How to Put Grip Tape on a Skateboard?

I never forget those days when at the start of skateboarding, I always take my skateboard to the shop to apply grip tape on the skateboard. Sometimes the shop was closed, and I had to wait for hours and even days to open the shop. It was a ridiculous experience, and I searched the alternative options, then I got the idea to apply the grip tape on my skateboard.

I have learned how to put grip tape on the skateboard, and now I can replace the grip tape from my skateboard in just ten minutes. If you are still putting grip tape from the shop, then get rid of this ridiculous job. Try putting a grip on your skateboard; it will not take more than ten minutes. I will teach you how to put skateboard grip tape in the below content.

How you put grip tape on the skateboard?

Putting grip tape on a skateboard is easier and does not take more than a couple of minutes if you follow the below steps.

Steps to follow: how to apply grip tape to skateboard

Step one

First of all, you will need to prepare the board for taping, arrange a good brand grip tape for your skateboard. Some of the best grip tape brands are speed demons, alien ware, black magic, Jessup, and grizzly.

Now place your skateboard on a flat surface but make sure the surface should be clean, making your work smooth until completion. First, check the deck and remove the old tape if you are replacing the older grip tape. You can use a hairdryer for that purpose but gently do your job; if you work quickly, it may cause a tear of the tape, which will become difficult to remove.

Cleanliness is too much important to grip the skateboard; if your skateboard is dirty, then grip will not make a good bond, which removes quickly. To properly clean the skateboard before applying grip tape.

Step two

In the second step, you will apply the tape on the board; once you have prepared the board for taping, then peel off the sticker from the grip tape sheet. Do not peel it too early; it will become dry due to air.

After that, place the tape in the center of the board, but make it notice that the skateboard’s nose will larger and wider than its tail. Now hold the grip tape straight with your hands on the board and lower it down toward the deck slowly. Never be in a hurry; your little mistake can make your task too much difficult.

It is also essential to buy the grip tape wider than your skateboard size; the excessive tape will cut after applying, to save your grip tape for future use, it is good to measure board before peeling the grip tape, only peel as you need.

After applying the tape on the board, you will need to make it firmer; for that purpose, it applies pressure on the grip tape with your palm and presses it gently on the whole skateboard. The grip tape will better glued through that way on the board.

Press the remaining parts of the tape with both hands, such as the edges, tails, and nose of the board. Through that process, you will easily remove the air bubbles.

Step Three

The last step after applying the grip tape on the board is to cut the excessive grip tape. You can use any heavy tool, such as an adjustable wrench, to scrape the skateboard edges. When you scrape it, you will see a sticky part, and the old sander part of the grip will vanish.

It will become simpler for you to cut the grip tape. You can cut the grip tape with any utility knife or razor. Better you will scrape the edges; easier will be for you to cut the grip tape.

First, make small cuts on the edges, then hold the skateboard in your hands, and then gently cut the grip tape around the board. Once you have cut the tape, now check all the board’s edges; if there is a need, use the excessive tape on edges or parts that are poorly glued. It’s done now you enjoy skating.


Younger people love to play and ride on the skateboard, but they need grip taping on the deck over time. Most of them try to apply grip tape from the shops, but you can save your time and money if you try yourself. It is a simple process that does not take more than ten minutes.

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