Evolve bamboo gtx review

Let’s check out the evolve bamboo gtx review – Seeing electric skateboards or longboards for the first time, it may seem like a toy, but they can be very powerful commuters’ automobiles. Nevertheless, the smaller wheels of virtually all the electric skateboards, as well as longboards, can make for a frustrating ride. 

That is because they can even be downright harmful, especially when little wheels get swallowed up in potholes and sidewalk cracks. Below here are three most effective evolved Gtx you can ever live not to regret. Evolve bamboo Gtx review


Why should you consider evolve bamboo Gtx?

Do you doubt whether or not to opt for the bamboo Gtx series? Let’s start with its mode flexibility; it’s such that it has more riding modes which make riding enjoyable on all levels. One of them is its ability to change speed level while on motion in correspondence to the condition conditions.

Can you ever imagine flying up hills without any stress whatsoever? The Gtx’s got this. Plus, do you know that this Gtx series has a regenerative braking system, that is to say, it gradually changes as you apply the brake. This way, your battery will serve you a long time.

1. Bamboo GT Series Electric Skateboard

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The GT Series Electric Skateboard is another fantastic product which we will be considering in our evolve bamboo Gtx review. This product’s got some unique tricks and it ergonomic build making it stay at the top of its competition. 

  • Motor

The amazing 3000w of dual brushless motor triggers the skateboard’s 26 mph maximum speed regardless of the gradient of the ride. 

  • Remote 

On the remote comes a variety of great features and status bars. Its LCD keeps you informed on your present speed and for quick adjustment such as speed mode switch (GT, FAST, ECO, and SLOW).

  • All-Terrain

The fact that this electric skateboard is an all-terrain is one intriguing feature that can’t be overlooked. It packs two sets of wheels suitable for city cruising and the other for off-road. In that case, you won’t have any problems cruising through short grass, dirt, and uneven terrain surfaces.

  • Battery Life

I’m pretty sure you will be wondering how long this electric skateboard can go before dying. Well, our research revealed that you’d be covered for 2 or 3 hours while on it a maximum speed of 26mph as a result of its all-terrain type. Since it can cover up to 12 miles, then that’s a great electric skateboard to consider. 

Features at glance

· All-terrain wheels

· Speeds up to 26 mph

· Durable battery to cover up to 12 miles

· Ergonomic build 


2. Bamboo GTX Street Electric Skateboard

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The more we try to think about its price, the more we discover that it features and specification is way worth more than the price. The GTX series electric skateboard is, no doubt a product of committed artwork. Its durability and sturdiness is another feature to reckon with.

  • Mode flexibility

With the Gtx series electric skateboard which is a product of the evolve bamboo Gtx, you can’t be wrong using it as you’ve got the different mode to suit your skateboarding competence. It comes with the slow mode, eco-mode, and the fast mode- all for you to choose. 

  • Motor 

The 3000-watt dual brush motor of the GTX series breaks the worry of climbing the hill with difficulty. Plus, it’s lightweight to help with climbing hills in no time. With this cool development, there won’t be any need to carry your skateboard up those hills around the neighborhood. Just a simple touch on the LCD remote, gets you moving- pretty cool isn’t it.

  • Remote

The amazing LCD remote allows you to manage and view your speed, trip functions, battery display, four-speed settings, diagnosis screens, and wheel/gear settings with a simple touch.  

Features at glance

· Wireless LCD remote- comfortable to hold

· Lightweight and durable build

· 3000-watt motor to get past hill 

· Battery capacity can power up 31 miles of the ride

· A maximum speed of 26mph

Frequently asked questions on evolve bamboo Gtx

Can I swap batteries on an Evolve board?

Yes, it’s even a pretty simple process. Just unplug the battery and plug the new one.

How loud is the Evolve board?

Every Evolve bamboo Gtx series gives a quiet ride.

What is the maximum weight that can ride the board?

The suggested maximum weight is 100 kg. The board may lose some torque if it conveys more than the recommended weight.

How do I maintain my Evolve board?

It does not require much input to maintain your Evolve board. All you need to ensure routinely is to see that screws and nuts are not loosed, bearings free of dirt to ensure smooth rolling. Also, check to see if the wheels are rotating properly.

Can it manually push when batteries are down?

Very well, the board’s got a little resistance which allows it to roll when the battery is down.


The Evolve Bamboo GTX series are high powered electric skateboards designed with extreme riders in mind. They’re fast, with a high climbing gradient, and long-distance. 

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