10 Best skateboard for 9 year old -{ Review and Buyer’s Guide}

The culture of skating has seen great leaps within the last couple of years. Just as the sport has and is continuing to grow in popularity, so are the numerous advantages that are attached to it.

Kids now go rabid over the thought of owning a skateboard, as it is even a great way for them to learn and improve mentally and physically.

Nonetheless, there are associated risks that come with skateboarding. One bad skateboard can land an unprotected kid in the emergency room with head concussions and fractures.

Therefore it is of the highest essence that we must as parents and caregivers, be particular about the features, quality, and safety of a skateboard, when next in the market trying of pick out the best skateboard for 9 year old.

Skateboards for 9 year olds – Experts Picked Products

1. Amrgot Skateboards

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The Amrgot Skateboards is one of the best quality design skateboards you can dream of and it is designed to have about 8 piles of maple that helps to enhance proper flexibility.

Additionally, it is of higher durability and you will like the sturdy design of the board while it also lasts you for a very long time.

Furthermore, it is carved with one of the best materials in an aluminum stent which allows for the best skating experience you have always imagined for your little one.

The Abec 9 bearings that come with this skateboard delivers great speed pus it comes with great balance which is great for the safety of your 9-year-old.

The 54*37mm PU wheels are of strong design and durability which is great for swift maneuverability on the board.

Lastly, the board is lightweight and can be easily lifted and it comes with great finesse plus you will love the bright look of the board and how it feels on the leg.

2. Penny Australia Complete Skateboard

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In terms of having a premium quality skateboard, the Penny Australia Complete Skateboard is the one to invest your money on because it ticks all the boxes of quality.

It is totally well coupled to give a lasting experience of fun that will readily make your 9-year-old get used to using the board for fun.

Moving with this skateboard is totally swift and very smooth on the legs and you will love the build of the 59mm 83A durometer wheels.

Additionally, it also has a high-quality color-coded Abec 7 stainless steel bearings that will enable you to get proper flexibility on the skateboard.

Another interesting feature of this skateboard is the lifetime warranty that is splashed on it by the manufacturer which tells a tale of proper quality makes up.

Durability is an art for this skateboard because of its design and this will make it last long with your 9-year-old child.

3. Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard

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An ultimate skateboard design that delivers great value for the money spent on it. It is of a high-end design that makes it easy to maneuver swiftly on various grounds.

The portability of this board is one of the reasons it has great ratings amongst users because it allows for a variety of skills while skating and it promises great balance for your 9-year-old.

Additionally, the Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard is designed in Canada and the materials used in making it is totally top-notch.

In terms of length, you will be getting 27.5 inches and the width is set at 7.5 inches and it comes with a wheelbase of 18.5 inches.

Furthermore, it is presented with a type of double kick tails features that offers unique versatility for the best of use. Lastly, it is designed with a non-slip surface thanks to the sand grit finish on top of the board and the balance you get from the board is great.

4. Skateboard for Beginners

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A skateboard designed to help create professional skaters because you can use this skateboard as a beginner to learn how to enhance your skating skills.

The Skateboard for Beginners which is designed by Skateboard is presented with a 7 layer maple wood that comes with 31.1×7.4 Inch deck and you will like that it takes up to 300Lbs of weight.

The PU wheels are manufactured to have a great rebound feature which helps for shock absorption and balance on the board.

Additionally, it comes with Abec-7 bearings for greater speed and it makes for swift finesse on the board while also promising great balance.

Furthermore, the design comes with a non-slip coating which makes it superb for teens and beginner skaters.

The board is meticulously packaged for any gender type and your 9-year-old will not have any challenge starting with this board.  Lastly, quality is the bedrock of this design and it will serve you for a long time.

5. SkateXS Personalized Beginner Panda Street Kids Skateboard

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The interesting thing to note about this board is that it is designed by proper skateboarding parents and they know just what is required to keep kids safe while also having maximum fun.

The manufacturers also make it more interesting by allowing for customized features that allow your kid to have their name written on the board.

Additionally, it is characterized by superb components that readily makes skating very easy and you will love the great balance that is afforded by this board.

Also, the size is well blended to suit kids and it also comes with high performing deck board which is made to have a non-slip surface.

If you have a child that is interested in skateboarding and does not have any experience whatsoever, this is the best beginner choice skateboard to buy. Finally, your child gets maximum fun and able to do different tricks of his or her choice on the board with ease.

6. Skitch Premium Skateboard

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A skateboard that is perfectly engineered for beginners and it comes with adjustable features that deliver maximum safety for the little ones as they learn to skate.

Carrying this board is absolutely easy as it comes with a lightweight design and it can be used by all genders for skating.

Additionally, your 9-year-old will definitely have fun using this board and its multifunctional capabilities also make it suitable for professional skaters.

The amount of quality and features promised by this board will wow you as you are able to carry out a lot of fun activities on the board.

One of the most interesting features is that the board comes well packaged and also has a skateboard backpack to lift all your skating tools.

Furthermore, it is a premium quality design that will make anyone riding on the board to have maximum fun while also being creative with movement on the board.

7. Merkapa Complete Skateboard

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The Merkapa 22″ Complete Skateboard is one of the most attractive looking skateboards you will see in the market today as it comes with superb LED lights that make it glow while moving.

A fascinating skateboard that requires no charge or batteries to power the lights, it simply gets its light from the rotation of the wheels.

It is designed with a single classic kickboard that comes with a 22-inch longboard plus it has a great shock-absorbing surface.

It is superb in its build and it comes with the capability to hold about 180Lb of weight and it can be used by children and teenagers as well.  

In addition, it is designed with a premium aluminum material and it comes with a V-truck and a base plus the ABEC-7 bearings will deliver great speed. Finally, the soft PU wheels are great and come with 60 x 45 mm plus a 78A PU wheel for great maneuverability.

8. Meketec Skateboards

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The Meketec Skateboard is a unique skateboard that allows movement with ease and it comes with 3.25-inch trucks that have varying colors which makes it super attractive.

Also, it is a high performing board that has a dimension of 22.5 inches long by 6 inches wide deck and it is able to load up to 200lbs of weight.

The PU wheels are made to be very strong and sturdy and it comes with ABEC-7 bearings for high-speed performance.

Furthermore, you can use this board on a series of surface like the School Park, road, etc. plus this is a great gift item for your loved ones.

The good things about using this skateboard are that it is perfect for just any type of rider from beginner level to professional riders. The skateboard comes with a CE safety certification that makes it very safe for riders both young and old.

9. WHOME Pro Skateboard

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With a sturdy design, you will be getting a rugged skateboard for yourself and you can be assured of optimum durability that will make the skateboard last you for a long time. Also, precision is another terrific feature that is offered by the WHOME Pro Skateboard is one of the best you can ever get in the market today.

The deck of this skateboard promises a high end 8 alpine layer that delivers a proper grip that will hold your leg in place without any danger of slipping off.

Additionally, it is a 31 by 8-inch maximum size skateboard that comes with an enhanced 53 by 36mm PU wheels for superb balance and great finesse when riding on the board.

Furthermore, it is a great skateboard for learners who are just wanting to start skating adventure plus it is also suitable for professionals. 

Finally, you get better control with this board and the carbon steel shaft brings another quality dimension to the board.

10. wonnv Retro Mini Cruiser 22 inch Complete Skateboard

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A portable design this is and it is totally made of a strong and sleek deck for the best of your use plus it can be used by any gender. The best part of using this board is that it is great for any skill level from beginner to a professional level. Also, this is a classic sturdy and durable skateboard that promises great longevity and rugged use.

Also, it is able to take about 220lbs of weight thanks to the aluminum trucks plus the polypropylene material is one of the reason this is great for balance.

Additionally, the ABEC-7 bearings make up for superb speed plus it also ensures vibration-free ride on the deck.

This is a lightweight skateboard that can be easily carried in a backpack for easy movement. 

Finally, your 9-year-old will find this board to be very appealing, thanks to the outward design and the non-slip finish.

Benefits Of Skateboarding for 9 Year Old Kids

skateboard for 9 years old girlsKids develop super fas, and as such, the benefits of skateboarding for them are endless. Below are some of those benefits 9 years old can derive from the sport.

  • One of the most cardinal tools for the effective growth for kids is developing a mindset of self-belief. It teaches them to persist even in the face of adversity. Self-belief develops a sense of independence, patient, hard work, and dedication.
  • The culture, through wide mainstream adoption, helps foster a sense of belonging among kids.
  • Skateboarding rewards the smallest of efforts.
  • Skateboarding shows that every child is individually unique in his/her way.
  • Skateboarding teaches 9 year old kids that failing is part of a learning process, and they need not be ashamed of it.

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Skateboarding Tips For 9 Year Olds

best skateboard for 9 years old

  1. Before stepping on a skateboard, kids must always have on the right safety gear, to include a good quality helmet, wrist, elbow, and knee guards.
  2. Kids must be made comfortable on the skateboard first before skating off. A test run can be made on a soft surface like a carpet. Proper feet placement must be learned for balancing the front and back wheels.
  3. After this, a rolling can then be adopted. There are generally three stances to pick from:
  • Regular: This style involves skating with the left foot placed forward.
  • Goofy: The right foot is instead placed forward with this style
  • Mongo: This style allows the rider to push forward using the back foot.
  1. A 9 year old kid is expected to only practice on smooth, soft surfaces, at least for the very first few days of practice. Learn to maintain proper balance by pushing the foot backward. A great trick that kids can learn is to start as powerful as they can and to continue riding till the board naturally comes to a halt on its own.
  2. Kids should be encouraged to keep pushing back while riding, so they don’t run out of speed.
  3. Learning to swerve in both directions is also important. Proper weight distribution and balancing should be also be taught. Through regular practice, you will be able to make sharper turns.
  4. They will also have to learn how to stop the skateboard. The safest way to do this is by foot braking, which involves removing the back foot off the board and gliding slightly it onto the ground to gradually reduce speed.
  5. Kids should avoid trying any tricks or stunts until they have at least mastered the basics. Exercise patience as the kid should be encouraged to keep on trying as many times over even after they have failed.

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Choosing the best skateboard for a 9 year old kids

9 years old skateboardThey are quite a several things you should consider before picking out the right skateboard for your 9 year old kid. One is the size and bodyweight of the kid in question.

The overall safety of your is also of great importance. Typically, skateboards are divided into three categories. This includes the Retro, Classic, and Snake categories.

  • Retro Board: Retro boards feature a longer board with rather large wheels, made for a firm grip on the ground.They are generally good for long distance commuting. Retros are most suited for longboarding because of their tough and firm features.
  • Classic Board: The Classic skateboard are found in almost all skateboard shops due to their high popularity are best suited for kids more open to trying new stunts. Getting a classic board will give you added value for your money because of their double features.
  • Snake Board: They are designed for experts in the art. They feature just one wheel, making it exclusive to only professionals who know proper balancing.

Skateboards have generally made up of three key components. These components must be taken into full cognizance whenever you are in the market trying to pick out skateboards for your kid.

These essential features include the deck, truck, and the wheels.

  • Deck: The deck is the wooden platform on which the kid will place his legs on while skating.
  • Trucks: Trucks are the metal structure that connects the wheels to the board.
  • Wheels: This is, of course, what gives the skateboard its roll.

Of the three, the truck is the most important. A good skateboard with a strong truck is very crucial to the general safety of your kid.

One bad truck can lead to your kid to sustaining all manner of injuries and ending up in the emergency room if it happens to be dislodged while riding.


The art of skateboarding is one that has come to stay and will continue to see wide adaptation by lots of kids across the board. Parents and caregiver are advised to encourage kids to adopt the sport for proper mental and physical growth.

The sport can be a ton of fun, and if the right safety approach is taken into full consideration when picking out the best skateboard for 9 year old, these kids could be on their way to enjoying a life full of independence, excitement, strength and vigor and proper formative growth.


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