10 Best Skateboards for Surfing – {Reviews and Buyer’s Guide}

Skateboarding is one of the most enjoyable sports activities you can indulge in at your own free time and get your muscles and body organs in perfect working condition. With the right skateboards, you can surf those extra pounds away from your body and look fit while having fun.

If you are searching for the best skateboards for surfing anywhere in the world, the insights you will gain from this article will go a long way towards helping you identify even from a distance, the perfect board for surfing.

Before I go on with that, let me briefly do justice to one of the questions our readers always ask about skateboarding and surfing. What is this question? You will find it below, including my detailed answer or explanation of it.

Now, here’s the question.

Top picked skateboards for surfing

1. FLOW Surf Skates Surf Skateboard with Carving Truck

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The surf skates are one of the boards that are inspired by the sea but the design is totally unique for the roadside or on the streets. What makes this board stand out is the multifunctional ability that allows you to use it for skating or surfing.

Also, this board is made to suit concrete surfing as it allows you to practice lots of moves while you also have fun along the line.

Additionally, you will enjoy skating on a paved way while on urban landscapes plus it comes with a type of flow tech that mimics the riding of a surfboard.

There is the presence of the internal spring that provides fluid carving, smooth pumping, and a snappy feature.

Furthermore, you can customize this ride to the best of your choice as it can be made to suit any rider’s weight, size or skating preference.

A great advantage to this is the ability of the board to sync well with individuals of all ages and expert levels and you can either let it loose or tighten it for the perfection of your ride.

2. Roller Derby Slide Street Surf Skateboard Black Sox


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The roller derby surf skateboard is just a design that makes a skateboard look so attractive, it comes with a fine finish and the Canadian maple decks is just of the best quality you can ever imagine.

The truck system is designed to the best of values and it is well patented to have a load functionality that will wow you.

The bearings are made with Bevo gold and they deliver high precision speed that will make you enjoy all the time you spend surfing or skating.

Also, the 65mm by 44mm wheels are of optimum quality and they are high performing with enough durability features for the best of fun.

Also, it comes with a 78A high rebound durometer which helps to control the high speed provided by the smooth and soft wheels on the board.

Finally, this board promises a truck adjustment tool plus the sticker packs are genuinely for the best output of the board.

3. Tower Mini Cruiser Walnut Carving Skateboard

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The Tower Mini Cruiser Walnut Carving Skateboard is an instant ride board that requires no single setup, all you need is just to unload and you can get to riding immediately.

The trucks are carved from a premium material which also makes the board one of the best you will see in the market today.

The ply is from high-end quality walnut and it is carved with a custom truck. The bearings are great for speed plus it will give you proper room for control.

The surface is massively durable that it is made to withstand any form of stress without breaking apart.

Additionally, the sturdiness is another great feature of the board plus the non-slip surface and the tight grip build is one of a kind.

Finally, the design of this board is well made to look like a surfboard and you will love the fish style kick tail that allows for a series of tricks.

4. Street Surfing Wood Beach Board

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In terms of clinical design, this board is absolutely one of a kind and it is your go-to board for surfing and or skating. The grip of the board is solid and you will be very pleased with the non-slip nature of the deck thanks to the fine finish coating used on the deck.

Additionally, it is a 7 ply maple design that brings a series of characteristic features plus the durability that this board affords is one of a kind and you will like the strong nature of the deck material.

The wheelbase is situated at 11.2 inches and you will like that it is strong enough to rotate on any ground while you maintain balance and finesse.

Furthermore, the dimension of the board is at 25 inches in length and the width is at 6.3 inches which is why is great for having fun. Finally, it is great and makes a good companion.

5. Street Surfing SHARK ATTACK Longboard Casterboard Surf Carving Cruiser

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This is a versatile board that can be used for surfing on the streets and also delivers great speed through it bearings. Additionally, this is a self-propelled board that will need no leg push to kick start. It is a surf pump that will immediately continue to move when you step on it.  

The dimension is set at 7 inches to reverse pin trucks combined with an alloy two-piece caster set at 360 degrees.

Furthermore, the design of the grip tape is made to deliver the best traction on the board and the front wheel of the board is set at 78x24mm.

The ABEC 9 design is present for great speed, cushioning and control of the speed generated by the ABEC 9 design.

The strong hand of this board is as a result of the material used in crafting this piece of board. This board is a lightweight design weighing just 7 pounds.

6. Punisher Skateboard

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This is an extra-large 40 inches by 9inches board and it is made from the Canadian maple 7 ply longboard. It is a concave design that features the dead theme graphics which makes it readily attractive to lovers of that theme.

The truck and bases are made to be 7 inches long and they are of heavy-duty design because they have high resistant make up.

Additionally, the 76mm x 53mm PU wheels are soft on the legs and will move smoothly and freely because they are uniquely engineered to do so.

For the maximum speed of the board, you will like the ABEC 9 bearings as it gives you the chance to speed to your choice while also allowing you to control the board.

Another interesting feature is the heavy-duty grip tape that is made to come with the board which makes it easy to hold on to the board with ease.

7. Crystalzhong-sp Mini Cruiser Skateboard

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Commuting with this board is one of the easiest things anyone can ask for because it is great and the riding of this board is of quality plus you can use it on any surface with no worries.

You will like to know that the materials used in making this board is from ABS and it is genuinely of free size.

This is a caster board and it will genuinely enhance your skating because it allows you the freedom to do as you like by trying out new tricks or trying out new routes while you also increase your balance on the wheels.

Additionally, it is a lightweight design that is easy to lift off the ground and you can easily use it at the playgrounds, driveways or any plain surface. This board is genuinely for sports individuals and can be used by all age range.

Finally, the 360-degree rotating wheels make it even more fun to use.

8. Lmai Cruiser Skateboard

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Maximum quality board this is and it is an upscale high penny style plastic deck. The paint on the deck is fresh and attractive with a non-slip feature for maximum safety on the board.

The 4 inches LMAI painted trucks are from the most quality materials available for use and you will be glad to know that these are very strong trucks.

The wheels are of the dimension 59mm 83A LMAI  measurement and they are pretty soft and sleek to ride on plus the durability function of these wheels is superb.

Also, the board offers the LMAI titanium chrome steel bearings which are designed to be a no noise super-fast moving wheels. It also warrants you control over the speed of the board.

Furthermore, this is one of the most complete skateboard anyone could ask for because it is genuinely made of superb quality and the materials are not from a cheap brand plus the level of workmanship delivered into making this skateboard is second to none.

9. Street Surfing Skateboard

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One of the most quality laden skateboards that anyone can ever have is the Street Surfing Skateboard plus it is also useful for surfing and you will like all the makeup of this board.

Additionally, this is a polypropylene traction pattern deck that spells a lot of quality and fun because you are going to be free to use the board as you like for different tricks that comes to mind.

Furthermore, the wheelbase is measured at 18.5 inches and this is one of the most durable parts of the board as it is designed to be sturdy.

In continuation, the Street Surfing Skateboard comes with a 4 inch embossed aluminum trucks plus the ABEC 7 bearings will afford the skater a maximum speed level with standard controls.

The soft and sleek wheels are measured at 64 by 45mm and the wheels are practically made to be translucent while also having a great grip.

10. Street Surfing Original Beach Skateboard

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With a great dimension of 22.5 inches by 6.3 inches, this is one of the best skateboards that you can invest in in the market. It is a patterned traction deck that is made to have a non-slip surface for assured safety plus it has a great grip which makes it stand firm.

The balance afforded to the individual riding this board is totally high and it makes it even greater to use for anyone.

Additionally, it comes with a wheelbase of 13.9 inches and it is made to be absolutely strong to maintain balance and the durability level is one of a kind.

Furthermore, the wheels are measured at 60 by 45mm square lip and the ABEC 7 chrome bearings will deliver the fastest spin you have ever seen.

Finally, it comes with a green and yellow swirls wheels plus the 3.25 aluminum trucks are great and can be used by any age range.

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Does skateboarding make you a better surfer?

surfing skateboard

To answer that question, it is essential we understand that surfing has to do with skating of the ocean, river or human-made wave until the wave breaks and loses its energy. A person who rides this unbroken wave is referred to as a surfer.

Skateboarding, on the other hand, is not just about riding an artificial or natural ocean or river wave. It is an action sport that involves touring and performing tricks using a board on a hard surface, not on the water.

So does doing this make anyone a better surfer? Can a good skateboarder make a better surfer?

Well, to some extent, the answer is “Yes!” That is because the two sports are similar in some ways. Some of the tricks or stunts performed by surfers can also be done by skateboarders though in a very different environment and pattern.

We can also answer that question by saying “No.” it is because while skateboarding and surfing may have some similar moves, the environments at which they are carried out differ. As well as the equipment.

That a skateboarder rides very well and performs impressive tricks on his board, does not always mean he can do very well while surfing. However, if he puts his heart to it, it wouldn’t be all that difficult for him to learn and master since both sports are closely related.

Both sports are so related that most surfers do practice skateboarding to sharpen their skills and be better while surfing.

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Best Surf Training Tips With Skateboard

Since both sports are similar, you can start your surf training by learning to skate. If you can master how to do that very well using a board, it wouldn’t take you much again to surf.

Learning to “surf skate” as it is rightly called, helps you in a whole lot of ways as a surfer. The first is that it helps you to understand and master how to surf on water.

Secondly, it helps you to gain speed, improve your balance and as well as practice turning and carving while surfing.

If you are looking for the best training tips you can find while you surf skate, here are just two I usually do give to those around me.

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  1. Get A Coach

Is it not funny how most people want to learn to surf or instead surf skate without having anyone teach them. It doesn’t work that way!

Whether online or offline, employ the services of a coach. It is best if it’s offline. Someone whom you can interact with, ask questions you may have about surfing, skateboarding etc.

A coach here is not just anyone that parades himself around you as a surf skate coach. He has to be an experienced person who has had some level of success either in training himself or others around him on how to surf like a pro.

  1. Be Willing To Try New Things

Be open to try new things, new stunts, skills etc. Find out what works for you and become a master at it.

You can try some stunts like Backside reentry, the floater, frontside reentry etc.

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How To Choose The Best surfing Skateboards

Surfing skateboardThere are so many things to consider when it comes to choosing the best board, either for learning or participating in skateboarding competitions.

It is essential you pay close attention when it comes to this because your board has a huge part to play in how good you are at skating. Without taking much of your time, let me point out those things I think you need to consider in selecting the best board for yourself or any other person.

  • Deck

The deck has to be reliable, big and long enough to enable you to learn to skate without being an issue. You need to also consider your weight when doing this, for those who are very very heavy, you need to consider going for much heavier or bigger decks.

  • Truck

While it is recommended you get more full trucks when buying your kid’s boards, for an adult, it is not always like that. You will have to get the one that will match the size of your deck. Not too full or thin.

If your truck must be wider than your deck, then let it just be a little bit wider. Just a little bit.

  • Great reviews

Sometimes you get to save yourself the stress of buying low-quality products by checking out their reviews online. That is one great advantage of the internet age that we live in.

Before choosing a board or any other stuff you need for surfing or skateboarding, consider looking through the company’s Facebook or Twitter handle. Find out what people are saying about the company and their products before putting your money down for it.


You can get the best skateboards for surfing online on great e-stores around the world. But do not just buy anything that comes with the tag “Best board for surfing or skating.” Do make out time to carefully look at it to see if it is indeed the best for you using the tips I have laid out in this article.

That way, you will have an instrument you can use to learn and master how to surf skate effortlessly.

I hope you find this guide useful.


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