10 Best skateboards for 5 year olds – The Right choice for younger kids

Best skateboards for 5 year olds – Kids are fast adopting skateboarding as part of their sporting activities. It is no news that skateboarding has gone past a sport to being a tool for artistic expression. They are just too many advantages that a kid can benefit from skateboarding.

One is the cognitive balancing and mental focus they stand to gain from the sport.

Hence for kids to properly take on the sport, there are few things to carefully consider when trying to pick a quality skateboard for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and above years old.

Experts picked skateboards for 5 years old kids

1. Meketec Skateboards

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The Meketec Skateboards is designed with modern technology, and it powers on with the 3.25-inch trucks that come with varieties of colors that will match whatever the skateboarder is wearing for a distinctive look.

It outperforms many skateboards because of the high performing ABEC 7 meketec bearings plus it offers 60mm Urethane wheels, and its dimensions range from 22.5 inch in length and 6 inches in width.

No matter how much weight you have, it is going be met by the Meketec Skateboards as it is able to lift 200lb of weight with ease.

The characteristic look of the Meketec Skateboards makes it stand out in the league of skateboards because it offers great beauty.

This board can be used in the park, school, road, etc. and it serves as a great gift package for kids in the age range of 5. Finally, the board is CE certified, which means it is well built with safety measures for the skateboarders.

2. RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard

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With the maximum load capacity of 90kgs, there is no way you are getting it wrong when you purchase this for your 5-year-old kid.

The RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard is made to be a plastic cruiser, and it is well assembled with a type of quality that is rare which is why it has about 925 positive ratings from customers who have had to use it.

The board is genuinely filled with all types of skating fun, and it has a 22 inches long and 6 inches wide deck surface plus you will be so fascinated by the fresh materials used in manufacturing this board.

In terms of general quality, it is high above the roof, and the same goes for the super solid 3 inches aluminum trucks used in the making of this board.

 In addition, the PU wheels are smooth on the legs and come really soft to ride because of the great quality speed bearing design that is promised by the board.

3. YUEBO Skateboard

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Whatever stunt your little one has in mind to carry out, this board is readily equal to the task as it is specifically designed to be a stunt board with its 31 by 8 inches full deck size.

Also, you do not need to worry about setting up this board because it has been done for you already and the great thing about this board is that it is well suited for beginners which is why basic stunts like 360s can be carried out.

Additionally, the board is massively attractive because of the characteristic color finish on the deck as the skateboarder will; not have an issue choosing a matching to clothe.

Furthermore, in terms of construction, the YUEBO Skateboard is absolutely solid and presents with unmatched durability that will make the board lasts long with you.

Finally, the board is able to carry about 220lbs of weight, and it can be used by kids, adult, and teenagers.

4. Merkapa Complete Skateboard

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With a maximum weight capacity of 82kgs, there is no way your 5-year-old would not be able to use this to his or her satisfaction without worries of breaking.

Also, the wheels presented by this skateboard is totally fascinating as it comes with an LED light that powers on when the wheels start to rotate, which makes it very useful when skating in a dark environment.

The LED light from the wheels allows you to easily track your little one when they are practicing their skating skills in the night.

The deck is about 22 inches long, and it comes with a 6-inch wide deck also, and you will be glad to know that the Merkapa 22″ Complete Skateboard is a single kickboard.

You will love the V-truck, and base design that offers a 3.2 inches heavy-duty quality aluminum plus the ABEC 7 bearings goes a long way to making the gliding on this board very smooth.

5. RudeBoyz Mini Wooden Cruiser Graphic Beginner Kids Skateboard

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This is a beginner skateboard that is just suitable for kids aged 3 to 5 plus it is designed with wood all around, and it will take a maximum weight lifting of 121lbs.

Specifically, this board was created for kids who are planning to start their skating classes in order to perfect their skating skills.

The features that are advertised with this board is unique and of quality that will match the need of any kid in the age range of 3 to 5.

The characteristic skateboard designed by RudeBoyz is pretty portable and compact plus the durability feature is one of a kind as it is usable in any condition without worrying about the board breaking apart.

The skateboard is designed to come with 17 inches in length, and the board itself weighs just about 7.5 pounds which makes for easy lifting.

Lastly, it comes with powerful wheels that offer balance to the kids, and it allows for smooth riding.

6. Krown Rookie Skateboard

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A board made with Canadian maple construction plus it comes with a unique design that will readily attract buyers to the board.

Also, it is about 7.5 inches wide, and the length goes up to 31.0 inches which makes it genuinely great for skating and performing various skills.

The graphic 52mm wheels are made from Urethane, and it delivers powerful glide and riding with superb balance and flexibility to match your finesse.

In addition, the 5.0 inches aluminum trucks even make it superb as it makes sure the board remains strong in any surface it is used on.

The grip tape is great as it makes the leg stays firm on the board without slipping off, which is a great safety addition to the board.

Also, the design of this board is totally narrow and lightweight, which makes it an easy board to lift while performing varieties of tricks on board.

7. PlayWheels Ultimate Spider-Man 21 Inch Wood Cruiser Skateboard

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Looking for a skateboard that is complete in terms of design, measurement, safety, and all-round package, trust me, you will never get it wrong with this board. It ticks all boxes of quality, and it has the famous spider-man superhero painting on it which will readily make the kids get used to the board.

With maximum durability being offered by the board, you can always become creative with your moves while skating as it promises great balance and will lift up to 100lbs of weight. 

Additionally, the single kicktail design affords the skateboarder a maximum control with the board, and you can move freely as you so choose.

The PVC injected smooth wheels comes with 50mm x 27mm dimensions plus the nylon bearings makes your movement on the board even better and smoother while you skate on any surface.

Finally, this 9-ply maple deck is strong and comes with a type of sturdiness that is rarely matched by other skateboards.

8. Easy Way Complete Skateboards

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The Easy_Way Complete Skateboards as the name sounds tells that it is a total package skateboard with all quality infused into this board as it delivers great movement, balance, and trick learning on the go.

The LED lighting that is offered by this board is absolutely stunning as it flashes immediately the wheels begin to rotate, which brings added safety when your little five-year-old child is skating in the dark.

Stability is another top-notch design that gives this board much more positive ratings amongst consumers because they are sure it will not make the trip while skating. 

The moment you feel it is time to halt the skateboard after attaining your maximum speed, all you need to do is just put a leg on the floor, and your skateboard will immediately come to a halt with ease.

It is designed with strong PU wheels that come with the ABEC 11 bearings for stability, control, finesse and smooth riding on the board.

9. ChromeWheels 31 inch Skateboard

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A skateboard with a genuine difference and its wheels are great with massive quality plus the advantage to this board is that you will find it useful for all levels of skills from beginner to expert.

It comes with a full-sized 31×8 inch double kick concave design, and you will love the idea of the vintage pattern splash on the body of the board.

The eight-layer maple wood used in making this board is with superb density, and it comes with a high-end durability feature that makes it even more appealing to buyers.

Another interesting fact about the board is that it comes with a 100kg maximum weight capability plus the powerful grip that comes with the board means you can have fun skating without slipping off.

Finally, the wheels are designed with 50mm anti-shock PU and it is combined with the ABEC 7 precision bearings used to stabilize movement and enhance speed.

10. Geelife Skateboard 7 Layers Decks 31″x8″ Pro Complete Skate Board

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With a length of 32 inches and a width of 8 inches, this is a board that specifically answers the question of balance, tricks, finesse, and durability.

The wheels are manufactured to be so strong that it offers the most genuine wheelbase and it highly sleek 55 by 40mm wheels coupled with ABEC 7 bearings are one of the best things you can ask for in a quality skateboard.

It comes with an integrated feet pocket for added safety and balance on the board, and you will like that the board is finished with kick tails for maximization of the Ollie height.

If you are seeking for lightweight performance on deck, this 7-ply skateboard is the one to turn to as it makes it easier for you. 

An added advantage is that it can be used on the various surface an even on a rough ground plus it helps to boost your confidence level and stability.

Essential benefits of skateboarding for a 5 year old

best skateboards for 5 year olds

  • Kids grow up pretty fast, and at 5 years of years, they are simply ready for new experiences. Skateboarding is one such way for them to learn and develop new skills. Outlined below are some benefits 5 years can derive for the art of skateboarding.
  • One of the great ways to impact a kid is to teach him or her to build confidence in whatever thing they engage in. This is one thing learning how to skateboard does very well.
  • The power of self-belief equips them with a strong sense of independence. Kids can learn as early as five, that they can become anything they want to be through patience and hard work.
  • Skateboarding is one of the few sports that show that every kid in their way as each kid’s learning pace vary with one another. It can teach them that failing is part of the order of things, and they should not shy away from trying.
  • Five-year-old kids can learn to develop a great sense of teamwork with fellow five-year-old skateboarders. It promotes faster learning and encouragement amongst them.

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Top safety skateboard tips for 5 years old

best skateboards for 5 year olds

Below are a couple of tips that can be taught effectively to 5 years old kids trying to get into the art of skateboarding.

  • Kids need to start practicing skateboarding on grass or carpet as it helps to keep kids safe on the off chance they fall off the board.
  • Ensure that your kid’s feet lay entirely on the board as their feet should be near the bolts to help them quickly get on and off from the board.
  • Let your kids bend their knees a little to help them lean forward and backward using their toes and heels to move the skateboard.
  • You should never let go of the hands of your kids. Hold them tight and move them around as you teach them to move the perfect foot to control the board. Once they feel comfortable, you can then take off your hand.
  • Ensure they move the skateboard slowly. The best way to teach a 5-year-old kid is to let them move slowly and let them know the importance of moving slowly and the hazard involved in moving fast.
  • Get them to watch videos on how to go on a skateboard and as well show them charts and images to help them have a smooth learning experience.

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Choosing the perfect skateboard for 5 years old

skateboards for 5 year olds

  • Size

For a 5-year-old kid, mini decks are the most suitable. You should get a skateboard that fits a child that wears a shoe between size 4 and 6.

The main emphasis should be placed on the width of the board, as this is where the kid will get the most comfort and stability. Try out different sizes within the range to get the right fit.

  • Weight of Kid

The body weight and overall size of the five-year-old kid in question should be taken into consideration. The safety of the kid depends entirely on it.

Always make sure to pick out a big skateboard. It is still good to pick out the highest size within the range of sizes ranges for a large-sized kid. It will ensure great comfort for the kid while limiting the possibility of accidents.

  • Deck

Choosing the right deck for kids matters a lot. The shape of the deck is essential when picking out skateboards for 5-year-old kids.

It will help you achieve optimum speed and smoothness. There are various shapes of deck available to pick from in the market.

There is the radical board that is shaped like a U, the W-concave is built like the letter W, and there is the last but not the least, called the flat-concave. The radical board is most suitable for a beginner five-year-old.

  • Wheels

It is one crucial part that needs much attention. The wheels give the skateboard its roll, so it is an absolute no brainer that picking the best wheels available is of the highest essence.

The best wheels available in the market today are somewhere around 55 mm in diameter. These wheels are built strong to give your kid the best stability and skateboarding experience.

  • Trucks

Having the right truck will not only guarantee a great skating experience, but it will also ensure your safety. Make sure the size of the truck of the skateboard you are getting is appropriately suited for the skateboard.

One poorly suited truck will either give your kid a clumsy roll or on the other hand, if too small can land your kid in the emergency room if it dislodges while skateboarding.  So getting the best truck cannot be overemphasized.


The culture of skateboarding is here and has come to stay. A lot of little kids are growing increasingly frantic about the idea of owning a skateboard. Parents of young kids are therefore advised to encourage their children to take on the sport, as this ensures speedy mental and physical development for these kids.

Skateboard can be a whole lot of fun if those simple checks and balances like the right size, features, and quality are taken into full consideration when picking out the best skateboards for 5 year olds.

These kids are always eager to learn new things, and with the proper safety approach, they could be well on their way to living their young lives full of adventure, an excellent catalyst for total formative growth.

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