How to Loosen Skateboard wheels: A Complete Guide

Our skateboard needs proper maintenance, and its maintenance is also pretty easy.  Among all skateboard maintenance tasks adjusting skateboard wheels is a common issue. We need it frequently after a week or after 8 to 10 rides.

It is also necessary because your skateboard wheels directly impact the performance of skateboard wheels. If they are not correctly adjusted, then maybe your skateboard runs with slower speed and creates hurdles in performing different tricks.

So for a regular skateboarder, it is necessary to know about wheel adjustment; for that purpose, we will guide you on loosen skateboard wheels and tightening skateboard wheels perfectly with easy steps. Read the content and know about skateboard wheel adjustments.

How to loosen skateboard wheels?

If your skateboard wheels are too tight, then it also creates problems in its ride. You need proper and careful riding for your safety and fun, for that you should lose the skateboard wheels to moderate level if your skateboard wheels are too tighten.

If you want to know how to loosen the skateboard wheels, then follow below simple steps below to loosen the skateboard wheels.

Steps to loosen the skateboard wheels

Step one:

Before everything, arrange the required skateboard tool; to loosen your skateboard wheels, you will need Wrenches and screwdrivers. After placing the proper tools, now go for the following process to loosen the skateboard wheels.

Step 2

Flip the skateboard upside down to see the skateboard wheels. When you flip the skateboard, you will see the large-sized kingpin bolt. Before accessing to wheels, you will need to open that kingpin bolt.

Now take your wrench and use it for turning the kingpin bolt. To loosen the kingpin bolt, turn it anti-clockwise; you will see the kingpin start loosen from the joints.

Do not loosen it too much; first, loosen it half or quarter to check the skateboard. If needed more than turn it more to loosen the kingpin.

Step 3

Once you have loosened the Kingpin bolt, now check the skateboard flexibility.  Turn the skateboard on the right and left sides to check its flexibility.

It is helpful if you take a ride to understand it properly. If you are an expert, you will quickly understand by moving the skateboard but if you are new, then take a ride to appreciate its flexibility.

Step 4

In the next step, you will need more vigilant checking of its flexibility. You can check the skateboard by riding it on a smooth and plain surface.

A smooth road is necessary because, on rough roads, it is expected that it shows more flexibility due to hurdles. The only smooth and flat surface can provide you a better understanding.

When you put your skateboard on a smooth surface, now put your feet on the skateboard and start riding.

When you take a ride on the skateboard, try to shake your skateboard on the right and left sides to check its flexibility. It will make you able to understand clearly that should your skateboard wheels need to tighten or loosen.

Step 5

If there is a need to loosen the skateboard wheels, then take your screwdriver and flip the skateboard upside down.

Loosen the kingpin fully and remove it, and access to skateboard wheels. Use your screwdrivers to loosen the wheels but loosen them gradually and check them properly.

If you loosen them too much, it will also create hurdles for you to ride due to too much flexibility, and it will become difficult for you to stand and maintain your balance. Skateboard speed also becomes slower, which creates hurdles to perform different tricks.

So gradually loosen the wheels and take a trial to know the perfect level to get a better ride. Once you have done the right level, now fix the kingpin bolt on its place and enjoy the better ride on your skateboard.

How to Tighten skateboard wheels?

If your skateboard wheels have become too loose due to use and you feel it challenging to ride, your skateboard’s overall performance also reduces.

Then it would help if you tightened the skateboard wheels to get a better level of adjustment for wheels. For learning how to tighten skateboard wheels, follow the below easy steps.

Easy steps to tighten skateboard wheels

Step 1

Before doing anything, arrange Wrenches and a Screwdriver to tighten your skateboard wheels. Once you have arranged the tools, then go for the next step.

Step 2

When riding, you feel too much flexibility in riding, so you have decided to tighten the wheels. Stop riding and sit at a clean and flat place. Now flip your skateboard upside down and search for the big nut; you will see that nut at the center of your skateboard wheels.

Start tightens this nut first, take wrenches or screwdriver and start turning the nut in a clockwise direction to pull the skateboard wheels. Never turn it too much will have tightened the wheels too much, which is also not good.

Step 3

After that, turn the kingpin bolt in clockwise but avoid turning too fast, turn it partially and take a ride on the skateboard. If it needs further, then tighten; otherwise no need to tighten the Kingpin bolt.

Step 4

It would help if you had more vigilant checking, so perform some basic tricks on your skateboards to know that you have done a proper job or not.

If there is a need for further adjustment, do it as you have done it before and take another ride.

When you see you have correctly do your job, then it is ready to take a ride. We will recommend you to take a ride on smooth and flat roads to know it better.

FAQ: how to loosen skateboard wheels

  1. Why are my skateboard wheels stiff?

It sometimes happens wheels are stiff even you clean and lubricates the bearings. The reason is that you did not clean the bearings properly. Take out wheels from the skateboard and soak the bearings in a cleaner such as acetone, nail polish remover or rub it with alcohol to clean the bearings properly and then put them back in the skateboard.

  1. Should I loosen my skateboard wheels?

“ Yes,” but at a moderate level, you can loosen the wheels by loosening the nut that is available at the end of the kingpin bolt of the skateboard truck.

But you should loosen the skateboard wheels half or quarter turn. More than half will create hurdles when you are riding on skateboards. It is risky for your ride, and it is also a risk that a kingpin nut may also fall.

  1. How do you loosen skateboard wheels without tools?

It is also possible for you to loosen the skateboard wheels, then no worry, you can also do that with the help of a socket wrench or crescent wrench because skateboard wheels do not have a socket.

But it is best if you choose the right size; mostly half-inch wrenches are suitable because the standard size is half an inch; if you want to change the bearings, take out all the nuts at the same time, and change the bearings.

  1. Is it better to skate loose or tight?

Loosening of trucks will improve your skateboard flow; it will make it easier for you to perform different tricks with great flexibility. But if your skateboard truck too loose, then it will also not good because it will create a hurdle while you land.

So make sure your skateboard trucks are not much loose or tight a moderate level of both is better for good riding.

  1. How to tighten skateboard wheels without a tool?

Many options like a crescent wrench and L tool are also helpful to tighten or loosen the nuts. But if you have a Philips head Wrench, it will make your task easier. Either way, you can tighten the skateboard wheels without a proper skate tool.

Final Thoughts

Skateboard wheels are one of the essential parts of the skateboard that directly impact the performance of your skateboard. Skateboard wheels must be in proper adjustment. If there is any issue, then make adjustments by tightening or loosen the wheels.

The loosening or tightening of the skateboard wheels is pretty easy; we have also guided you in the above content. Once you have correctly adjusted the wheels, your skateboard will ensure a good ride.

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