10 Best skateboard for 8 year old – [The right choice for your kids]

Best skateboard for 8 year old – All that you need to know from the experts

Skateboarding culture has grown in giant leaps within the last couple of years. Kids have adopted the sport as a favorite past time as well as a medium of freedom of artistic expression. Just as the sport has and is continuing to grow in popularity, so are the numerous upsides that come attached to it.

Skateboarding is a rather enjoyable and expressive sport, and for kids, it is even an excellent way for them to learn and improve mentally and physically.

There are also risks associated with skateboarding, and one poorly suited skateboard can land an unprotected kid in the emergency room with head concussions, broken skulls, and fractures.

Therefore when thinking of getting the best skateboard for 8 year old, it is best to always go all out in being particular about the features, quality, and safety of such a skateboard.

Importance Of Skateboarding For 8 Year Old Kids

Tic timKids grow up and learn fast in whatever environment they find themselves in. So the upsides for them adopting the art of skateboarding are seemingly endless. Below are the benefits and importance attached to skateboarding for 8 year olds.

• The cornerstone to the effective growth of every 8 year old out there is possessing a mindset of self-belief that teaches them to persist and not give up even in the face of adversity.

• Self belief enables them to develop a strong sense of independence and letting them understand that talent and skills are developed through patience and hard work.

They should not necessarily think that everyone can be a genius, but that through sheer dedication, they can be a better version of who they currently are

• Skateboarding is one of the few sports that show that every child is individually unique and has their peculiar style and learning pace, and the littlest of effort is rewarded regardless of the outcome. It teaches 8 year old kids that failing is part of the process and to learn to embrace it.

• Skateboarding culture has seen exponential growth and mainstream acceptance by young kids across the board than in the past, where skateboarders were labeled as truants and social misfits, which has further led skateboarders to develop a great sense of belonging amongst their peers, promoting positivity whilst learning from and encouraging one another in every step of the journey.

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Experts picked skateboards for 8 years old kids

10. Skitch Premium Skateboard

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Looking for a unique skateboard for your kids, I bet you might want to consider Skitch Premium Skateboard. I can tell from the moment my eldest son gets his hand on it he loves it. It is alluring and quite tricky for kids that love skateboarding to resist or overlook.

I was looking out for a skateboard that is user-friendly and perfect for my kid, and I found this. It was not his first skateboard, yet it became his favorite because it was easier for him to use. It was indeed a masterpiece for beginners.

What more can I expect from a skateboard that comes with fully speed adjustable system to keep my kid safe while on the board. Though he still needs to skate under my supervision, the skateboard assures me of his safety even when he uses it without me being near.

Not all schools allow the use of skateboard, but my son’s school does. It was more comfortable for him to take his skateboard to school with the help of the backpack that comes with the package. It is indeed a lightweight board which he can carry from one place to another without feeling any pain in his hand.


  • Comes with tools and tote bag to keep them safe
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Alluring and irresistible design
  • Ideal for boys, girls from age 4 to 13
  • Fully adjustable feature for bigger riders
  • Fun and exciting to use for kids
  • Speed control for safety
  • Durable vintage wheel for balance and smooth board for comfort


  • It has no significant setback

9. SkateXS Beginner Unicorn Girls Skateboard

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I bet every girl who happens to be a fan of skateboarding will fall in love with the SkateXS Beginner Unicorn Girls Skateboard. My pretty damsel got the skateboard as her birthday gift at age 5, and she still prefers it among the collections she has up till age 8.

The design of the skateboard is dynamic, especially with the unicorn image it has on it, which is the reason I can say it is said to be girls skateboard. It comes with different color options for you to choose the one that suits your kids, and since she has been using it, the color is evergreen as if she just got it.

One of the reasons we got the skateboard for her was because it was the product of skateboarding parents of which they did all possible to ensure the construction is perfect for keeping our kids safe and comfortable while on the board getting the fun and excitement they desire.

The parts of the skateboard are made of high-quality materials, and the bamboo board is keen to withstand any pressure and rigor that comes with skateboarding even from heavy riders. From the wheel to the truck and all, the board is safe to use for younger kids.


  • Perfect choice for beginners
  • Ideal for kids from age 5 to 8 and above for the bigger size
  • Lightweight and easy to move from one place to another
  • Smooth and appealing design


  • Designed for girls
  • Might have to change wheels to bigger size over time

8. Eggboards Mini Longboard Cruiser Skateboards

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The Eggboards Mini Longboard Cruiser Skateboards comes with a design that is quite overwhelming and appealing to me and my kids. Yes, you heard me right as I said for my kids and me because sometimes I got tempted to go on it and it is fun due to its capacity to withstand the weight of about 290 pounds.

It is undoubtedly the smallest among the skateboards my kids ever used. The design and construction make it portable, which means it can fit anywhere. It is easier to carry from one place to another without stress as it can easily fit into any skateboard

It is more comfortable to ride for my kids, especially the one who find it quite hard to skate with longboards. For stability and balance on the board, the skateboard comes with large wheels with reliable large trucks to ensure the fun and excitement isn’t cut short.

It came with a long-lasting bamboo wood as the deck which can hold up to 3000 pounds, which makes it ideal for heavy kids. My kids try all kind of stunt and tricks with it, and it never gave a sign of wear or tear.

One of the safety measures in place with the skateboard is that the wheel does not run fast, which makes it safe for kids to use, unlike some skateboard without speed control. It is a perfect choice for beginners and sure an ideal option for cruising for kids.


  • Bamboo deck for longevity
  • Durable and very reliable for safety
  • Smooth design with great performance
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Good for kids and adults


  • It has no major setback

7. Punisher Skateboards Samurai Complete Skateboard

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The beauty of this concave style skateboard is fantastic with its full-color graphic design. It is a versatile board that can be used by boys and girls. It fits perfectly well for the kids, and you can tell that from the expression on their face whenever they get on the board.

Punisher Skateboards Samurai Complete Skateboard offers superior control for the kids whenever they choose to turn or try any tricks. It boasts of high-quality double kickboard deck made from 7 ply Canadian maple wood.

It didn’t come with speed control wheel which is why kids are always using it under my supervision else I instruct them always to have their helmet for skateboarding on their head. The deck is strong and durable to hold the weight up to 300 pounds.

The wheel keeps the skateboard in the right balance even though it is small in shape. The skateboard has been in use for over two years, and it still maintains its toughness without the color fading off.


  • Perfect for kids from age 6 and above
  • High-quality deck
  • Heavy-duty grip tape for smooth performance
  • Very useful for tricks and stunts


  • It has no significant setback

6. RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard

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The first-ever plastic skateboard for my kid is the RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard. I remember it was one of the gifts presented to him during his seven years birthday. Little can be said about this since it came as a gift, but we still got reliable information for you on the board.

It came as a 22-inch board, and the color is very alluring. It can be used for kids from age 7 and above as one of his cousins, which is about 12 years find it so easy to skate with the board. It can withstand 280 pounds, which makes it reliable.

Kids and adults can use it because I can’t count the numbers of time I have been tempted to come upon the board and skate with my kids. To dampen your curiosity, it is made of high-quality materials and comes with a variety of color and designs.

Due to its craftsmanship, it can be used for transportation, cruising on the street, and many more. The wheel can beat off any pressure from both smooth and rough roads. Guess we’ve covered much on what you should know about the skateboard.


  • Fat wheels to keep the skateboard in good posture
  • Durable deck to withstand heavy riders
  • Safe to use for kids and adults
  • Smooth movement guaranteed
  • Convenient and comfortable to ride
  • A great choice for beginners


  • No significant setback

5. PlayWheels Disney Princess Complete Plastic Skateboard

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If your kids are fans or lovers of any Disney products, you might want to consider getting the PlayWheels Disney Princess Complete Plastic Skateboard for the ones who have shown interest in the sport. The good about the skateboard is that you should get your kids the kneepad and gloves for safety purposes.

Kids love to try whatever they see from movies, and that can be quite hazardous without the supervision of parents or the use of safety gears. That is to tell you how important it is for your kids to use the skateboard while having the safety kits in place.

Now to the board. It is stylishly designed for females as the appearance says it all. The pink color is generally known as girls color but can be used by boys too. It is a plastic skateboard, and it comes with all that is required to offer your kids the fun and excitement they desire.

It comes fully assembled with single kicktail which gives your kids superior control and easy way to bring the skateboard to a stop. It is solid but can only withstand kids within 100 lbs, and the PVC wheel ensures your kids get the perfect ride they would ever crave for.


  • Fully assembled
  • Great for beginners
  • Grip surface for secure footing
  • Offers a very smooth ride


  • Designed for females

4. WiiSHAM Skateboards

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You have a multi-purpose skateboard in WiiSHAM Skateboards. It is stylishly designed to be used by kids, teen, and adults. It shows to you it is built with high-quality materials and it last longer. On the deck is the name of the brand inscribed to show you that you are getting the right skateboard.

The skateboard isn’t a plastic-type but the one made of wood with durable wheel and heavy-duty truck. It comes fully assembled, and the 7-maple layer deck can conveniently support kids and adults who weight 100lbs and above. It boasts of smooth operation for me and the same for my kids.

I can tell you it works excellently on the street. Right at our backyard is where my kids go out with their skateboard, and it’s always fun and exciting for them, and the grin on their face is second to none, and I couldn’t demand more as a parent.


  • Very strong and reliable
  • Smooth movement
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Lightweight and easy to use for kids, teens, and adults


  • It has no significant setback

3. Standard Skateboards

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You should see how confident your kids will be to own one of the skateboards from the usual brand. This is a skateboard from standard skateboards, and it is made of wood with plastic panel material. The deck of the board is resistant to pressure and impact.

It can withstand whatever thrown at it during any skateboarding outing.  It is specially designed for the novice, those who love to get involved in skateboarding. It is perfect for kids from age 6 to 15. It has two-way rebound design.

The design ensures that kids can have a better posture on the board when turning to reduce or lower their chances of tripping off from the skateboard. It is a skateboard that can be used any season. The wheel is reliable, and the deck is keen to give comfort and to keep you convenient while riding.


  • Flexible steering
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Smooth movement on any terrain
  • Comfortable and convenient to ride


  • None at the moment

2. Amrgot Skateboards

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One of the skateboards you will want to get your kids is the Amrgot Skateboards. It is absolutely the definition of a complete skateboard. The design of the board is straightforward, and that makes it lightweight and easy to carry for my eight years old kids from one place to another.

The craftmanship of the skateboard incorporates eight piles of good quality maple, which makes it flexible and durable. The movement on the board that involves tricks, stunts, and turning is very smooth, considering it comes with an aluminum alloy stent.

Everything the skateboard is made of is of high quality, it has a brighter picture, and the speed can be controlled to ensure kids are safe while on the board. It isn’t designed for kids only as teens and adults can use it.


  • Strong and durable
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Smooth movement
  • Great balance and coordination
  • Ideal for beginners


  • It has no significant setback

1. Merkapa Complete Skateboard

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Do your kids love to get attracted to flashy things? If yes, then the Merkapa Complete Skateboard might be the right choice of skateboard for the ones that show interest in skateboarding. The skateboard comes with LED light wheels that glow.

Kids can get lost watching how the LED light wheel glows while it is in motion. Of course, I know you have a lot of questions in your head right now. Yes, it doesn’t use any battery, and it requires no charging.

The skateboard generates its electricity from the rotary power, and the wheel will always glow except it is too loose. It comes with a standard mini-deck made of plastic, and it is safe and easy to use for kids.

It can support kids within 190 lbs, which is the maximum load ability of which anything above that might be a threat to the health of the skateboard. Also, the wheel is durable with super absorption feature to ensure you are safe and comfortable on the board.


  • It is safe and convenient to use
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Offers great grip and comfort
  • Lightweight and flexible


  • It has no significant setback

How Safe Is Skateboarding For 8 Year Old Kids?

Best skateboard for 8 year oldSkateboarding for 8 year old kids, just like every other sport has its ups and downs, but the advantages far outweigh the downsides when you come to look at it.

  • Increasing mental coordination, cognitive balancing, and agility within kids, the upsides are endless. And, with lots of practice and safety precaution, kids can still skate smoothly and safely.
  • The first rule of thumb in skateboarding is to have on your protective gear. For 8 year olds, a full-on safety gear should be emphasized; to include a helmet, wrist, elbow, and knee pads.
  • Helmets provide a proper shield for the head in the event of crashes, to avoid concussions and critical head injuries. The pads and guards keep the hands, elbows, and knees safe.
  • It is generally advised that children between the ages of 6 to 10 years old should always be under close adult supervision or from a very reliable teenager whenever they go skateboarding.
  • Parents and caregivers should always watch over and guide their kids at skating parks and busy streets and be mindful about how children attempt new stunts and tricks.

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Choosing The Best Skateboard For Your 8 Year Old

Best skateboard for 8 year oldBefore striking out to picking a new skateboard for your 8 year old kid, they are quite some things you should watch out for before making your decision. For one, the weight of the kid should be taken into consideration.

The size and bodyweight should be in full consideration for the singular reason of safety.

Another factor that comes into play is your budget. Budgeting for a new toy for a kid can be quite a daunting decision to make, as such, it will be wise to work within the constraints of your budget whilst still getting something of good quality.

A cheap skateboard ultimately transcends to a skateboard of low quality, so try getting something of moderate to great value.

Skateboards are typically divided into three categories in the market today for 8 year olds. There are the Retro, Classic, and Snake categories.

Retro Board: The Retro boards are skateboards that have consist of a rather longboard with large wheels that possess a really firm grip. When trying to get a skateboard for your 8 year old who hopes to rides long distances, the retro boards are always the best bet. Retros are most suited for longboarding because of their tough and firm features.

Classic Board: The Classic skateboard is the most popular among the three categories, and you can find them in almost every skating shop. Classic boards are best suited for 8 year old kids who are more akin to picking up new tricks and trying new stunts. If you have a kid who has a more adventurous spirit and picks up fast by nature, it is best you get the Classic board to get the full value for your money and the kid.

Snake Board: A Snake board is the least considered for beginners in the list as they are best suited for both experienced kids and adults alike. They are designed primarily for experts and possesses just one wheel, and only a professional skateboarder with experience in board balancing can use it.

When trying to pick out a skateboard for your 8 year old kid, they are essential features to always look out for. Skateboards have typically made up of three essential components. These components are to be taken into full cognizance while shopping for the best skateboard for your kid.

These key features include decks, trucks, and wheels. The deck is the main board on which the kid will place his legs on. The trucks are the metal structures that connect the wheels to the board.

This, of course, should be the main focal point of the whole skateboard. Picking out a good skateboard with a reliable truck is essential as the overall safety of the child is dependent on it. A bad truck can lead to a fatal accident if dislodged, so its importance cannot be overemphasized.

A must watch for kids


Skateboarding is a great sport that has come to stay and will continue to see explosive growth and full adaptation by lots of kids. The sooner we begin as parents to teach the sport in our kid’s extracurricular programs, the better it will be for the kids in general and us. Skateboarding can be a ton of fun, and with the right safety approach and the best skateboard for 8 year old, these kids can go on to enjoy a life full of excitement, strength, independence, self-expression and active growth.

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