10 Tips To Make Your Skate Shoes Last Longer

Not excessive skating for few hours straight or for days and months, but skating for a very short period can wreck those precious shoes of yours. The grip tape of the skateboard will ruin your shoes no matter which brand or material it has.

Whether it is a high-quality leather shoe or a canvas the shoes will wreck eventually after few skates. You cannot keep buying skate shoes within a very short period of time. Then what to do? The answer is very simple and easy now; you got to make those skate shoes long-lasting.

How To Make Your Skate Shoes Long Lasting

As mentioned, you can make your skate shoes last longer. The methods will help your shoes last longer than before but that does not mean the shoes will not get ruin ever.

You may be able to save your money for some time, depending on how much you skate. I will be sharing some valuable tips in this article.

10 Tips To Make Your Skate Shoes Last Longer

Get The Right Shoe

You have to pick the right shoe when it comes to skating. Not all shoes are perfect for skating. Whether it is a canvas shoe or high-quality leather shoe or suede shoes, you need to pick the right one.

Suppose, if you have a wider feet, then you should choose wide skate shoes instead of going for a narrow cut shoes. Having wider skate footwear helps you to feel flexible, lightweight and comfortable.

However, you may be able to skate with those shoes but there is no guarantee of how long-lasting that will be.

Getting shoes of good or high quality is important rather than getting cheap ones. High-quality shoes will last longer compared to cheap ones, as they will contain better materials.

Detect The Worn Down Area 

If you observe you will notice that the specific areas of your shoe are getting wrecked all the time. Now, how to make those areas of shoes durable? To begin with, find out those areas which may easily be worn out. Those areas are-

  • Toebox area.
  • The sole.
  • Stitched area and
  • Padding heel area.

As you know about the risked areas now, you can easily take precautionary steps to make your shoe durable.

Reduce Roughness of Your Grip Tape 

The new grip tape of your skateboard is rough? Well, beware! The function of a grip tape is to stick your shoes with the skateboard. So, you can hold a grip on it. But often new grip tapes are rough and it will wreck your shoes.

In that circumstance, how to avoid that kind of situation? Well, the grip tape will ruin your shoes anyway but the less rough one will consider some time.

Apply sand to the cutoff grip tape’s scrape. The sand will help the grip tape become less grippy by bringing down the friction.

Glue The Stitches

Use superglue to the stitched area of your shoes specially where the grip tape is most likely to link. Do not spill the glue out of the stitched area. To make sure that you won’t spill the glue, apply slowly.

Do not use it anywhere else either, as it may cause losing the grip. Over applying or excessive use of glue may lose the grip as well.

If you are still confused about where to glue, check your other or older footwear carefully. You will get ideas. Kickflips, ollies, and heelflips are some specific areas.

Do Not Use Hot Glue

When you use glue to fix your shoes strongly avoid hot glue. There are strict rules against using hot glue as it collapses as soon as you try using it and creates a worse situation.

It doesn’t repair your shoes in reverse it wrecks them and makes them harder to fix.

It is highly recommended to not apply it on shoes like canvas shoes, suede shoes, or anchor: wide skate shoes.

Use Adhesives To Fix Your Shoes

To fix your shoes you can use strong adhesives like gorilla glue, shoe goo, etc. With these adhesives, you can repair your shoes so that they can last longer. Patch your shoe or inside of it with a sticker or duct tape.

Apply shoe goo or gorilla glue whichever you have. During the process, you may need ice cubes as well. The ice cube will smooth the shoe goo out. If you use your fingers, it may stick to your fingers and the surface can be uneven.

Although, you have to be fast as it dries up faster. Keynote: if you use these to your shoelace area then you won’t be able to adjust your shoelaces anymore. Which means you won’t make your shoelace tight or loose.

Patches For The Holes Of Your Shoes

If any of your shoes are suddenly getting holes you may patch them up and use them for a longer time without throwing them away. Suede patches, trick tapes, stickers are helpful to cover holes if the shoe contains any.

The trick tapes are adhesive tapes which you can buy from stores. Suede patches are more like DIY patches. You can get the suede patches from any old shoes.

If you see that your shoe is started to ripping even slightly use these. These adhesives are easy to patch. And it will also protect your shoes to last longer.

Try Using Plasti Dip

Plasti dip is another kind of adhesive which is basically a rubber coating. It is a liquid that later becomes rubber after air drying. It can be applied by dipping, spraying, or brushing.

The plasti dip is very durable. It lasts at least three years longer even without a reapplication. Plasti dip creates a grip that is firm, comfortable, and controllable. The grip resists slipping, moisture, abrasion, acids, corrosion, skidding.

As I have mentioned, it lasts so long without any retouch so you don’t need any reapplications. But if you want or need to you can reapply.

Try Out Non-abrasive DKL Grip Tape

The grip tape of your skateboard must contain fine standards. The rough grip tape may cause wrecks to your shoes within a very short period. The biggest reason why skate shoes wreck within no time is because of the grip tapes.

More than 90% of the time grip tape is the reason behind a wrecked worn-down shoe. Therefore it is wiser to choose a grip tape which’s the base is not rough or harsh. The solution maybe is to use a non-abrasive grip tape.

DKL grip tape is a non-abrasive grip tape that is smooth, not rough at all. It contains small bumps but a smoother texture. But everything has a negative side. The minus point is as it is very smooth the material it contains is rubbery in texture.

The skin peels away and wears down kind of quickly, which makes it less long-lasting. Try cutting down the edges or the peeling off part if that helps it to last a little longer.

Do Not Break With Your Feet

Try not breaking while skateboarding with your feet. While skateboarding it is obvious you got to break. You just cannot stop breaking. But try not to do it often as much as possible. As breaking with your feet causes damages to your skate shoes.

The Bottom Line 

Your shoes are precious and money is valuable. Wasting both of these is unfair to all the hard work and your valuable time. But now with these easy hacks, you can effortlessly make your shoes long lasting.

Before you throw away any shoes, keep these ten tips on your mind and try them if these tips work. I can assure you that these ten hacks will be effective to make your skate shoes long lasting.

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