How To Get Better At Skateboarding

Are you tired of rolling around on the skateboard aimlessly, while your peers are learning new and exciting skateboarding tricks every day? Well, this might just be the right place for you to make your wish come true.

In this article, we have gathered quite a number of comprehensive and learnable tips on how to get better at skateboarding. Not only will you get better, but you will be able to spice up your stunts to make it look like an exciting action sport.

Read through with the following list, and in no time, you will find yourself busting even bigger tricks and stunts. This article will teach you how to start from the basics and how to work your way up to becoming a trickster in skateboarding. For starters, you have to invest time, practice constantly while focuses on your progress. Along with this, we’ve got you the hacks to a smooth shift from a beginner to a professional.

Master the Fundamentals

You cannot carry out any task to its full potential without having to go through the basics. The same rule applies to skateboard. Starting from scratch does not sound motivating at all, but riding around will help you get familiar with the board, the feel, and the behavior of it when you lean in, push, or carve.

Nevertheless, if you are just starting out, the first thing that must come in place is to buy a top-quality skateboard. The quality of boards you purchase will determine how fast and easy the learning process will be. Note that skipping the fundamentals is like a sin in the world of outdoor sport. The foundation needs to be strong, so you can have a reliable ground to build on.

Slowly build-up

Nobody wants to get hurt while trying to learn a new skill or trying to better at it. The best way to acquire safely is to start slow and develop on it. To be candid, the moment you discover that you can’t or feel like you are not ready for whatever trick you are trying to achieve, then that’s a sign you are moving way too fast. There a lot of tricks you can eventually achieve by just slowly building up on the basics.

If you are learning to get better at a drop-in style, for instance, you don’t have to commit just immediately. The ideal way is to first push a mini ramp, and as you get closer to the coping, you can now give your tail a little tap. In fact, you can even start without any coping.

The same rule goes for when you are trying to learn a kickflip. You don’t just land it on two feet right away. You can start by landing it on one foot, try it a couple of times with your front foot before moving to your back foot. Once you are confident to some extent, just commit and nail it.

Stop obsessing and step away

Are you trying to learn a new trick, but it seems you can’t get the hang of it right away? The best bet is for you to move on. It’s possible you get frustrated at some point while learning a new trick. At this time, you’ll only make it harder for yourself if you don’t take a break.

Sometimes you need to give some breathing space to your brain and muscles while they catch up naturally. You’ll be surprised that the next time you try the same trick, you just somehow manage to achieve the trick out of the blue.

It seems weird, but this really works in many cases. You can simply move on to something you are already good at doing and get back to that new trick you were finding it hard to learn later on. Taking a break or stepping aside is a great way to achieve new tricks.

Watch videos

Watching skateboard videos isn’t only a great motivator to stir you up; they go further to help you to nail those tricks easily. Since you can see someone else do it easily, it makes you see it as a pretty simple thing to do too.

Sometimes, you might feel like you can’t get that kickflip right, but maybe you are just not positioning your feet the way it should be. Watching someone else do it lets you see the part you are missing, and that makes a huge difference. There are a lot of comprehensive videos on youtube, to begin with.

Learn to ride fakie

Now that you’ve learned how to ride appropriately, do you know how to ride backward? It is high time you start practicing how to riding fakie. It may seem insignificant, but conveniently riding fakie opens a whole new variety of tricks—fakie shovits, fakie Ollies, fakie big spins, fakie anything that comes to your mind.

The variety of tricks related to skateboarding is endless, and it will help you advance to the next level as you unravel new tricks. I tell you; this may feel a little awkward at first, but learning to ride fakie is soma part you have to master to get better and ride like a pro. Many tricks will demand that you land fakie or require you to begin with a fakie stance. Really, you have to learn it.

Start practicing switch stance

This is just as important as learning how to ride fakie. You should learn how to ride switch alongside just as you learn fakie. Sometime, you may find that you are still struggling with nollies as they somewhat feel unnatural.

It can be really satisfying once you’ve mastered nollie. The good thing about mastering switch stance is that it helps you to easily combine all of your tricks collection and show off.

If this seems too hard for you, then don’t sweat it. Actually, the switch isn’t for everybody, and you don’t need to ride like a pro since you are going for any kind of competition. Maybe you’re not ready yet, just try some fakies as you keep practicing until you feel ready to take on the switch stance.

Learn from your peers

Skating with a couple of people or even friends or you like to hang out with is a sure great way to make progress. Get rid of the competitive attitude and learn from their comments. Never be afraid to ask for what they have to say.

Skateboarders are always ready to teach whoever is willing to be humble and learn. Everyone started out as a novice, and every skateboarder does not deny this fact that. As long as you don’t act as you know too much, you’ll definitely find people to assist you.

You can as well go to your local skatepark, do your best and ask for guidance. Often skaters will come to you and share some hacks when you nosedive over and over again. Just embrace their comments and learn. They are just regular guys just like you and love skateboarding. In fact, they’ll love to become your friend.

Skate with the best

We have discussed learning with your peers, but you should also try to get a bit close to the pros. You may not have to become friends with them, but they will be happy to help you out and give some simple hacks that are not noticeable to many people.

They have discovered some tips based on their experience, which will help you master skateboarding faster than they did. One way to get them interested in wanting to teach you wholeheartedly is by complimenting them well when they pull a trick. They will definitely be happy to attend to you.

Leave your comfort zone

Whether you like to just skate within your street or only dedicated yourself to small ramps, it is high time you get out of your comfort zone. This helps you to improve your skill and give, and you’ll gain more experience in your skills.

Don’t play skating in the same place every day: you can bore very quickly if you perform skating at the same place as your home every day. Try to skate outside in the park, street, and where you have never gone before. This will help you to explore new places along with practice.

Are you scared about getting hurt or falling? It’s just a minor difficulty you should expect. One major hindrance to skateboarding is when you entertain fear. Be confident enough to perform a stunt again, and again in different places, you are able to gain balance. As a skateboarder, try to go outside from your comfort zone. After this, you will surmount your fear, and will definitely enjoy this game.

Improve your style

These days it’s so common to see skaters pull tricks that are not in a way intriguing. This is because they lack style. Style is what makes skateboarding tricks look boring or just interesting. The best way to pull off interestingly is to practice your trick over and over again.

Make videos with your phone to see how far you’ve improved and what aspect needs to be improved. For instance, a Smith grind style is inspiring, but if you lack style, it will only seem boring.

I clearly understand that not everyone wants to really become a pro at skateboarding, but it’s more comfortable when you pull a trick that you’ve practiced over and over again. In fact, it encourages someone else to want to do better too.

Train your core

Skateboarding is all about the core strength and balance. I don’t mean that you should start going to the gym. What I’m trying to say is that you should try as much as possible to exercise, even if it’s a little—this boosts your core strength. You can simply work out at home and increase your core strength with elementary exercises. This is a pretty simple trick to skate longer with more accuracy. Check for some simple core training on the internet and practice it for about 20 minutes every other day.

Keep your daily practice

Although skateboard is not a very tough skill to learn, if you want to ride like a pro, then you will have to practice over and over again till it becomes part of you. This rule is’ the more you practice, the more you get better, and the more it becomes convenient. However, you set a routine with which you’ll follow duly.

If you are really keen on how to get better on skateboarding, then you have to, at some point, stop spending too time on tricks that come off easily for you. Instead, spend more time on the stunt that seems difficult and keep practicing till you get better on it.


Perseverance and patience are essential positive attitude to get the best out of skateboarding as this virtue are what will keep you moving when you feel weary. If you get upset at every fall or every flop, it’s obvious you lack the positivity you need for the learning process.

That invariably means you are running low on patience. The tricks on How to get better at skateboarding is patience and perseverance.

When practicing, it is important to get rid of any form of negative thoughts like ‘why do I take more time to learn than my peers?’ or ‘what if I don’t get it right?’ Begin each day with a fresh mind and an optimistic feeling.

Another important factor you can’t but emphasize is confidence. It is key and a crucial trait to have when pulling off any tricks. While you begin to learn any stunt, make sure that you do not surround yourself with the prospects of failures. Instead, be confident in all your moves.

While practicing skateboarding, be sure to stay fit, exercise at home, or hit the gym. This way, you are more than ready to take on any new stunts or tricks. Your body is adapted to flexibility, and there are no obstacles like lethargy and muscle cramps.



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