How To Put Bearings In Skateboard Wheels

Do you want to clean or replace the bearing on your skateboard, but you are not sure of how to go about installing and doing it rightly? This page will help you on how to put bearings in skateboard wheels easily without any hassles. With the information on this page, you can do whatever you … Read more

How To Build A Skateboard Ramp

If you do not have the luxury of funds to spend on getting a ready-made skateboard ramp, you can opt for building your own skate ramp, and that is much easier if you can follow some guidelines. How to build a skateboard ramp is very easy if you can follow the steps below. Designing your … Read more

How To Get Better At Skateboarding

Are you tired of rolling around on the skateboard aimlessly, while your peers are learning new and exciting skateboarding tricks every day? Well, this might just be the right place for you to make your wish come true. In this article, we have gathered quite a number of comprehensive and learnable tips on how to … Read more Protection Status