How to Ride a Skateboard?

Skateboarding is one of the best street sport activity which provides excellent fun to young and adults. There is no doubt that practice makes a man perfect, but when you are skating, no matter if you are a beginner or an old user, you need to follow proper guidelines.

It can be dangerous and cause severe accidents if you did not follow the proper guidelines for skateboarding. Some of the basic information is necessary for a skateboarder to follow when riding a skateboard for successful riding.

What are the rules to follow when you ride a skateboard?

There are simple rules, but you only need strict compliance with these rules for a successful riding. Below is the list of some necessary helpful information on how to ride a skateboard for beginners.

Get the right skateboard and foot ware.

Your skateboard quality also contributes to the performance and your successful riding. You may see many brands but only try to purchase a strong, durable, lightweight, and comfortable skateboard. Your shoes are also having a significant role in skating; always try to wear proper skate shoes, never use sandals when you are riding on a skateboard.

Arrange safety gears

Falling during the riding is common, especially when you are at the learning stage; sometimes, you may fall badly, which may cause severe injury. You must wear all the safety gear to ensure your protection from harm. There is an extensive list of safety equipment, but some are necessary, such as knee pads, helmets, and elbow pads to save you from injuries when you fall. It is essential to get the safety gear and wear them before taking a ride on the skateboard.

Choose a safe place

When you are riding, always choose the safe place, which makes your riding easy. You can practice in the skateparks or on a concrete driveway. But make sure there are no bumps, cracks, or rough places, especially when you are a beginner.

At the start of skating, you can also try on the smooth grass or smooth carpet. It is also good to get helpful tips from experienced people. You can go to skateparks and can observe the skateboarder how they are riding.

Stand on the board in a balanced way.

Better you will maintain your balance on the skateboard; little will be chances of falling. First, place the board on some flat place and stand on the spot to properly place your feet. Try to get the balanced standing without losing; it is better to put your feet angled sideways on the board. If you place your feet roughly, it will attach the wheels to the skateboard due to uneven balance.

Push gently

For a right balance, try to keep your front foot over the front truck bolts; it will help you get a balance forward toward the skateboard’s nose with a little suitable angle. Now push the board gently with your back foot and propel yourself forward. Hard pushing can uneven your balance, and you may fall.

You can get higher speed by pushing the board multiple times. After getting the desired speed, stop pushing and place your back foot on the board’s tail and try to remain in a perpendicular position to the board. After setting the back foot in a vertical position, adjust the front foot in the same perpendicular position.

Turn your skateboard position.

During the ride, you need to turn your skateboard for that purpose; you need proper guidelines. Otherwise, you may fall. Most people cannot maintain their balance at turns when they are beginners.

You can maintain balance on the skateboard through your foot’s movement while turning. You can turn by putting pressure on your toes or heels, but always try to keep your weight balanced in the center for safe turning.

Stop the board by putting your feet down.

When you need to stop the board, stop it gently by placing your foot down; when your skateboard slows down, then half your momentum. But here, you need to place your feet carefully, do not try to jam your foot down hard quickly. Start to put your feet slowly, and when you feel it slows down enough, then slow it hard to stop it completely.

Try to balance your weight; when you stop the board, slowly place your weight on the back of the board. If you quickly put your weight on the end of the skateboard, it will look uneven in your balance, and you may fall. It is also better to practice getting off and on before you start skateboarding at high speed.

Learn how to fall properly

All of the skateboarders fall significantly at the early stage of skateboarding. First, wear all the safety gears and also learn to fall correctly. If you know to fall correctly, it will keep you safe from injury when you fall. But if you understand the skills to fall, then it will keep you safe from injury.

Always try to keep your arms out, but keep the arms loose, because if you keep your arms rigid, you will injure seriously if you fall. Roll out when you fall, you might scrape yourself, but it will hurt you less than falling in a splat.

Try riding switch during the ride.

Once you learn riding the basics, then also try riding switch your board. Try switching around and riding your back foot in back and front. Better you will get skills of riding the switch. It is better to learn skating equally comfortably from both directions.

Watch this video to get a visual idea about skateboard riding.


Skateboarding is a funny street sport younger people love to ride on a skateboard. But it may hurt you if you do not follow proper guidelines, you may cause serious accidents.

When you need to ride, wear all the safety gears such as pads on knees and elbows and a safety helmet. Learn from some experienced person before riding. We also share some helpful tips to ride with you in the above content.

You will find these tips beneficial, especially if you search on how to ride a skateboard for the first time. However, this guide could be helpful for both beginners and experts.

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