10 Best Wakeboard for Beginners – How do i choose my first wakeboard?

I will show you in this article all that you need to know about the best wakeboard for beginners. I will also give you solid wakeboarding tips that will help make things easier for you in your journey to learn and master how to jump wakes like a professional.

I know by now you must have noticed there are very few exciting water sports that one can easily participate in and exercise himself like wakeboarding.

All over the world, water activity is fast becoming a regular event in most water sports competitions, just like swimming and other sports that are carried out on the water.

I remember visiting a friend recently in another state and was shocked to discover how wakeboarding is an everyday activity for most people there. Of course, I enjoyed my stay there.

Before you climb on the board and begin your journey as a wakeboarder, let me quickly give you some tips that will be of great help to you. They helped me when I was starting, and I am sure they will do the same for you.

Tips on how to use the best wakeboard as a beginner

  1. Always wear a life jacket first

Before going in the water to start your journey into wakeboarding, ensure you put on a life jacket first. You need to be sure you are safe while you are out there, wearing a life jacket first is the best way to do that.

Never make the mistake of stepping into the water without one or using a life vest that is worn out and cannot help you stay out there.

  1. Put your non-dominant foot forward on the board

Your non-dominant foot is the foot you use less when kicking or doing anything that requires you to do with either of your feet. This foot should always be placed forward.

The dominant foot, the one you use most for playing football or any other activity, should always be the foot behind on the door.

  1. Bend your knees and stretch out your arms

While you are on the board, try and keep your knees bent by bringing it closer to your chest and keep your arms stretched out in front of you.

IT will help you relax and balance your body well on the board before being towed by your boat. By now you must have been holding the wake rope in your hands.

When you are good to go, signal the driver to start the boat and remember to keep yourself balanced on that board.

  1. Avoid looking down on your board and focusing on it while in motion

Do you remember that little advice your uncle gave you when he was teaching you how to ride a bicycle back in those days? I mean that constant instruction to “look forward” and avoid focusing on the bicycle pedals or the ground.

Well, the same applies here. The moment you are on that board, you are always required to look forward and not bury your face on your board.

Hey! You have seen that board several times before going out with it for the real experience on the water. Even if you haven’t, now that you are on the water is not a good time to admire how beautiful it is, So take your eyes away from it and look forward.

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What are the best wakeboard brands

There are a lot of brands out there you don’t want to come across, trust me mistakenly, they will make you hate the day you choose to embrace wakeboarding as a sport.

However, the presence of those inferior quality brands does not in any way negate the fact that there are great brands out there that even a beginner would find very helpful.

Below is a list of some of the best brands I have come across in my few years of being a wakeboarder. Some of these brands have also been strongly recommended by professionals all over the world.

Go through the list and check them out physically in a wakeboard shop to see things for yourself.

  • RAVE Lyric Wakeboard
  • Hydroslide Black Widow
  •  Hydroslide Helix Wakeboard
  • O’Brien Baker Wakeboard
  • Hyperlite State 2.0 Wakeboard etc.

Like I said earlier, there are several brands out there that have been much recommended online and offline. The above list is just a few of them. With a little research, you can get to discover more of them.

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Choosing the best wakeboard for money

What should a wakeboarder consider when choosing a board? What should a beginner always bear in mind when going out there to select the best or perfect board for himself?

Let me quickly show you a few of them. (Keep reading)

  1. Bindings

This is something most people hardly put into consideration when buying a wakeboard, but you mustn’t neglect it as a beginner.

The bindings here shouldn’t be too tight on your feet, and it should be very, very comfortable for you. If it feels too tight, consider choosing another one. Else you might hurt your feet while you are out there wakeboarding.

  1. The Fins

For a beginner, it will be a great idea if you go for boards with more prolonged and more profound fins

Since the fins are what is responsible for steering the board, going for longer and deeper ones will help you learn how to do this effectively since you are just starting.

The shorter ones may look cool, but you can’t start with them for now till you have at least learned to steer with the longer ones.

  1. The Rocker

Before putting your money down for a board, you will be doing yourself a whole lot of favor by paying attention to that curve ends on the board. It is what is known as the rocker

With a lesser rocker, you will have more control over your board while you are out there.

  1. Edges

If speed is your thing, then you will have to pay closer attention to the edges of your board. Although the rounded ones are mostly recommended for beginners, the sharper ones have been known to give more speed.

  1. Size

Trust me, buddy, the size of your board matter as a beginner.

As cool as those boards look, they are not for you at the moment. You have to go for longer boards that will help you gain stability when it comes to wakeboarding.

Of course, with time, you can go for boards of smaller sizes and have as much fun with them as you want.

In Summary

This article is a complete guide to discovering the best wakeboard for beginners. Throughout the article, I have shown you some of the best brands out there and how to choose a very nice and comfortable board for yourself.

I have also revealed the best tips a beginner should learn of before going entirely into wakeboarding. Like I earlier said, those tips above much helped me when I was starting as a wakeboarder, and I’m sure they will do the same to you as well.

I hope you find this guide useful. Have fun, wakeboarding!

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