Is Skateboarding A Sport?

Skateboarding is becoming popular among young people in the last decades, but there is no exact definition to define it as a sport or hobby. People and experts define it differently; some describe it as the hobby of young people, while others say it is a sport.

There are different opinions of skateboarding people, which confuse us to define it as a hobby, fun, or a sport—no need to be bothered. I have collected reliable information that will support you to understand skateboarding facts.

What is skateboarding – skateboarding meaning?

So, what is skateboarding? Well, it is an activity that provides recreation, and it is also included in the sport. Skateboarding is popular among young adults, and they love to play skateboarding for fun and entertainment.

In skateboarding, a person rides standing balanced on the small board that is mounted on the wheels. Skateboarding provides a fun, and now it is adopted as a sport and competitions in many parts of the world.

Skateboarding history

I will share the skateboard history timeline with you, which will help you better understand skateboarding. In the early 1940s, skateboards were very simple; skateboard was only the plank of wood and was known as Sidewalk surfer.

Later in the 1960s, a competition was held in Hermosa Beach, which Makaha sponsored, and from there slalom style of skating gains popularity. After that, in the 1970s, skateboard magazine was published to spread skateboarding in the world and increase its popularity.

But the period of the 1980s was not suitable for skateboarding; in that era, skateboarding slowed down and follows a slow movement until vert skating came on the scene.

In the early years of the 1990s, skateboarding was in a big slump due to the world’s recession; the manufacturer could not produce skateboards, leading to a decline in its popularity. But in 1995, the X-games with Tony Hawk landing at first 900 gives a significant breakthrough, and skateboarding makes a massive comeback.

After the 2000s and later years, it became popular and younger people love to play skateboarding, and it also includes in the list of Olympic Games.

In 2016, it was announced that skateboarding events would be held in the next Olympics, but due to Covid-19, the planned Olympic competition could not be held in 2020.

But the year 2021 is the year of the Olympics, and you will see skateboarding as a sport in the competitions.

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Is skateboarding a hobby?

You can say it as a hobby because you may know many friends and even yourself love to play it as a hobby. They do skateboarding to spend their time, when they are free they perform skating activities. It provides you with a lot of fun to ride the skateboard in the streets and notably when you are in a group of your friends.

People take it as their hobby and make their skateboards more entertaining by changing their components to increase their speed and stability. Some people also take skateboarding as their hobby and use them as a design. They do different arts on the skateboards to make them attractive and charming.

Some people also love skateboarding as a hobby and collect different types and styles of boards with impressive designs and features. You can see in many ways skateboarding as a hobby.

Is skateboarding a sport?

There is no doubt skateboarding in the start was adopt as a hobby, but over time it gains popularity and become a popular sport. Young adults love to play skateboarding in all parts of the world. They love to play and also organize different competitions.

Skateboarding competitions held like other sports events, and different opponents beat each other after a healthy match. I have collected the information about skateboarding competition which will make us understand that skateboarding is a sport and it is widely played in the world as competitions.

X-Games competition

The ESPN network hosted the first skateboarding competition, and it becomes one of the world’s biggest sports competitions. Through that competition, many fearless competitors meet each other, and they also learn many new tricks from each other.

It was first time launched in Rhode Island in 1995, which attract more than 200,000 people and a massive expense of 10 million dollars spent by ESPN on that event. Since that event, skateboarding growth starts and still continues.

Mountain Dew Tour

In 2005, the Mountain Dew took the initiative to bring together different fearless skateboarders, skiers, snowboarders and the artist from all of already events. It was proved as a significant initiative for skateboarding as a sport and increase skateboarding popularity.

In 2016, a skateboard magazine,” Transworld skateboarding,” was published, which helped bring people together who love to play skateboarding and want to adopt it as their career.

Street League

Another popular skateboarding competition was held in 2010, and a professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek organizes that event. This competition was not like the X-Games, it was a thrilling skateboarding competition, and its purpose was to choose the best 25 skateboarders in the world. This competition gives a new life to skateboarding, and after that, skateboarding starts spreading fast.

King of the Road

Healthy competition was held by THRASHER magazine; in that event, three teams participated. In that event, the competition judge by assigning different challenges to skateboarders to win the prizes. In that event, teams travel across the country to complete given challenges. King of the road competition remains for two weeks, and many people are interested in that competition.

Bust or Bail

That competition was also held by THRASHER magazine, and it was one of the best mini-contests. In that competition, each skateboarder shows their different tricks to show they are best than others. Bust or Bail was such a thrilling and exciting competition which is still popular among people. Many people love to watch and re-watch that event.

Maloof Money Cup

It was a skateboarding contest that was founded by Gavin and Joe Maloof that ran that event from 2008-12. There were many controversies in that event, and the hosts stopped it in Kimberly, South Africa.

The contest founding Maloof family is the large investors, and they owned many of the basketball teams, skate 3, and casinos. That family organized Maloof money cup to raise skateboarding awareness.

The event was so much organized and has many cash prizes for the winners. The winner was awarded 160,000 dollars, which was the highest cash prize in skateboarding history.

The owner spent money to attract young people’s attention, which also works, and many of the skateboarders from different regions take part in the event and show their skills in skateboarding.

Is skateboarding a sport in the Olympics – Skateboarding and International Olympics?

After passing a long route of decades finally, the skateboarding has gained the status of a sport. In 2016 it was announced that skateboarding contest would also be held in 2020 Olympic Games. But unfortunately, the Olympics did not hold in 2020 due to pandemic of Covid-19. Olympics competition will be held in 2021.

It is also expecting that skateboarding will also include and the Paris Olympics. So please wait for the coming years and hope it will be held as planned.

Learn more about Skating Tokyo 2020 Olympics by visiting this link.

What is Future of Skateboarding as a sport?

Skateboarding faced many ups and downs and crossed a long distance of decades. Sometimes it looked as this Game will vanish and will not gain popularity. But it was a fortune for the skateboarding and significantly from the last two decades skateboarding is enjoying fast growth.

In the start skateboarding as a hobby and people only play skateboarding for spending their leisure time. Some people avoid skateboarding because it carries a significant risk of injuries.

So in the start progress was slow, but when skateboarding competitions start they increase its popularity. Now it has taken the status of a proper sport like hockey, cricket and football.

Especially after the Olympic Games announced that it would include in the 2020 Olympics, it becomes more interesting. A quick boost in several fans witnessed after 2016 is struggling to make them part of the Olympics.

I see the future of skateboarding very bright due to its popularity and interest in that Game.

What is a risk in its popularity?

There is no doubt that skateboarding provides a lot of fun, and people are also adopting skateboarding as their career. But there is a significant risk for the Youngers to get injured during riding. Many of the incidents happened where skateboarder suffered severe injuries and even death.

So due to that risk, it is banned by different local governments to play skateboarding, if you are under the age of majority. Parents also avoid their children to play skateboarding. But many fearless buddies love to take a risk and promoting skateboarding.

Final Thoughts:

Is skateboarding a hobby or a sport? No need to bother it is a hobby and also is a sport. Some people who join skateboarding only as a hobby for them it is a hobby. But the person who adopts skateboarding as a career and takes parts in many competitions for them is a sport.  We can say skateboarding is under the umbrella of sport because it is also included in an Olympic Games list.

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