10 Best skateboard wheels for rough roads – {Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2020}

While many skaters have grown quite fond of the art, the skating routines still defer in many ways. For this singular reason, it is always paramount to take into consideration those basic features that make for an easy skate and most especially suited for your interests.

Picking out the best skateboard wheels come with its challenges, but not ones that come to the detriment of the fun associated with the sport. This piece is therefore tailored towards people having a hard time picking the best skateboard wheels for rough roads.

Top picked skateboard wheels

1. Orangatang Kegel  Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels

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A category 1 downhill longboarding wheels that guarantee the maximum speed and great gripping features when used on a rough road.

Also, it is great for long-distance pushing, hard carving, pumping and skateboard racing plus it just rolls over everything with no obstacle stopping it.

Additionally, this is a large 80mm diameter wheel and it comes with a fierce speed range that allows it to easily move over sticks, cracks and rough roads.

The traction of this wheel is set at maximum and it sharp, with absolute grip and the sliding is pretty smooth.

The material used in making this wheel is orangutang urethane formula which is smooth, plush and comes with a type of grip that is unique plus the buttery feel is what makes it slide with sleekness.

Finally, the core of this wheel is pretty big and absolutely supportive of the other plus it comes with a 46mm core that helps to reduce weight on the wheels for the sakes of maximum acceleration.

2. IWONDER Cloud Wheel Electric Skateboard Wheels

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With a massive diameter of about 120, there is no stopping this wheel as it is able to go on any surface without defeat. It is an electric wheel that powers your skateboard plus it can be used in the mud, on the rock or concrete.

The patented damping foam core tech helps to nullify all of the vibrations in the wheel which makes your ride very smooth and fun.

The IWONDER Cloud Wheel Electric Skateboard Wheels is cast at 78A super high rebound urethane design which helps to increase the speed of the board.

It is very well equipped with the ABEC 7 bearings for maximum speed and the 8mm by 19mm bearing spacers will deliver soft and sleek ride with a lovely speed to match the fun.

Also, you can easily mount these wheels on any type of boards like the E-boards, longboards, etc. Overall, this is a type of wheel that you will use and you will find it hard to switch to any other wheels.

3. Slick Revolution Electric Skateboard Wheels

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The Slick Revolution Electric Skateboard Wheels is one of the world’s renowned production urethane wheels because of its heightened quality and comfortability.

Additionally, this is a vibration freewheel and it will smoothly roll on all terrains and you can be sure that no torque will be lost in the process.

The foam core tech afforded to this wheel is unmatched as it delivers maximum comfort to its riders and it will move well on any hard surface no matter how difficult.

Furthermore, it is a 120mm diameter electric wheel that comes with 40mm contact patch under compression plus it is made to have the best grip you can imagine.

The Urethane makes up is one of the reasons this wheel is so durable and rugged which is why it is one of the most sought after wheel in the market. Finally, it is able to mount on any E-BOARDS and LONGBOARDS.

4. ABEC 11 SuperFly Black Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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With the name ABEC 11, you will readily know that is one of the monster wheels that you can lay your hands on plus it is a massive electric wheel that will make you have a great ride on your skateboard.

With a slight weight of just 4.3 pounds, you will be assured of great speed and massive vibration canceling from this board.

It is great for skateboarding on any type of road regardless of how it looks plus you can take it for a mud ride or a ride on the rock.

For your skateboarding race, this is a great wheel that will deliver the best of speed and bearings to you with no issues whatsoever.

This board is made to have a massive grip and it comes with one of kind durability which makes it a super fly over the wheel. Finally, it is great, sleek on the road and makes sure your fun is unlimited.

5. MOTION Electric Skateboard Wheels

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A great wheel with a patent damping core which allows for maximum speed and the abrasion-proof surface is one of a kind.

The damping core is innovatively built inside the wheel for the removal of vibrations when riding on a bumpy road plus it also limits noise from the various obstacles on the road.

Additionally, the diameter of the wheel is 120mm and it is made with a powerful polyurethane material that gives the wheel a powerful and sleek move over any surface.

It is an electric wheel for a skateboard that works with longboard wheels for the best of fun on all roads of your choice.

Furthermore, the 78A thickness allows for a great rebound for the maximum speed you can imagine and you will enjoy this with smoothness.

Finally, this wheel is designed with ABEC 7 bearings and this will maximum control of speed plus the 8mm by 10mm bearing spacers are great for free spinning.

6. Orangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels

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An extra-large sleek and longboard wheels that are particularly designed to deliver great speed with maximum comfort promised with these wheels.

The momentum of this wheel makes it easy for carving, pumping, pushing and electric longboards. Plus its 85mm diameter means it has a great surface area to deliver high speed and efficiency regardless of the type of road it is used on.

It comes with particularly functional design in the 56mm contact patch that makes the surface of the wheel to have efficient grip plus the balance it promises is one of a kind.

The edges of this wheel are well rounded and what this does is to help the wheel move over cracks with ease.

Additionally, the formula from the Orangatang is something that provides speed with sleek movement and less vibration.

Finally, it is a very supportive wheel and the large core makes sure of weight reduction so the wheels can move freely.

7. Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm Freeride Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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A multifunctional wheel with various uses thanks to its versatile design plus it is a medium-range wheel that is suited for your longboard wheels. It enhances skills, freestyling, dancing and free riding.

The size is just normal and it makes it easy to use plus it is perfect for varieties of reasons but the most important one is the pace at which this wheel moves.

Additionally, this 70mm diameter wheel is strong enough to move over a series of debris and you are still able to move fast while carrying out varieties of tricks.

The thane design is from the orangatang urethane material which is plush, sleek and absolutely great with grip on the floor.

Also, it offers a type of buttery move which makes the wheel move in a soft and smooth way plus it now comes in 4 different durometers. The core of this wheel is of heightened support and it helps to get rid of vibrations for a comfortable ride.

8. Ricta, Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel

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Rolling with smoothness is a great advantage of this wheel and it will last for a very long time regardless of how it is being used. This is because it possesses massive durability and sturdiness that will continue to make the wheel remain in shape.

Also, the wheel is designed to come with 78D core plus the 78A urethane material is one of the biggest reason you will have assured safety.

It is a modern design wheel that allows for an immediate lifting of the board plus it is able to run on varieties of terrain with no issues.

Additionally, the shape is built to be advanced and modern plus it is a lightweight wheel that has massive gripping features plus it is strong to fly over debris and the noise reduction level is great.

Finally, you will be getting a unique wheel with strong value output and it is just superb for cruising and filming.

9. Independent Silver 139mm Truck 8.0″ Package Skateboard

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Durability is a practical feature that is well pronounced in this wheel and it is one of the best features of the wheel. This wheel promises long-lasting use and it will make sure you have endless fun as you take your ride.

It is a versatile wheel that will perfectly work with any type of skateboard plus it has a baseplate that is very well solid for use on any surface.

Carrying out tricks on this wheel is very easy and it also comes with a lightweight design that will allow for speed when on this wheel.

Additionally, it is great in terms of grip and the wheel is strong, the bearings make it super-strong plus it gives absolute control over the speed.

You can easily learn balance with this wheel and it is so fast that you will readily fly over debris, rocks, and series of another rough surface.

10. IWONDER Cloud Wheel Electric Skateboard Wheels All Terrain

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The ABEC 7 bearings splashed on this wheel is why it is so fast and delivers the greatest spin you can ever imagine plus it has great grip features.

It will genuinely spin over any surface with the wheel able to roll over mud, rough surface, grass surface, rock, and concrete.

Also, it helps to get rid of vibrations and you will find that it comes with a core design that helps to lift the weight off the wheel for speed, balance, agility, and finesse when on your skateboard.

This innovation is one of a kind and it is why it comes very popular in the consumer’s world. The IWONDER Cloud Wheel Electric Skateboard is a classic design of quality.

The materials used in the production of this wheel is from topnotch components that will allow for fun and great entertainment.

Why You Should Choose the best skateboard wheels for street

Best skateboard wheels for rough roadsWhen it comes to skateboarding, the nature of your route matters a lot to the type of wheels you will eventually be chosen.

If you are thinking of riding on rough roads, there are a couple of reasons why you should be quite particular about choosing tough skateboards wheels. A handful of these reasons are examined below.

  • Skateboards wheels built for tough roads are generally soft, big and wide. These features allow them to have more grip on the ground.
  • Tough wheels are made to absorb more shock and vibrations that come with rough and bumpy roads
  • These tough wheels allow for quick movement, swift acceleration while still providing the best balance.
  • Skateboard wheels built specifically for rough roads are generally lightweight in nature and portable.
  • Tough wheels are most adapted for street stunts and tricks.
  • Last but not least, you are guaranteed the best comfort and most importantly, your overall safety when you pick out tough wheels for rough roads.


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What Is the best skateboard wheels for cruising and tricks?

skateboard wheels tough roadChoosing the right type of wheels for your skateboard is essential to both your comfort and safety. It is important to work always within different features to pick out the best skateboard wheels suitable for your peculiar need. Below are three types of wheel available in the market today that you can choose from.

Rubber skateboard wheels

Rubber skateboard wheels are bigger and much softer than other wheels available in the market. They are more commonly found on cruisers because of their lightweight nature and portability.

Rubber skateboard wheels are better suited to street skating because of their soft nature. They generally have more grip and are adapted for rough and uneven surfaces like sidewalks.

New skateboard wheels

New skateboard wheel is mostly based around the shape of a cube. This might seem almost illogical, but this type of wheel gives you a much faster and smoother ride, offering a better grip than other traditional skateboard wheels out there.

The wheels are consist of three strips, which all transform into a helical shape when rolling, which creates a wavy pattern along the path the wheels touch the ground.

This reduces friction, better suited for rough and uneven terrains, which are generally problems for normal traditional wheels. It also has three lip structure for gradually bringing the skateboard to a halt.

Fastest skateboard wheels

Fastest wheels come in both soft and hard wheels built for both smooth and rough surfaces like asphalt. For a skatepark made of smooth concrete, a hard wheel is going to be very fast.

But when out on the streets, trying stunts as opposed to simply cruising, skating on a rough surface will have you rolling the fastest when using soft wheels, giving you the smoothest roll and can absorb the vibrations.

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Best Street Skateboard Wheels Buyers Guide

Tough road skateboard wheelIn simple words, the wheels of your skateboard wheels are what determines how smooth and fast you will go.

Hence it is always best to take the pains of watching out for the best features when trying to pick a skateboard. Below are three key features to always check out for on a skateboard before making your purchase.

The Wheel Diameter

Skateboard wheel diameter is mostly measured in millimeters, with most wheels ranging from between 50 to 75 mm, having at the back of your mind that the lower the diameter, the smaller the wheel.

The wheel diameter has a great effect on how fast you accelerate and how swift you make a turn. Smaller wheels will, of course, perform slower, whereas larger wheels will certainly perform much faster.

Smaller wheels are ideal though for street skating since they are closer to the ground and are easier to control.

But when you are thinking of short to commute, especially, you might want to pick larger wheels instead. Their rather large diameter offers a low-key cruise effect.

Contact patch

The contact patch is one important feature that determines a wheel’s performance. A contact patch is an area around the wheel that makes actual contact with the ground. When you have large wheels, the contact patch will equally be large.

The Wheel Durometer

Durometer measures the hardness of the wheels, which in turn helps to specify if a wheel is best suited for street skateboards or longboards.

Manufacturers generally make use of the A Scale measuring system; a 100-point scale that measures how hard a skating wheel is. Typically, the higher the point scale is, the harder the wheel will be.

There is also the B Scale, measuring about 20 points fewer than that of the A Scale. These wheels also have a wider and fall within the standard hardness range.

A large contact patch helps to evenly distribute your weight over a larger area on the skateboard. This minimizes the compression in your wheels while reducing the rolling resistance and friction on your wheel.

Wheel Shape

The shape of your wheel shape matters a lot as well. Traditionally rounded wheels will make less contact with the pavement, while square wheels make the most maximum contact with the ground.

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We can, therefore, see from this piece why picking the best skateboard wheels for rough roads is very important to both your safety and ease of comfort. It is crucial to work within that above-stated features mostly, so you can pick out only the best skateboard wheels that will cater to your overall skating interests.

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