10 Best complete skateboards for beginners – The perfect choice for every starter

best complete skateboards for beginners

Best complete skateboards for beginners – Things you need to know to make the right call.

Skateboarding is a form of extreme sport that is being taken on by more and more people. It has gone from a sport commonly that used to associated with rebels and outlaws, to one that is receiving wide mainstream acceptance.

There are many benefits one can get from the sport. One is its exertive power on your overall physical and mental wellbeing – just what you need to shake off the hinges every now and again.

Thus, this post will be tailored towards people trying to get the best complete skateboards for beginners trying to get into the world of skateboarding.

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11 Best skateboard for big guys – The Perfect choice for overweight skaters

best skateboard for big boys

Best skateboard for big guys – Everything you need to know!

Skateboarders come in all shapes and sizes. While some are quite heavier than others, there is the category that is just a little more overweight than others, some taller or having a more tough build.

Weighing heavier automatically means you stand higher chances of snapping or breaking your board than your lighter weight skateboarding pals.

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10 Best skateboard wheels for rough roads – {Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2020}

Best skateboard wheels for rough roads

While many skaters have grown quite fond of the art, the skating routines still defer in many ways. For this singular reason, it is always paramount to take into consideration those basic features that make for an easy skate and most especially suited for your interests.

Picking out the best skateboard wheels come with its challenges, but not ones that come to the detriment of the fun associated with the sport. This piece is therefore tailored towards people having a hard time picking the best skateboard wheels for rough roads.

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11 Best Skateboard for Commuting – Are skateboard good for cruising?

best skateboard for commuting

Choosing the best skateboard for commuting – All that you need to know! let’s dive in.

As the art of skateboarding seems to have picked momentum in modern time, so have people found more fun ways to put the sport to good use.

Some skaters have grown frantic about it that they have taken to riding their skateboard to work every day, most times, covering long distances of a couple of miles to as much as ten miles in both directions.

For that much who fall in this category of people who may be pumped up about the idea of swift-riding your skateboards to work, this piece is dedicated solely to you for when next you might be thinking of picking out the best skateboard for commuting.

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