How fast do electric skateboards go

Are you getting confused to commute from one place to another? Maybe this problem is hampering your personal and professional life. Stop thinking more about this issue and buy an electric skateboard for your use to ease all commuting problems and reach the place before the scheduled time. But maybe you are thinking how fast electric skateboards go. To learn this answer, you have to stick to this article until the end and make sure you miss no single word in our article. 


What is the Fastest Type of Skateboard?


If you are a new user of the electric skateboard, you probably have to know its fastest speed capacity. On average, the speed of the electric skateboards comes from 18-28 mph.


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For most commuters in the city or rural area, 22 mph to 25 mph is sufficient to reach the destination. To some extent, it is faster than some specific transport vehicle. The market is full of electric skateboards for buyers.


You need to pick the right one according to the speed and other quality specifications among all the products available. 


Here, I am giving some fastest skateboards lists. 


• NGV Nextboard

• Bioboards Thorium X

• Bajaboards

• Eskating Dual Beast Evo

• Lacroix DSS50+

• Meepo NLS Pro

• Enertion Raptor 2.1

• Fiik Spine

• Exway X1 Pro

• Aeboard AE2



What Makes an Electric Skateboard Fast?


It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy the time with your skateboard or use it for your daily commuting. Do you want to make it faster? 


Who doesn’t want his skateboard faster? Many different factors are out there to consider when it comes to increasing the overall speed of the electric skateboard.

The proper combination of these factors can make a solid and powerful skateboard much faster than you imagine. These factors are given below. 


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1. Motor Power 


If you take your skateboard out every day for your purpose, then using a powerful motor is essential. It is one of the greatest factors which determine the speed of the electric skateboard. 


The more powerful the motor is, the faster the electric skateboard can move, and the higher the top speed goes to be. 


So if you ask for getting a faster electric skateboard, make sure to get one with a powerful motor.


2. Rider’s Weight and Size:


Rider’s weight and size are other significant factors that can influence your skateboard’s speed. When your weight is heavy, the speed of your skateboard generally goes down. 


It is quite difficult for the skateboard to go faster to your destination when you are too weighty and bulky. 


Most importantly, a heavy-loaded board will reduce your range and average speed indeed. The bigger and the heavier a rider comes on the board, the slower the electric board generates. 


3. Battery and Controller:


The power output always determines the power of the inputs to the motor. You need to make a balance between the battery and motor to produce more power easily. 


Being sure the control doesn’t limit your speed becomes crucial to hit top speed. The most important thing is that you have to be sure that you set all the things correctly.


Otherwise, the controller cannot help your electric board to produce speed too much. 


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4. Wheel size and type


Wheel size and wheel types can be one of the greatest factors determining how fast your skateboard moves.


Generally, small-sized wheels always consume less power and affect the motor-less, thus creating more power to move faster.


On the other hand, big-sized wheels consume more power and severely affect the motor, thus creating less acceleration. 


5. Remote controller settings


Always try to keep in mind that most electric skateboard companies come to you with remote controller facilities with different speed and performance settings. 


Most probably, it begins with an “Eco” or “beginner” mode and ascends to “sport,” “pro,” or even “beast” mode. 


Amazingly, you can get to the high speed with the highest performance setting on your remote controller.


5. Parts and Components


Best quality always charges a lot. Quality parts and components always make good skateboard. A good component makes the board in such a way that it boosts the skateboard’s performance.


6. Battery charge and voltage sag


Literally, the faster you move, the more energy you need to consume. When you drive at the top speed, you consume more power and run out your battery much faster.


The amount of juice in the battery must impact how fast an electric skateboard moves as well. 


When the power in the battery is running out, its ability to generate top speed fails. You riders can experience a notable decrease in performance when the battery goes below a certain percentage.


How Can I Make My Electric Skateboard Faster?


 The motor and battery need to be designed to run at high speed and pull the power you need to get there if you want to make your electric skateboard faster.


Most importantly, you can change the sizes of your wheel to get more speed. Besides, to have more acceleration, smaller wheels do perform very well and faster. 


Taking your terrain consciously, being certain conditions get to be perfect, and being aware of drag and dressing and positioning yourself accordingly make the huge acceleration changes.


You can only make your electric skateboard faster by following the discussed factors; otherwise, the rest is the bullshit. 




The overall thing is that if you want to make your skateboard faster, you need to go with some strategies that we have discussed earlier in the article. 


Interestingly, the electric skateboard is not only for adults to make fun of. It also comes for kids for fun riding like skateboards for 5-year-old kids.


We have had a high hope with our article how fast electric skateboards go that have generated more sense regarding the issue you are looking for. 


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