Braille Skateboarding Review – Everything you need to know


If you are looking for a more affordable way to start your skateboarding experience as a beginner or intermediate skater, the Braille skateboard is the right choice for you. There is more to this fantastic skateboard, which is receiving global recognition among skaters.

It is why we choose to share with you on this post the Braille skateboarding review. This post aims to give you insight into what you should expect from the skateboard and as well help you in making the right decision, especially if it is your first time of buying a skateboard.

Overview of braille skateboard

It is an ultimate skateboard with a professional design but specially designed for beginners and intermediate skaters. It is made of high-quality material, which makes it sturdy and strong enough to accommodate heavy skaters.

Using the right skateboard is very important to your success in skateboarding, and this Braille skateboard is ever reliable to get you the experience you best deserve. It is ideal for those who love to try out tricks and stunts, perfect for commuting and cruising.

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Design and material

Just as said earlier, the skateboard is made of high-quality material. It comes with the best quality Canadian maple wood deck which is extremely durable and sturdy to handle whatever thrown at it during any skateboarding sessions.


The skateboard is durable which makes it perfect for anyone to lean on unlike the cheap ones that can break as a result of too much weight, the Braille skateboard can withstand the weight of any skater within 0 to 280 pounds.


The skateboard comes with a blank deck that is durable, four wheels that can be used on all kind of terrains, one grip tape, eight hardware bearings, and two trucks. All these are high-quality materials used in the construction of the skateboard.


It is not a skateboard you have to struggle on installing before you can start using. It comes fully assembled as you can begin your skateboarding right from the very moment you receive your package without any delay.

User Guarantee

To ensure you are satisfied with what you get, the product comes with 30 days guarantee with a money back option if you are not satisfied with it. The guarantee is subject to change and only on manufacturer defect.


It comes reasonably expensive, which is a clear indication the product is of high quality. Having this is far better than having more than two less quality skateboard. You will be amazed at what the skateboard can do to you.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Is the product only 8.0 inch alone?

Answer: This particular in review is 8.0 inch, but you can get a lower dimension. You have to specify the size you want. I’m sure of 7.75 inches but can guarantee anything smaller than that.

Q: Is the wheel durable for stunt and tricks?

Answer: The wheels of the skateboard are made of high-quality materials, and it is strong and durable to handle stunt and tricks.

Q: Is it a professional skateboard?

Answer: It is a skateboard for beginners and intermediate skaters but can as well be used by professionals as it comes with the design which can be of interest to them.

Final note

This braille skateboarding review is just an eye-opener for you to know what the skateboard is, get familiar, and also help you in your decision making for those who have found interest in having one in possession.

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