How To Get Your Skateboard Fix In Bad Weather – Tips & Tricks

North or South, East or West, wherever you go, bad wet always haunts you in any part of the year. So staying away from skateboarding is complete foolishness.
If you think skateboarding is something more than the way of your life, keeping skateboard always active and workable all year round is a big challenge for you then.
So, you want to accept the challenge, right? Well, let’s talk about some ways of how to get your skateboard fix in bad weather.

Top 7 ways to get your skateboard fix in bad weather:

1. Indoor Skateparks

When the bad weather really comes in your region, how do you manage all the things to continue skateboarding? Well, first you should expel out your tension. Then drink a glass of water.
Indoor skateparks are the ideal place for skateboarding, even in the rough weather. What do you think? You don’t have your indoor skateparks?
Well, there could be local skateparks nearby. However, you have to charge for skating though it doesn’t cost you a lot.
If you don’t find any just close to your residence, then what about calling the nearby skate shops to get info regarding skateparks?
If the mission of searching skateparks fails, then what next? Try to build a skatepark with the sponsorship of local people, youth organizations, or any voluntary organization.

2. Carpet Skating

When you belong to a carpeted floor in your house, like the living room, a great opportunity to practice things like your kickturns, ollies, kickflips, pop shuvits, manual balance.
Just be sure to have clear enough space so that you cannot take out a lamp or anything.

3. Skateboarding Video Games

If the physical attempt goes in vain, think about something virtual. Go to sit on your backside and play a skateboarding video game.
You are laughing and thinking it won’t work? Relax!!! Though it doesn’t give you the real taste of skateboarding, it at least gives you that fix, and it should help keep you amped up over the winter for skateboarding in the spring.

4. Indoor Training Equipment

Some companies are available in the market out there who make special training equipment for skateboarding.
The Indo Board is known as a balance trainer. Improving your balance over the winter will help your skating in the spring.

5. Snowskates and Snowdecks

When you find a ground that is completely covered in snow, you are suggested to take advantage of it instead of leaving it away.
Snowskates figure like mini snowboards with no bindings. Another thing to look at them is like skateboards without trucks.
On the other hand, snowdecks feature alike but have trucks with a mini-snowboard bolted to the bottom.
Both snowdecks and snowskates allow you to let you have the fun of skateboarding when the ground is covered in snow.
A lot of big skis and snowboarding lodges are the creators of terrain parks just for snowskates and snowdecks. However, they aren’t the same as skateboarding, but the positive side is that they match closely in many ways, and fun to ride.

6. Snowboarding

A lot of the skills from snowboarding translate over to skateboarding. Most don’t. But, it’s having a board, which keeps you energetic and passionate. The only negative point of snowboarding is that it costs a lot of money.

7. The Garage: Your Own Personal Skatepark

Think you own a garage made of a concrete floor, then you’re all set. First of all, try to get the cars out of the way, and make space. Finally, you have made a perfect mini-skatepark just for yourself.
Moreover, when your garage is quite spacious, you can even put in a miniramp to skate on, or a short rail to practice grinds.
Basically, garages seem to provide the perfect skating when the weather is bad and cold outside.

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I think you are one step ahead of taking a challenge after going through this article. We have been committed to letting you know the ways of how to get your skateboard fix in bad weather.
If you feel relaxed to think that you enjoy your life with skateboarding in every season, our writing will mean a worth.
Happy Skateboarding!!!

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