10 Best wrist guard for skateboarding – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2020

Thinking of buying the best wrist guard for skateboarding? With the insights you will get from this post today, you can be able to choose the perfect one that will help keep your wrist from any harm while you are out there skateboarding.

Regardless of the age, you are buying it for; you will find the tips shared here very useful when getting one.

These wrist guards also called gloves, often come in two major categories: the ones with space and sheath for your fingers and the ones with no place for your fingers. The latter is also referred to as fingerless gloves.

Best wrist guards for skateboarding

1. Smith Safety Gear Scabs Wrist Guards

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2. Triple Eight RD Wristsaver Wrist Guards

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3. Triple 8 Wristsaver Black Wrist Guards

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4. Smith Wrist Guard L-Leopard Skateboard Pad

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5. Ennui Street Wristguard MD

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6. Protec Street Youth-Retro

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7. Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves

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8. Triple 8 Hired Hands

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9. 187 Killer Pads Derby Wrist Guard

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10. Destroyer Wrist Guard Pads 

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Why You Need the Best Skateboard Wrist Guards

best wrist guard for skateboardingAre you just starting to learn how skateboarding works, or have you been a skateboarder for quite some time? Here is why you need the best skateboarding gloves you can find out there.

  1. They Help Protect You Against Injuries

By now, you must have known that skateboarding is one you can participate in and regularly find yourself falling on the ground.

No matter how good you are at your game, someday you will attempt to do a new trick you watched sports tv channels, YouTube or read about online.

While learning and doing this, you will occasionally fall till you have mastered how to correctly perform the trick.

Having a wrist guard worn on your hands will keep your fingers, palms, and wrists safe from minor or severe injuries that may come up while you skate and attempt these skills.

This is because most of these gloves often come with openings and covering sheaths for each finger and a combination of cloth, felted or knitted wool, leather, rubber, latex, neoprene, and metal to keep your palms and wrists protected.

  1. They Help Keep Hands Warm

Skateboarders are used to witnessing different changes occurring in the temperatures (low or high) can sometimes be very difficult as your hands are bound to feel either cold or hot depending on the temperature of the area at that particular time.

This is one reason you will need to wear a skateboard glove as you go out to enjoy the sport because these gloves can help to keep your hands warm while you are out there, giving you some comfort.

So if you are the kind that doesn’t like cold getting to their hands during skateboarding, wearing skateboard gloves is your best option to achieve that.

You will never really know how important these gloves are until you try one in your next game time.

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Getting The Best Wrist Brace For Skateboarding

Here is every info you need in order to get the best wrist brace for skateboarding. This part focuses mainly on the factors to consider when getting a skateboard glove.

So, if you are searching for how to choose the best wrist brace out there for skateboarding, below is exactly how to do that.

  1. Start with What You Need

What kind of wrist braces do you need? Is it the type with openings for your fingers but without sheaths or covering for them? The type we call the fingerless gloves.

If you feel that is not the type for you, then consider going for the ones with spaces and coverings for your fingers.

Deciding on what exactly you need even before you start searching for one will you avoid making any mistake in settling with one.

If you need something to protect only your wrist from bending too much to one side, then consider getting the type with extra padding that protects only your wrist. However, realize that you can get your palms and fingers injured while wearing this.

  1. Consider the Materials They Are Made Of

The materials used in making a wrist brace go along in deciding how effective it will be in terms of offering you some protections.

Apart from that, the materials also decide how strong or flexible the wrist braces will be. If you normally an aggressive fellow in skateboarding and enjoys trying new tricks, then you will need to go for a brace that is made of hard materials since you’ll need something that is strong enough to keep your wrists protected.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get a brace that comes with splint materials at the back and front.

Splint materials I mean here are the hard pieces of plastics that provide extra to the wrist. They are often called disks or battens. You can find them by looking at the front and back of your glove.

These splint materials are usually built with carbon fiber, hard foam or plastics, and metal.

  1. The Flexibility

The flexibility do you want your brace to be? That is another vital factor to consider before going out to get one.

Wrists braces that are mostly made of metal may be stronger and even offer move protection during a fall. But the issue with such braces is that they are not always as flexible as the others. They are only able to take more impacts.

Though most people will say all they care about is to have their wrists, palms, and figures protected since won’t be doing much with their hands once they are on their boards, there are also people who want their hands to feel comfortable and at the same time protected.

Whichever category you belong, you must then take your time to get the exact brace fulfills that need for you.

  1. The Cost of a Wrist Brace

As important as wrist braces are, they should be affordable. One shouldn’t break a bank to buy them. However, that doesn’t mean you must go with every “cheap” thing sold out there.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Wrist Guards and Their Answers

  • What are skateboarding wrist guards?

They are safety gears worn during skateboarding that protect the wrists, palms, and fingers from injury, cold and prevent any unwanted materials from getting to them.

  • Where can I get one?

You can get it online on Amazon and other online shopping malls; you can also get them offline wherever skateboarding equipment is sold.

  • What are some of the best brands out there?

There are some really good brands out there. We recommend going with brands that have received great reviews on Amazon and on different social networking platforms.

Examples of such include Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves, Sector 9 BHNC, Demon series, etc.


Getting the best wrist guard for skateboarding that you can find is one of those things you can do for yourself to help you enjoy the sport. With this guide, you can be to identify and choose the perfect gloves to keep your wrists, palms, and fingers protected while you enjoy the game, performing as many tricks as you want.


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