9 Best Kickflip Skateboard – Experts picked skateboard for stunts and tricks

Kickflip skateboarding is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable sports activities you can participate in. Of course, that can only be possible if you have the best kickflip skateboard your hands can find out there.

Some of the most amazing tricks I have done and watched others do were not done with just any kind of board. They were done with specially designed boards for them.


If you are searching for the best or the right kinds of a board with which you can perform dumbfounding tricks while you are out there skateboarding, let me show you how you can easily recognize and choose them.

Before going on with that, let me briefly explain something that may be going on in the mind of our readers- especially if you stumbled on this post on Google, Bing or any other search engine out there.

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What is Kickflip Skateboarding?

A kickflip in skateboarding is a maneuver that requires a skater to flip the board by slightly “kicking” it using his front foot during an ollie.

This maneuver or trick done while in motion was formally called a magic flip. Since its’ creation by Rodney Mullen, thousands of people all over the world have embraced and are practicing it.

If you are just starting as a beginner in skateboarding, this is one of the tricks you will enjoy doing on your own with your board.

It’s not as simple as it sounds; I must warn you. But once you’ve learned it learning other tricks will no longer be a problem.

There are several kinds of it that you begin with and then learn others with time in the next section, I will show you how you can do a very simple one right now with your board, Don’t panic, it’s going to be easier than you imagine right now.

Product Title
Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard Cruiser | Short Board | Canadian Maple Deck...
Quest Rorshack 34" Complete Longboard Skateboard
Landyachtz Dinghy 28" Complete Skateboard (31" - Wreck Tangle)
GLOBE Skateboards Blazer Cruiser Complete Skateboard, Prism/Lit
Product Image
Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard Cruiser | Short Board | Canadian Maple Deck...
Quest Rorshack 34" Complete Longboard Skateboard
Landyachtz Dinghy 28" Complete Skateboard (31" - Wreck Tangle)
GLOBE Skateboards Blazer Cruiser Complete Skateboard, Prism/Lit
Kickflip Skateboard
Kickflip Skateboard
Kickflip Skateboard
Kickflip Skateboard
Product Title
Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard Cruiser | Short Board | Canadian Maple Deck...
Product Image
Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard Cruiser | Short Board | Canadian Maple Deck...
Kickflip Skateboard
Product Title
Quest Rorshack 34" Complete Longboard Skateboard
Product Image
Quest Rorshack 34" Complete Longboard Skateboard
Kickflip Skateboard
Product Title
Landyachtz Dinghy 28" Complete Skateboard (31" - Wreck Tangle)
Product Image
Landyachtz Dinghy 28" Complete Skateboard (31" - Wreck Tangle)
Kickflip Skateboard
Product Title
GLOBE Skateboards Blazer Cruiser Complete Skateboard, Prism/Lit
Product Image
GLOBE Skateboards Blazer Cruiser Complete Skateboard, Prism/Lit
Kickflip Skateboard

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Just stay with me!

Top picked skateboard for kickflip or heelflip

1. Softrucks Skateboard

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The best of kickflip is done on this Softrucks Skateboard as it genuinely offers the modern-day concave Canadian maple deck and it is well mounted with soft black trucks.

In terms of confidence-building on a skateboard, this is one of the best boards you can invest your money on as it gives balance and makes it easy to carry out a series of flips.

The Softrucks Skateboard also helps to increase your muscle memory which increases your productivity level in terms of skating or kick flipping.

Strength is something that will be learned on this board as well as various styles that will wow even you as you continue to practice with this board.

In addition, this board offers you the great avenue to learn tricks and proper dynamics on skateboards plus you will able to refine your combo and switch tricks.   

Lastly, it is a pretty durable board, and you will like using this for kickflips.

2. Landyachtz Dinghy 28″ Complete Skateboard

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://amzn.to/3aEoaty” ]

Comfort and swift maneuverability are one of the selling points of this board as it is designed to easily shred thanks to the wreck tangle with the mellow concave build.

It also comes with a flat nose and tail that will offer you a crazy amount of pop, and you will be glad that you can skate just to your taste with this board.

In addition, this board is presented with the best materials you can ever imagine, which is why the quality level of the board is high up the rank.

The manufacturer of this board has created a positive reputation for themselves in terms of delivering quality skateboard because they do not build mediocre boards, and they are known to have long-lasting boards.  

The components used in engineering this board ranges from 155T TKP trucks, wedge risers, bear space balls bearings and chubby Hawgs 60mm 78A wheels.

3. Globe Big Blazer 32″ Cruiser Skateboard Complete

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://amzn.to/2uqhUVx” ]

This board comes with a medium-length tail cruiser that makes it easy to carry out any skating activities plus you will enjoy the internally built bottle opener just for your advantage.

Additionally, this board is made with a mellow concave that comes with a kicktail for the best of fun while gliding on this board.

The dimension is set at 32″ x 9.125″ x 17.5″Wb plus it comes with a Maple plus and black burle for the beautification of the board.

Furthermore, this skateboard is made to have a tensor alloy truck that works well on the streets, plus it is constructed with an epoxy resin that makes the board lighter while also lasting longer.

The wheels are made of Urethane formulas which makes them perfect for all types of situations and the ABEC 7 bearings are great for speed.

Lastly, it is durable, sturdy, and well-engineered to give you fun.

4. CCS Skateboard Complete

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://amzn.to/2Gg54Mh” ]

Great board with super-strong wheels that will enhance your skating experience thanks to the 52mm, 100A Durometer wheels that perfects your balancing and allows you to stretch your skills.

The ABEC 7 bearings are of high-end quality, and it allows for proper speed while navigating smoothly with no fear whatsoever.

You will definitely improve on your skills with this board as it comes with a type of deck that is engineered with maximum quality, plus it promises the bet of stiffness and flexibility.

Worry not about your level of skateboarding as this board is designed for any level from learners/ beginners to experts.

The manufacturer of this board is a well-known skateboard producer, and it is well known that they offer great quality and services.

Finally, the surface of the board is made to have the best grip you can imagine for your safety when kick flipping on the board.

5. Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://amzn.to/30Nn5eg” ]

The Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard is particularly elegant, and it delivers on the best of the fun ride when skating.

The portability of the board makes it even more flexible to carry and maneuver, plus it is easily transported if you are the type that likes to skate anywhere you find yourself.

It is a Canadian maple deck skateboard that is engineered with various high performing quality, and it comes with a series of features that makes skating super-easy.

Additionally, it is a versatile skateboard that offers the best fun you can ever imagine, thanks to the double kicks tail design.  Furthermore, this is a perfect grip board that does not allow the user to slip off due to the sand grit finish on the surface of the board.

The Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard is in terms of length set at 27.5 inches, and the width is at 7.5 inches. Also, the wheelbase is set at 18.5 inches.

6. LMAI Bamboo Cruiser Maple Wood Skateboard

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://amzn.to/2RjGmkw” ]

A highly entertaining skateboard that offers the best of fun while you are also learning how to perfect the art of skating if you are al learner.

The bearings are set at ABEC 11 that allows for great speed and conditioned movement with the board.

The skateboard is about 22 by 6 inches, and it is all completely built-in Colorado United States. The wheels are specially made at 59mm 83A60mm, and majorly the Urethane design allows for a great rebound.

Additionally, it comes with 3.125-inch aluminum trucks coupled with 80A ultra-high rebound bushings plus you will love the fast-spinning feature, zero noise movement and super sleek ride.

Furthermore, the seven-ply super-flex bamboo component used in making this board means it is fast and genuinely durable.

Finally, this is a great board that allows for smooth transitioning and enjoyment by the time you get used to it.

7. Sector 9 Carbon Flight Complete Skateboard

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://amzn.to/2RkPKnR” ]

A superb board that comes with five-ply maple made with fiberglass and the carbon fiber makes it even stronger. Additionally, it is a forward directional shape board that is great for fun, and when you move with this board, it comes with great balance.

Doing tricks and learning flexibility with this board is one of the best things you can do to improve your skating plus it comes with a sector 9 Taco mold.

Furthermore, it comes with 70mm shred thane skiddles, and the PDP bearings allow for great bearings plus this board is made to have a great grip which will make you safe while skating.

Also, this board is practically standard, and the quality it promises is very impressive that you will find it totally interesting.

This is a lightweight design that will make movement very easy, and flexibility is totally promised with this board.

8. Globe Blazer Cruiser Skateboard Complete

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://amzn.to/2sQLAuy” ]

A well-crafted skateboard that makes it interesting to skate while also getting enough balance that will help you perfect all skating skills.

It is a well-detailed skateboard that will deliver in all fronts of precision, and the balance you get from this board is totally off the roof.

It comes with a resin construction that is designed in Canada, which is one of the reason it has proper quality features.  

Additionally, the 5.375-inch slant trucks are designed to come with a hollow kingpin that will make your skating very easy and sleek.

Also, the kick tail mellow concave is quite useful for flexing and cushioning when moving with this board and you are going to have an all-round fun.

The dimensions of this board are set at 26 inches x 7.25 inches x 13.75 inches WB, and the weight is set at 5.70 pounds. Lastly, this is great for quality learning for beginners and can also be used by other expert levels.

9. Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

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This is a 34 inches bamboo longboard that will deliver the best of fun while you are kick flipping plus it has a great balance level that will boost your confidence and make you the strength of your core muscles.

In addition, the multi-ply hardwood maple and beautiful artisan bamboo deck that makes it very strong and absolutely durable.

Also, this is a rugged skateboard that comes with 6-inch aluminum trucks, and it comes with a strong 65mm PU wheels.

The ABEC 7 bearings made to come with this board makes it easy to handle the speed and the smooth-riding that comes with the board.

The bamboo materials used in constructing this board is absolutely fresh and has a well-detailed lining which is why the board gives absolute balance and flexibility.

The kicktail feature is pretty great and makes the board a very durable one to use.

How To Do A kickflip On a Skateboard

Kickflip skateboardYou are going to find this very exciting and straightforward if you follow every step I have put down below with a willingness to try and get it right.

Here is how to do it on a board:

  1. Place your front foot to come exactly behind the bolts on your board. It should be at an angle of 45 degrees.
  2. Putting all your weight on your back foot’s ball, bend your front knee.
  3. Gently flip your board by kicking it (not too hard) and taking a jump alongside.
  4. Once the skateboard has fully rotated in the air, catch it with your back followed by your front foot.
  5. With both of your feet now on the board as you land, bend your knees. This will help you remain balanced on the board.
  6. Do it over and over again till you become perfect in it.

Do you see it? Just like I told you earlier, it is not at all that difficult to practice. Though you may find a little bit hard on your first attempt, however, the more you practice, the easier it becomes.

Benefits of Kickflip Skateboarding

Kickflip skateboardIs there any benefit to derive from kickflip skateboarding? Should we just do it because others are doing it or does it hold anything in store for us?

Well, Yes! There are lots of benefits that we can get from “magic flip” now known kickflips.

Some of those benefits are:

  • If done correctly, it can be fascinating. Just like every other sport out there, we can derive so much fun from this.
  • It can help strengthen the muscles of your feet. Since this requires almost every part of your feet to do, it can help strengthen the muscles there.
  • If you are trying to burn down some calories or shed a little weight, you will discover that as you regularly indulge in this, your aim will be easily achieved.
  • Since it is an outdoor activity, you can meet and make friends with new sets of people every day. Fellow skaters, passers-by store owners, etc. including those outsides of your house area.

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Things to consider when Buying Skateboards for kickflips

kickflip skateboardHere are some of the things you need to put into considerations before buying a board specifically for this fun-filled maneuver

  1. Weight

You are going to need a board that is light in weight, not the heavy ones. Something around 2 to 2.5kg should be okay even if your weight personally is a little above average

  1. Maple Wood

Though Bamboo skateboards are good, maple wood boards are better when it comes to doing all kinds of tricks with them.

This is because the Canadian wood is stronger and can withstand any kind of pressure it is put through than the ordinary bamboo we come across always

  1. Wheels

The wheels should be able to provide the skaters excellent stability and smooth rides alongside the trucks.

Ensure you test them when buying to be sure they are strong enough and worth your money.

  1. Decks

For a beginner, you will need a full deck to help you learn how to control your balance on the board.

Not that the deck should be extremely wide, you just need something that wouldn’t take much to regain your balance when you are landing after you have flipped your board.

That is why a full deck is always recommended for beginners. However, if you are a professional and have mastered how to perform this maneuver over and over, you can go for the average decks if that is what you feel you need.

  1. Concave

Concave here has to do with the curve at the tip of your deck. It enables you to easily do kickflips and other kinds of tricks with your board. Boards with an excellent concave flick quickly, so go for them when buying.


Getting the best kickflip skateboard for yourself or anyone else around you is not something you should do in a hurry, you need to take your time and follow the guidelines in this post to achieve that.

Always test the boards you feel is ok for you till you are sure it is exactly what you need before putting your money down for it.

Like every other activity in life, learning to skate will require some patience and regular practice from you, But once you’ve mastered it, you start enjoying its numerous benefits.





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