How to Make Skateboard Wheels Faster?

Are you experiencing a slow ride on your skateboard? It would not provide you better fun and enjoyment; you will also face hurdles while performing different tricks and also get tired too early.

You may think about changing the board, but there is no need to make modifications to your board; we have some ideas that will help you make your skateboard wheels faster without replacing your skateboard. Below are fifteen easy steps to make your skateboard wheels faster.

Steps to Make your Skateboard Wheels Faster:

Steps to Make your Skateboard Wheels Faster

Let’s take a look at the must needed steps you need to follow if you want to make your skateboard wheels faster.

Top 15 Steps to Make your Skateboard Wheels Faster

1. Check Axle nuts

There is the possibility that your skateboard wheels are too faster due to too tight axle nuts. Check them if nuts are too tight, then you can loosen them and make your skateboard wheels faster.

But keep the nuts tight at a moderate level; otherwise, too loose nuts also make your skateboard wheels slower.

2. Replace wheels

You may use the smaller wheels; smaller wheels need more force to push and run slower. But the larger wheels run faster than, the smaller wheels.

Larger skateboard wheels come with a larger radius and circumference than small wheels, you can push them quickly with the same force, but larger wheels provide faster speed than smaller wheels.

3. Improve Wheels quality

Sometimes for saving some money, we purchase cheap quality wheels that are not good to use. Cheap quality wheels can never give you better performance.

Check the wheels of your skateboard; if there is low quality or more affordable brand, then it is better to replace them with good-quality wheels instead of replacing the skateboard. Good quality wheels run faster and make your fun and enjoyment double.

4. Make your wheels more aerodynamic.

When it comes to making your wheel more aerodynamic, it means reducing the surface area in contact with air, reducing the resistance on the wheels.

Make your wheels more streamlined to increase the speed and reduce air resistance. You can make your wheels streamlined and also need to keep your body in a more streamlined position.

5. Use harder wheels

When there are softer wheels, they squash more with the road and take more energy to ride and run slowly.

But if your wheels are more rigid, they do not like squash more with the road and keep resistance at a lower level to make your skateboard wheels able to run faster. When you are purchasing the wheels, try to get a faster disc and a higher durometer.

6. Clean skateboard bearings

Sometimes due to dust and debris on the bearings also slow down the wheels. So it is better to clean the bearing to make your skateboard wheels run faster.

For that purpose, remove skateboard wheels, remove bearings, soak the bearings in a cleaner and after proper cleaning, install them back. You will see your skateboard speed increase after cleaning the bearings.

7. Service your skateboard

If you are facing your skateboard is not running faster, it is good to service your skateboard. It would be best if you opened all of its parts, clean them, oil them and install them back.

You will see improvement in speed after servicing the skateboard.  If you are not an expert, take guidance from an expert friend before giving service to your skateboard.

8. Ride on smooth roads

It mostly happens with new skateboarders that they face slow ride on rough surfaces, and they think that their skateboard is slow. But in actual it is not; rough roads have more resistance that makes your skateboard wheels slower.

So if you want to check wheels properly, then ride on the smoother roads to correctly analyze their speed; if you’re going to ride your wheels faster, ride on smooth roads.

9. Replace Bearings

Check the skateboard bearings; if they are faulty, then your skateboard wheels also run slower. So to get rid of slow speed, you can also replace the bearings if they are flawed to make your skateboard faster than previous.

10. Lubricant bearings

In cold areas, due to a wet environment, sometimes bearings work slowly due to rust problems. The only solution to keep your skateboard bearings safe from rust is to lubricant them. If your skateboard wheels are in good condition but you see there is rust, clean them and grease them to increase your skateboard speed.

11. Try Spacers removal

Spacers between the bearings are also suitable to make them protective from breaking. But sometimes, they also cause slowness in skateboard wheels.

So it is better to remove them and try a ride without spacers; if the speed improves, then keep them removed. For safety, you can use hard wheels and quality bearings to keep them protected from breaking.

12. Replace with quality bearings

Check the bearings of your skateboard; if they are from a low-quality brand, it can cause slow speed. You can replace the low-quality bearings with better quality bearings to improve your skateboard wheels’ speed.

13. Re-lubricant the bearings

Check the bearings if you have lubricant them, but you see that you have correctly oil the bearings; if you did not grease them properly, lubricant them again to make them perform better.

14. Ride straight

Avoid riding, twitching, or shifting side to side, and trying to keep your ride straightforwardly to get more speed. In a refined ride, your skateboard will run faster than moving from side to side manner.

15. Check pop-out bearings

When you ride on a skateboard in different manners and do many tricks, sometimes bearings pushed in the wheel and became failed to seat the popping out. It is not a most occurring issue, but it can happen, especially after the new installation of the bearings.

It will negatively impact the speed of the skateboard, and they will become slower. So check the bearings if they push into the wheels, remove the bearings and install them again to get rid of that situation. Watch this video to enjoy fast skateboard run.

Final Thoughts

Your skateboard wheels become slower due to many reasons; you may prefer to replace the skateboard. But some helpful tips can make you able to run your skateboard wheels faster without replacing them. We have also guided you with 15 easy steps to make your skateboard wheels faster. Read more here to know how you can balance yourself on skateboard while riding fast.

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