How To Put Bearings In Skateboard Wheels

Do you want to clean or replace the bearing on your skateboard, but you are not sure of how to go about installing and doing it rightly? This page will help you on how to put bearings in skateboard wheels easily without any hassles. With the information on this page, you can do whatever you want to with little or no experience.

Get the correct replacement bearing for your skate wheel.

It is very important that you have a replacement before you ever decide to remove the bearings from your skateboard wheels. You can get the replacement from a local shop, or you order from some reputable online stores such as Amazon. That which is important about buying is getting the correct one.

Remove the wheel with a skate tool.

On the wheel of your skateboard, you will find two washers and nut. You need to carefully pull them out of place, and that can be done using the skate tool or ratchet. They are small, and so, you need to be careful so as not to lose them.

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Use the hanger

While assembling your skateboard, the very last step you will take is putting on the bearings. The bearing of your skateboard is very important as it is the place where the trucks will be mounted. One way to find out if a bearing is of good quality is the presence of spacers and washers, which are the hollow tubes made of steel.

You will have to put one bearing on the axle, and that can be done using an aluminum hanger. Just use the side to press the bearing within the wheel. To do that, you need to check the bearing first for shields, and if it is only on one side, then you should put the same side down on the axis.

Now, you can go ahead to put on one wheel and ensure that the core is on top of the bearing. Make use of the palm of your hand in pressing the bearing into place. Take note that you might have to exert enough force during installation.

Use the Spacers

Leaving your skateboard bearings without a spacer can cause some issues, and one of them is that you might find it hard to get the perfect balance and coordination if the bearing can’t ensure as much horizontal force in an upright position without breaking.

The work of the spacer is to keep the bearings in line and also allow you to tighten your axis nit, thereby keeping the interior race from spinning the axle.

Use the washer

Make use of the washers as it helps to keep the hanger in the right position to avoid connection with some axis. The washer prevents the hanger against the wheel, and you should put one against the axis, followed by the wheel and the other washer.

Stiffen the nut

When you make use of a spacer, the next you need to do is to tighten the nut down with a good amount of force without any reduction in the roll of the wheel.

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This page answers your question on how to put bearings in skateboard wheels. We hope the information we have given will help you in having a smooth operation with fixing your bearings in your skateboard wheels.


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