10 Cool Skateboard for Girls – [Experts picked stylish girl complete skateboards]

Cool Skateboard for Girls – Your guide to choosing the right skateboard for girls!

Skateboarding is one sport that is catching the eyes of many girls who now adopt the sport as one way to freely express themselves. There are many benefits attached to picking the skill as it is one great way for girls to learn and improve themselves mentally and physically.

The knowledge of its importance to the overall development process of these young girls should, therefore, be the incentive when thinking of getting the right skateboard for girls. It is best to always go all out in being particular about the features, quality, and safety of such a skateboard.

Some Available Skateboard in Current Situation

Product Title
ReDo Skateboard 28.5" x 8" Zodiac Premium Cruiser Blue Waves Complete...
Geelife Pro Complete Skateboards for Beginners Adults Youths Teens Kids...
sefulim 31"x8" Complete Skull Skateboards Outdoor Street Concave Skateboard...
TITAN Flower Power Princess Complete Skateboard for Girls (8+ Ages),...
Product Image
ReDo Skateboard 28.5" x 8" Zodiac Premium Cruiser Blue Waves Complete...
Geelife Pro Complete Skateboards for Beginners Adults Youths Teens Kids...
sefulim 31"x8" Complete Skull Skateboards Outdoor Street Concave Skateboard...
TITAN Flower Power Princess Complete Skateboard for Girls (8+ Ages),...
Skateboard For Girls
Skateboard For Girls
Skateboard For Girls
Skateboard For Girls
Product Title
ReDo Skateboard 28.5" x 8" Zodiac Premium Cruiser Blue Waves Complete...
Product Image
ReDo Skateboard 28.5" x 8" Zodiac Premium Cruiser Blue Waves Complete...
Skateboard For Girls
Product Title
Geelife Pro Complete Skateboards for Beginners Adults Youths Teens Kids...
Product Image
Geelife Pro Complete Skateboards for Beginners Adults Youths Teens Kids...
Skateboard For Girls
Product Title
sefulim 31"x8" Complete Skull Skateboards Outdoor Street Concave Skateboard...
Product Image
sefulim 31"x8" Complete Skull Skateboards Outdoor Street Concave Skateboard...
Skateboard For Girls
Product Title
TITAN Flower Power Princess Complete Skateboard for Girls (8+ Ages),...
Product Image
TITAN Flower Power Princess Complete Skateboard for Girls (8+ Ages),...
Skateboard For Girls


Top Experts picked skateboard for beginner girl

1. Merkapa Skateboard

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The best safety skateboard in the market today as it has a mouthwatering seven layer of maple and it has the topmost layer of the board coated with a full grip finish which is why it is safe to ride and will not easily break while on use.

Also, you are offered a great shock absorption feature which allows for freedom of riding for the little girl as she tries to use her beginner skills.

Additionally, it is a wear-resistant board that allows for good grip, and overall, the comfort it brings is highly genuine.

You can easily skate on the streets and plenty other surfaces of your choice as it is designed to have super strong and reliable wheels plus an added advantage is the vibration reduction feature of the wheels.

Finally, the lightweight design makes it suitable for carrying anywhere and easily on the move, plus it is suitable for anyone from ages five and above.

2. Penny Board Homer Simpson Complete

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A classic skateboard with a type of finish that is very attractive, and the painting of the Simpsons cartoon will even make it appealing to your little girl.

In addition, the Penny Board 27 Inch Homer Simpson Complete skateboard is a swift cruiser that will make your ride with ease and also make sure you are safe along the line of a ride.

Furthermore, the ABEC 7 bearings are very well color-coded plus it is a stainless steel bearing which makes it even stronger and you will be assured of its high-speed control feature.

The 4-inch aluminum trucks functionality makes the board superb on the floor, and the durability that comes with it is practically genuine.

 In terms of wheel strength and dimensions the 59mm, 83A color-coded wheels are of standard design that will not wear off in a short time because it is strong.

3. WiiSHAM Skateboards

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The WiiSHAM Skateboards is another safety-oriented board that is made to have about seven layers of maple which allows for the best output from this skateboard.

In terms of dimensions, this board takes about 31.8 inches in length, and the width is about 6.5 inches which is why this is just great for little tour girl.

The colors used to make this board will make it easy for your cool little girl to choose a matching cloth for a distinctive use when riding.

Additionally, the wheels are just so strong and durable that it allows for a smooth ride and comes with a shock absorption feature. It comes with a durable wheel that has the dimension of 54.37mm coupled with ABEC 9 bearings for your maximum speed and easy controls.

Finally, this board is totally well packed as it comes complete, and it offers great features from every angle of details.

4. Penny 22″ Cruiser Skateboard

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With a readily designed attractive color coated finish, there is no way any little girl will not be attracted to this board because the simple finish on the board is just great.

Furthermore, the waffle deck top is totally made to be non-slip, and your little girl can be assured of safety while trying to enjoy herself on her new skateboard.

In addition, the wheels are pretty smooth and soft on the legs because of their very well designed nature for little girls. It comes with a 59mm 83A wheels that are just splashed with enough perfection for the best of cruising on any surface.

Additionally, because of the high level of quality promised by the manufacturer of this board, they have totally splashed on the board a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty in the case of any issues arising with the board.

Lastly, it is sleek, strong, great for young girls, and absolutely attractive.


5. SkateXS Beginner Unicorn Girls Skateboard

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This board is designed by skateboarding parents, and they have so ensured that safety, balance, and quality are all that matters on this board since it is just designed for kids.

The SkateXS Beginner Unicorn Girls Skateboard is specially designed for young girls, and it is of top quality as it comes with a high performing deck.

 It comes with heightened durability and sturdiness, which makes the board a lasting one no matter how rugged it is being used.

 The size of this board is just appropriate, and it will perfectly suit any female child with ease without worries of too much weight.

The components used in the manufacturing of this skateboard is superb and comes from the best of components, and you will be glad that you do not need to set up this skateboard.  

Finally, the ABEC 7 bearings coupled with the 53mm 90A wheels makes it even easier to stabilize yourself and move freely with no constraints.

6. SkateXS Personalized Beginner Unicorn Girls Skateboard

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Another superb skateboard genuinely made for cool young girls as it also comes with a type of feature that allows you to imprint your name on the board for sweet personalization.

Additionally, this is a standard skateboard for beginners that will immediately help your little girl get in the groove of skating by learning easily on this board.

An added advantage to this board is that it comes as a manufactured board from skateboarding parents who know the in and out of safety on a skateboard.

The skateboard is totally made of high-end materials, and it will last you for a very long time plus the durability level is high above the roof.

The ABEC 7 bearings and the smooth PU wheels also make sure the board glides safely and properly with no difficulty whatsoever.

Finally, it is safe, and balance is one of the greatest assets of this board while also making it easy for your little girl to carry out varieties of skills.

7. Girl Pacheco One-Off Skateboard

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This is a great skateboard with superb quality and balance as it renders proper stability and will allow you to have fun along the way, plus it is a unique design.

The kickflip feature allows you to enhance muscles and drive with ease. Also, this board comes with strong wheels that make gliding pretty easy.

Additionally, it is a classic design that comes with the ABEC 7 bearings for a smooth ride, and speed control plus beginner children will find this board highly useful.

The levels your little girl will attain by making use of this board is going to amaze you because it is totally high off the roof in terms of tricks and creativity on the board.

 In addition, your little girl will love that this board comes with a non-slip surface that keeps the legs on the board firmly, and the grip is top-notch.

Finally, every bit of this board is great, and it is always going to be a great companion to have.

8. Girl 93 Til Skateboard

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The Girl 93 Til Skateboard is genuinely patented, and it is presented with a rock design, and this is one of the few boards that offer unique balance, and it is not just meant for moving in a front and back motion.

The Girl 93 Til Skateboard allows the users to ride with the toe to heels feature while also helping you to rotate on this board with ease.

Additionally, this board is made to be a multi balance board that teaches your little one great balancing, conditioning, and strength building.

This is a very versatile board that works just well for skateboarding and much other board-related adventure. Additionally, it comes with CCS trucks that offer enough durability plus it is absolutely crafted to have great CCS bearings for high-speed control.

Finally, durability is on a high with this board as it makes the board very safe to use plus it will last long enough.

9. LISAWEI Child Skateboard

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Cool girls will love to ride a cool skateboard, and this will even make them feel cool amongst their peers because the color-splashed on this board is absolutely genuine and attractive to the little girl.

It is made from a material that is of high quality plus the aluminum alloy bracket component is totally wear-resistant plus it is designed to have a skid surface.

In addition, the PU absorbing ring even makes it very smooth because you are assured of safety while riding, and the little girl will be able to ride with maximum confidence.

Furthermore, the great features that come with this board make it even more clinical for little girls because it has gravitational steering, it is sturdy and the durability is one of a kind.

Also, it is a lightweight design that makes lifting very easy on the hand of your little girl, plus it serves as a great help for beginner level skaters.


10. Yocaher Geometric and Wander Series of Standard Skateboards

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The Yocaher Geometric and Wander Series of Standard Skateboards are genuinely made for thrilling users, plus its design is just high up there with the best, which is why it is on this list.

The board is designed for easy cruising on any road surface, and it is absolutely durable coupled with a sturdy design, you will never get it wrong when you purchase this board.

It is safe to use, and your little girl will find it very attractive plus it is great for beginner level skill-building.

Additionally, it comes with the ABEC 7 bearings that promise high-speed delivery and control of speed plus the wheels are so strong that it comes with shock absorption feature.

Furthermore, it is resistance wear, and your little one will be able to carry out all the basic skills on the deck.

Lastly, it comes with a non-slip surface, and the grip design is topnotch.

 Importance of The Best Skateboard For Teenage Girl

Cool skateboard for girlsGirls develop super fast, especially in their teenage years. These years are the most critical points in their lives when they begin to form character. It can also be a very challenging one for them too as they are always under pressure, emotionally and physically.

This is the time to catch them at their sprout, so they get the right kind of training that will be beneficial for their overall development.

This is why skateboarding for teenage girls is so important. The upsides to picking up the skill are seemingly endless. Listed below are a couple of benefits that come with teenage girls adopting skateboarding.

• The cornerstone to the effective growth of every teenage girl out there is possessing a mindset of self-belief that teaches them to persist and not give up even in the face of adversity.

• Self-belief enables them to develop a strong sense of independence and letting them understand that talent and skills are developed through patience and hard work. They should not necessarily think that everyone can be a genius, but that through sheer dedication, they can be a better version of who they currently are.

• Skateboarding is one of the few sports that shows that every kid is individually unique and has their peculiar style and learning pace, and the littlest of effort is rewarded regardless of the outcome. It teaches young teenage girls that failing is part of the process and to learn to embrace it.

• Skateboarding culture has seen exponential growth and mainstream acceptance by young teens across the board than in the past, where skateboarders were labeled as truants and social misfits, which has further led skateboarders to develop a great sense of belonging amongst their peers, promoting positivity whilst learning from and encouraging one another in every step of the journey.

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Tips on How To Ride The Best Skateboard For Girl Beginner

Cool skateboard for girls1. The first step in skateboard riding is choosing the right skateboard and proper safety gear(good quality helmet, wrist guard, elbow, and knee pads). As a beginner, you probably should pick a skateboard with a thick deck. That way, you have better control and are least likely to slip and fall off the board.

2. It is always best to inspect the trucks on the board for loose screws to minimize the risk of having an accident.

3. Make sure you a comfortable on the skateboard before setting off. You can do a test run on a soft surface like a carpet or grass. Learn the best feet placement to balance the front and back wheels.

4. Once you have comfortably got your grip, you can decide what skating style you want to adopt. There are generally three stances you can use.

There is the regular which involves skating with your left foot forward, and the goofy style is one where you skate with your right foot placed forward; then there is the mongo stance where you push forward using the back foot, and not the front.

Make sure to stand in the most comfortable style you deem fit before trying to push forward. A word of advice though, avoid using the mongo style first as a beginner, as it takes longer to learn it properly.

5. For the first few days, practice only on a very flat surface. You will most likely fall off at the first few tryouts, but try to focus and relax as falling is perfectly normal and is part of the learning phase.

Maintain your balance by pushing your foot backward just like you do while walking. One great trick is to powerful start off as forceful as you can. Continue riding till your board stops naturally on its own.

6. Another great tip is to push while riding continually, so you do not run out of speed. Learn to swerve both rights and left by applying more weight on the heels. Through regular practice, you will be able to make sharper turns. Lastly, you will have to know how to stop the skateboard.

The best and safest way to do this is by foot braking. This involves taking your back foot off the board and gliding it onto the ground. There are a couple of other stopping approaches such as bail, boneless, heel drag, or powerslide.

7. On a final note, avoid trying any tricks or stunts, until you have mastered all the basics. Until you have perfected the basic routines, you can practice some other tricks like kick or magic flip and ollie. Exercise patience as you keep on trying as many times over after you fail.

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How To Buy Girl Complete Skateboards

Cool skateboard for girlsListed below are essential guides for you to follow when trying to get the best Skateboard for teenage girls whether or not you are doing it for the very first time. Make sure to stay focused on the guidelines, so you get only the best skateboards out there.


Cool skateboard for girlsThe standard size recommended for the average teenage girl should be 7.5 inches wide while the length should be anywhere between 28 and 32 inches. Your significant focus though should be placed on the width of the board.

This lets you have achieved stability and comfort as you ride along. Make sure you try out different lengths and widths if you are getting the skateboard yourself. This will let you pick out the best option in the market.

Shape Of Deck

Cool skateboard for girlsTo have the best foot placement, as well as speed and swerving ability, your deck will matter a lot. You will have to consider the right pick that gives you the ideal performance.

There is the radical board that is typically U-shaped, W-concave is shaped like the letter W, the third type is the flat cave, that comes with sharp wheels. Lastly is the Asymmetrical, which are raised at various levels. Radical is most recommended at the beginner level.

The Wheelbase

Cool skateboard for girlsYou need to place more focus on the wheelbase. The best option is to pick out a skateboard with a giant wheel of about 55 mm in diameter and with moderate toughness. This will provide you with stability and the best skating experience.

The Trucks

Cool skateboard for girlsAfter you have checked out the wheelbase, you need the consider the trucks of the skateboard. Good trucks will provide you the best skating experience. Always make sure you are choosing the same as your truck as your skateboard. A wider than needed truck can slow you down, so it is best to choose medium-size trucks and wheels.

Setting up your board

Cool skateboard for girlsYou need to place a particular focus on the fixing components and to set up your skateboard. This is necessary to have the best grip and stability on your skateboard deck. Additionally, always make sure you have the perfect set of bearings to achieve a swift movement. The nuts, bolts, and screws should be in the proper place and generally need to be regulated.

A must watch video on how to skateboard for girls


Skateboarding as an extreme sport is primarily associated with guys, although it is beginning to gain a deep appreciation and explosive growth by a lot of girls. As such, the sooner we start as parents to encourage more young girls to take on the sport as another part of their extra-curricular programs, the better it will be for us and the overall development of these girls. Skateboarding can be a ton of fun, and with the right approach and cool skateboard for girls, these young ladies can go on to enjoy a life full of excitement, strength, independence, self-expression and effective growth.

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