9 Best skateboard for big guys – The Perfect choice for overweight skaters

Best skateboard for big guys – Everything you need to know!

Skateboarders come in all shapes and sizes. While some are quite heavier than others, there is the category that is just a little more overweight than others, some taller or having a more tough build.

Weighing heavier automatically means you stand higher chances of snapping or breaking your board than your lighter weight skateboarding pals.

But even this bit of information should not deter you from soaking up all the fun. This article covers all the necessary bit and pieces to always watch out for when picking out the perfect skateboard for your size.

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Why it is important for choosing the right skateboard for heavy riders

best skateboard for heavy boysPicking out the right skateboard for heavyweight skateboarders is very important. The weight puts them at a peculiar position where a lot must be taken into cognizance before they step on a skateboard.

Of all the reasons, safety is of the highest essence. We will be touching on a few reasons why it is important to choose the right skateboard for heavy riders.

  • For an overweight rider, the chances of snapping a board are much higher if you go using a small-sized lightweight skateboard meant for regular riders
  • Choosing the rightly suited boards for your weight will prevent squeaking sounds when riding due to wear and tear of the truck.
  • Skateboards built for big riders are typically made of bamboo or fiberglass. This tough material provides extra support for the large weight.
  • The right skateboard for big riders has a lot more flex, especially bamboo boards.
  • The right board will still let heavyweight riders try tricks and stunts.

Before you go ahead to choose your skateboard choice, makes sure you have a safety helmet and you can check our collections here.

Best Skateboard for Heavy rider – Experts Picked Products

1. POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards

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The POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards is a wonderful choice for all skateboarding lovers with big body mass in need of a board that can contain their weight. It is designed to offer you the best experience you deserve with getting on the street without restriction.

The construction of the skateboard is dynamic, and that makes it appealing to everyone that is indeed an enthusiast. It comes in different styles for you to choose the one that suits you such as Andy Macdonald, Rodney Jones, Sandro Dias, and Team.

All have their deck and when specifications that you should consider before choosing any to help you make the call. You can check the styles and specifications through the link above. The above-listed styles are designed for street and parks for those who have an interest in the skateboard.

The craftsmanship of the skateboard integrates Strong and sturdy deck made of multiple plies of wood that are fused through AirLam process that involves the use of waterproof glue. The deck is sealed against moisture, and the bottom is as well coated with an SST slide treatment to improve the length of your slides.


  • Fully assembled and ready for use
  • wheels tend to roll for a good length
  • Perfect for all tricks and stunts even kickflip
  • Perfect for starters
  • Ideal for youths and adults
  • Lightweight and portable


  • It’s a full-sized board which could be a turn off for younger kids

2. Santa Cruz Johnson Danger Zone Skateboard

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The Santa Cruz Johnson Danger Zone Skateboard is next on our list of the best complete skateboard that should be considered for heavy or overweight guys. Skateboarding involves trying tricks and stunts, and you need assurance your board won’t break just as you land on it to give you rest of mind while skating.

One of the best to offer you a fantastic experience without fear of getting injured is the Santa Cruz Johnson Danger Zone Skateboard. The board comes fully assembled whenever you get it as you have no excuse not to start you enjoying skating.

Not among the most stylish skateboards, you will find in the market, but it has its uniqueness with the design. It has a smooth finish, and the integration of the CCS 52mm wheels, CCS 139mm trucks and CCS Abec 7 Bearings makes it quite hard to turn down for any skateboard lovers.


  • Very strong and durable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Perfect for smooth and rough road skateboarding
  • Ideal for beginners, intermediate and experts


  • Not an ideal choice for kids

3. Landyachtz Dinghy Complete Skateboard

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If you do not know about Landyachtz Dinghy, you are probably new to the skateboarding world. Looking for a trusted and reliable deck that can keep you safe irrespective of your weight and pressure you exert on the board as a result of jumping, you should consider Landyachtz Dinghy Complete Skateboard.

It is a portable skateboard that can easily be carried about from one place to another. It makes skateboarding easier for anyone to do. It is fun to use. The components that come with it are top notch, which makes it one of the respected among other skateboards in the market.

The board is designed to last longer as it comes with maple deck that can last decades. It as well comes with Tugboat which is from 7 ply maple with nose and tail that has a ton of pop which makes it perfect for all kind of flip and tricks.


  • Handle obstacle with fun
  • Perfect for tricks, stunts, and kickflip
  • Cut out wheels to prevent wheels bite
  • Comfort and convenience assured


  • The wheel comes with 63mm, but you can change to 70mm for excellent performance

4. Penny Cruiser Skateboard

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The Penny Cruiser Skateboard comes as 2019 range, which is just the perfect option for those in need of a smooth skateboard. You can’t get more from other skateboards to what the penny skateboard has to offer you. It is undoubtedly one of the best when it comes to optimal skateboarding performances.

With safety on top of Penny priority with the construction of this skateboard, it comes with classic waffle top non-slip deck which makes it safe to use for anyone. Irrespective of the surface of the shoe for skateboarding you have on your feet, be assured you can’t slip off from the deck.

It comes with strong and sturdy big wheels of 59mm and durometer of 83A which is the perfect size for cruising. It makes the skateboard the number one choice for every cruiser out there. Also, the construction integrates high-quality color coded ABEC stainless steel bearings to give an excellent performance.


  • High-quality materials for construction
  • Simple design with an elegant look
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Slip-resistant
  • Safe to use for adults and kids
  • Perfect for cruising


  • It has no significant setback

5. Powell-Peralta Winged Ripper Black skateboard

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The Powell-Peralta Winged Ripper Black skateboard is a complete choice for every big guy in need of a reliable skateboard to get on the street. It makes street life easier for every guy who is lovers of skateboarding. It is sure one of the best to consider as it comes affordable and yet of high quality.

The construction of the board boasts of high-quality materials and reliable procedure to ensure the board last longer. The longevity if one of the reasons we choose to add to this list of the best skateboards as it eliminates the need of buying boards regularly.

It is designed not for beginners or intermediate but for the professionals who know how to try different tricks and stunts to bring out the best from the skateboard.  It comes with a reliable and robust wheel of about 53 mm and 101a durometer to give an excellent skating performance.


  • Sturdy and robust wheel for smooth movement
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Smooth sliding and movement
  • Great for all kind of tricks and stunts


  • Only designed for the professional big guys

6. GLOBE Skateboards Sun City Cruiser

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Not all skateboards in the market can meet with your demands, but one which you can ever rely on to give you the best to what you desire is the GLOBE Skateboards Sun City Cruiser. Every section of the board is strictly made to ensure it meets with the demands of every standard skateboard in the market.

It is undoubtedly one of the cruising skateboards you should consider if you love to cruise often with a board. It makes movement easier for anyone as it comes with quality materials yet lightweight for anyone to control.

It comes with resin seven hard rock maple which makes it super solid to accommodate any weight exerted on it. It has mellow concave with kick tail ad the truck of 5.375 is a slant to ensure the performance or your outing with the skateboard is worthwhile.


  • Bearings are fantastic for a complete skateboard
  • Smooth ride on good roads
  • Good balance and control
  • Good for stunts and tricks


  • It has no significant setback

7. CCS Skateboard Complete

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If you are looking for a perfect skateboard that has all it takes to make you feel like a professional, you should consider the CCS Skateboard Complete. It is the right choice for beginners and can as well be used by the intermediate and professionals.

The skateboard comes with the durable wheel of 52mm and 100a durometer. The truck is of the standard size of about 139mm. It has grip tape, ABEC 7 bearings and all other components are as well from the CCS brand.

The board of the skateboard is sturdy as it can handle the rigor that comes with cruising as well as trying all kind of tricks and stunts. The deck is made of maple wood which offers you the perfect mix of flex and stiffness. It comes fully assembled so you can get out skating immediately you get the skateboard.


  • Great value for its price
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Strong, reliable and durable
  • Easy to move with smooth performance
  • High-quality components


  • It has no significant setback

8. Sixty-Six Maple Skateboard Cruiser Complete

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The Sixty-Six Maple Skateboard Cruiser Complete is a joint project of the Sixty-six brand and that of the Brazilian guitar brand known as Tagima. The combination of ideas and resources gave birth to this fantastic skateboard that meets the demands of every standard skateboard in the market.

It is one of the best cruisers skateboards you should consider if you are looking for a long-lasting type. It is made of high-quality components. It comes with seven layers of maple, and the construction makes it a perfect choice for any skateboarding outings.

The Aluminum casting trucks and 4mm riser with PU bushings ensure you have a perfect board for smooth performance. It helps to keep the board stable and suitable for any tricks and stunts.


  • Smooth glides with the help of the stainless-steel bearings
  • Pu wheels for great movement on flat surfaces
  • Perfect for kids and adults
  • High-quality components
  • Perfect for cruising


  • None at the very moment

9. RockBirds Skateboards

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The design of the RockBirds Skateboards looks as if it will take you to the sky, but of course, it has to be on the ground to work effectively, and the performance is thus outstanding compared to some others I have used in the past.

It is so easy to learn and bring you great fun. It is ideal for every user as it comes with all that is required to keep you safe such as the anti-slip grip tape. It is perfect for street skateboarding and can be used for cruising.

Every first-time skateboarder will find life more comfortable with the board as it helps to practice technique and tricks without fear. It boasts one’s confidence, which is the first step to having an excellent time on the board.


Comes assembled

  • 7-layer Canadian maple
  • High-density emery non-slip and waterproof surface
  • Smooth sliding guaranteed
  • Perfect for kids and adults
  • Ideal for the overweight
  • Carrying bag


  • It has no significant setback

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Is skateboard for 300 pounds the right choice for heavy riders?

best skateboard for overweightAt 300 pounds, you are quite on the overweight side. But discouraging you from trying out would not be the case. Although there is no exact limit, anything between 200 to 250 pounds is not too overweight, and yet the boards can still snap.

So for someone of about 300 pounds, the highest caution should be taken while skating. This includes the kind of board you choose, the area where you choose to skate, and lastly, you will have to adopt a particular style to avoid accidents.

For overweight riders, it is more about where you apply pressure the most. Try to balance your weight at both ends of the skateboard for even distribution, and you will be safe.

Also, earn to land with your feet over your trucks and bend your knees deeply when you land. These two moves should save a lot of skateboard decks.

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Top factors to consider when buying an overweight skateboard for guys

Best helmet for skateboardingWeight limit

You have to consider the weight limit of the board you are trying to buy. For heavy riders, skateboards boards that can support somewhere from between 250 pounds to 300 are quite good.

You do not want to be going for boards that can only support less than 220 pounds or less. They are not strong and safe enough.

White Wave Bamboo is a great skateboard that can hold riders up to 300 pounds. Atom drop-through board or Magneto bamboo board are equally great for riders around 275 pounds.

Width of Deck

A deck of about 8 inches and more in width is quite ideal for heavy riders. The most common in the market today are between 9 to 10 inches.

This measurement refers to the widest part of the board. It is usually the middle part on which you will be placing your feet.

The wider the deck of your board, the more support you will have when you ride. Especially if you are racing down a slope or hill, you get offered more stability.

Deck materials

There are usually three kinds of materials to consider. There is bamboo, hardwood maple, and fibreglass.

The number of wood layers is important when choosing a wooden board. Some boards come with 3 or 6 layers, which are not enough for what you need. Try checking outboards made from between 8 to 11 layers of wood. These are very strong and durable.

Bamboo and fibreglass offer extra support. Example, the Magneto bamboo board is typically reinforced using fibreglass to give a perfect combo. It is great for cruising and trying tricks and stunts.

Shape of Board

The drop-through deck is most suited for racing downhill. It will curb wheel bites.

If you also like the regular bullet shape board, there are several options available. Look for boards with wheels that extrude out from the deck. The Sanview bamboo board is a great option in that regard.

Longboard Type

There are quite several nice electric boards available for heavyweight riders. Some electric boards can hold riders of over 275 pounds in weight. An example is WowGo 2S. This board can carry heavy riders of up to 280 pounds.

Other models in the market can carry less heavy riders like the Spadger Electric Skateboard D5X that can hold a maximum weight of 260 pounds.

The advantage of riding an electric board is that you won’t need to bother about your weight slowing your board down as the electric powering automatically covers up for that.

Trucks and Wheels

It is recommended that heavy riders get trucks that have a 40-degree angle. It offers to get great stability and speed.

The wheel size is also important. A wheel of about 70mm is quite appropriate. One rule of thumb though is that the bigger the wheels of your skateboard, the faster roll and better support you will get.

The durometer of the wheels should also be taken into consideration. A 78A rating is a great choice. Big soft wheels will certainly give you the best grip on the ground.

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Having seen from the recommendations and tips above, you can now know why picking out only the best skateboard for big guys is equally important to both your safety and your overall skating comfort.

It is of the highest essence to always work within those above-stated features, so you can pick out only the best skateboard that caters to your particular size and skating interests, so you too can go ahead to having a fun-filled experience in the art of skateboarding.

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