How To Clean A Skateboard

Once you’ve got your desired skateboard, the next thing that should be of concern to you is how to clean a skateboard or how you can easily maintain the skateboard. That which determines the longevity of the skateboard overtime depends on your level of maintenance such as cleaning, waxing, and storing carefully.

How can you clean your skateboard?

Get all the necessary tools available.

You are going to make use of some important tools to clean your skateboard. Some of them might be useless if you did not drive your skateboard on muddy surfaces. But for general cleaning, you might have to do with a bristle, paper towels, isopropyl alcohol, cleaning solvent, bearing grease, lubricants, and some others that are necessary.

Wash off the wheel

Now that you have all the necessary tools needed to wash your skateboard, you can start off by cleaning the wheel. If the wheel is clogged with stubborn mud, you might want to make use of bristle brush to scrub the wheel part and ensure that you get all dirt off the wheel.

Wash the grip tape

Most people do not give maximum attention when doing this or rather do not know how to clean and end up damaging the grip tape. It doesn’t require a high level of expertise or skills. It requires That you have the essential tools and then does the needful.

Don’t be moved by some bad advice online, telling you to opt for a hard brush and some detergent or solution to clean your grip tape. If you ever follow the instruction, you are just going to do more harm than good to your skateboard.

So, you are advised to get a soft brush that you can use on your grip tape. Do not apply the brush forcefully as doing that doesn’t mean the grip tape would get neat. All you should do is to be patient with leaning with the soft brush and water, and you can add a little solution that is harmless.


After you must have washed the wheel and the grip tape, you can just move your soft towel around every other part of the skateboard to clean off some dirt that you don’t need a brush for. So, the next you should do is to get your grease and apply on the wheel where necessary so that it can move smoothly just as when you bought it.

Wash off with water and keep dry

Before you opt for greasing the wheel, you must ensure that you wash off dirt and solution with water. You can then go ahead to grease just as said above. You can hasten the drying process by using a neat soft cloth to get off water from the skateboard.


There are many ways you can prolong the lifespan of your skateboard and one it is by cleaning when its due for a cleaning. How to clean a skateboard is never a difficult task to do, but the challenge is that there are lots of misleading information online. With all we have on this page, we’ve got you covered.


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