is a risk of unstable due to high speed, but it’s lightweight.

Skateboard: An overview

Skateboards are the major boards; we can say these are the parents of all other boards. You may hear about penny, long, and shortboards but all come under the umbrella of skateboards.

The first board that was used decades ago was the skateboard. With time it developed with some changes in its size and shapes, but over time still after introducing many forms of boards, skateboards are still the first choice of everyone.

Skateboards are available in a rectangular shape and four rounded corners, the size of skateboards ranges between 28 to 33 inches long and 7 to 10 inches wide.

Skateboards are manufactured with wood materials, and modern skateboards are manufactured with maple wood. The wood material is also coated with Polyurethane, making the skateboards durable and long-lasting, and smoother to ride.

Previously due to wood material to make these boards, durable thick and heavy woods were used to increase their weight, but modern skateboards are available with good quality woods that are more robust and lighter in weight.

But still, skateboards are heavier in weight than plastic-made penny boards. But it also better because it makes these skateboards durable and resistant to shocks.

Skateboards are also wider in space that gives you the perfect freedom to stay with proper balance.

You will also found many skateboards with different colors and designs. Its deck of the skateboards comprises tape that looks like sandpaper. Skateboards are suitable for beginners and experts.

Benefits of Skateboards:

There are the following benefits of skateboards that make them a better choice than penny boards.

  1. Stability

Skateboards are stable than penny boards; the newbies’ skateboards are safe to choose because they come with more expansive space and long that make them suitable for maintaining balance.

  1. Compatibility

Penny Boards are only suitable for teenagers or people with less weight. If someone has a heavy size and more extended feet than penny boards are not ideal for them.

Only skateboards can carry heavyweight and provide enough space for the more extended feet to stand correctly and maintain body weight and posture.

  1. Durable Wheels

Boards’ performance is directly connected with the performance and quality of wheels. Skateboards come with durable wheels that are made of Polymeric resin materials, which ensure their durability. Durable and better quality wheels make your boards run faster and smoother on rough and smooth roads.

  1. Faster speed

It is noticed that penny boards are not compatible with riding at a faster speed. At faster speed, penny boards lose their balance, and you have many chances to fall. But skateboards are perfect, and they help you stand balanced and maintain balance even at a faster speed.

  1. Suitable for tricks

Skateboards offer you more choices to perform different complex tricks because it is straightforward on the skateboards to maintain your balance. Due to its grip tape, its deck provides you suitable conditions to perform various tricks.

  1. Better control

Skateboards offer you more control over your ride than penny boards.  Skateboards are suitable for beginners because they face more difficulties at the start, but good quality skateboards provide you more power to learn different tricks and ride perfectly.

Drawbacks of Skateboards

Skateboards are no doubt a better choice than penny boards in many ways, but there are also some drawbacks of skateboards, such as given below.

  • Skateboards are heavy, which makes you tired early.
  • On rough roads, skateboards are not better performers due to their small size wheels.

Final Thoughts

There you have the details about Penny Board VS Skateboard. Skateboards and Penny boards are great items to choose from, but certain features make them suitable for different situations.

If you are looking for modern styles, then penny boards are good to select for teenagers and affordable boards. But for the beginners and fast riders with greater control over the balance, skateboards are better than Penny boards.

Also you can visit here to know more about Penny board or skateboard for beginners.

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