How To Build A Skateboard Ramp

If you do not have the luxury of funds to spend on getting a ready-made skateboard ramp, you can opt for building your own skate ramp, and that is much easier if you can follow some guidelines. How to build a skateboard ramp is very easy if you can follow the steps below.

  • Designing your ramp
  • Organizing supplies
  • Building your ramp
  • Surfacing ramp

Designing your ramp

If you are planning to build your own skate ramp yourself, then you should consider the design of the ramp you want to build. No one starts a building construction without a penned design to follow. One of the things that you must do is to consider the space you have for the ramp.

Now that you have the view of the area you intend to build your ramp, then next you have to do is to decide the kind of skate ramp you want to build. Also, the next is to create a blueprint to customize the design of your ramp.

It is not a bad idea for you to have a sketch of the skate ramp you intend to build. That will help you understand better what you need to do. It helps you to know each step and decision you need to take to get the desired design and perfect construction of your ramp.

Organizing supplies

Now that you’ve got the idea of what you want to do with a blueprint of how you want your skate ramp, the next step is to make the list of the supplies needed for you to achieve your goal. There are some essential tools that you need to consider to make the whole process easier and convenient.

The organization is very important, and you should never overlook that aspect of building. You need to get all your tools well organized so you can easily reach out to them if need be. There are some supplies that are essential, and some, you can actually do without them. So, find out those you need to set up and complete the construction of your skate ramp and get them available.

Building the ramp

You need to cut out some parts of the wood and join some together while you do not join for some. You have to build the two sides of the ramp and carefully lay the plywood on it then fasten it together with the use of screws and drilling machines.

You need to frame the ramp and give it the maximum support needed to accommodate your weight as you will have to move over it with your skate. It has to be strong else; you are very close to getting yourself injured. Much support such as brace is needed for the ramp.

Now that you are sure of the strength of the ramp you’ve just constructed, you can go ahead to place the plywood on it. Ensure that all sections are properly aligned to ensure you do not stumble on any roadblock that could cause you to fall off.

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Surfacing your ramp

Take note that plywood is not weather resistant, and so, you are advised to smoothen the surface of the plywood for the skate to move smoothly, and also, you have to paint using a quality color paint that will enhance your movement on the skateboard.

Once you’ve been able to deal carefully with the surface of the ramp, the next is to finish up the whole building process and then start using your skate ramp.


Are you challenged with the task of building your own skate ramp since you do not have the money to get from a commercial shop? This post on how to build a skateboard ramp will help you through the process of building a skate ramp with little or no experience.



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