10 Best skateboard for 7 year old – Perfect choice for seven years old kids

Almost every parent out there wants the best skateboard for their youngsters when they begin to show interest in skating even at the age of 7. Of course, at that age, you will agree with me that extra carefulness needs to be applied when getting any skateboard for them, especially when they are just learning.

This is why we have taken our time to put down this guide to provide parents and guardians insights on how to choose the best skateboard for 7 year old kids. So, if you are searching for such information and more concerning your youngsters and skating, you will find nearly everything you need in this particular post. Keep reading!


What size of skateboard is Ideal for 7 year old kids?

best skateboard for 7 year oldWhile an adult can quickly go with any board, especially the smaller ones, it is more advisable to buy the larger ones for kids of 7 years. This is because kids require some time to gain stability when it comes to skateboarding. Smaller boards can go in later when they have learned to control this effect.

On the reasonable ground, a skateboard that is from 5 to 7.5-inch-wide and 27 to 31 inches long should do. Most manufacturers have these types of boards that are specifically meant for kids, and you can easily find them online or by visiting the nearest skate shop to you.

If you face any form of a challenge identifying the sizes, consider talking to the shop owner or the attendants.

Using the guidelines below, you can as well choose the best board for your youngsters out of many options there without anyone’s help.

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How to choose skateboard for a 7 year old kid

skateboard for 7 year oldApart from the issue of the size which I have taken time to explain above, there are several other things to consider when getting your seven-year-old kid a skateboard.

Neglecting to put these factors into considerations may lead to the mistake of getting low-quality boards for your wards that cannot serve the purpose you bought them.

So, what are these necessary factors one must consider when buying seven-year-old kids a skateboard for skating? I will show you a few of them below.

  1. Wheels

The wheels should be stronger and more significant than usual. Your child should be able to ride very well and do a few tricks with it even as a beginner.

  1. Deck

Earlier, I mentioned the board, which is also called the deck should be quite longer and wider than a normal board for adults.

Though almost every board comes with a kind of graphics that most parents will not bother to consider before buying, kids are often known to value this.

You might want to ask their opinion for the one they find the graphics most interesting or feel OK for them before putting your money down for it.

  1. Material

The material it is made of also matters. The reason is that most materials are more durable than others. They can easily withstand any impact, so the young skateboarder does not face the risk of having his board break quickly. Be sure you are not buying one of those low-grade items some careless manufacturers do put out there.

  1. Brand

The brand is also another essential factor to consider when choosing a board for your seven-year-old ward. Over the years, many brands have been known to produce excellent skateboarding equipment.

You might want to search online or ask around for some of these highly recommended brands before buying your child’s equipment for skateboarding next time.

  1. Price

Affordability plays a significant role when it comes to selecting a board for your kids. A board meant for seven-year-olds should be affordable, from $30 down. As they grow older, you may choose to get them the more expensive ones if necessary.

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Skateboarding safety tips for 7 year old kids

As enjoyable as skateboarding is, a child must never be allowed to indulge in it without some necessary safety measures put in place. Below are some of the safety tips that can help keep your child from serious injuries out there.

    Instruct your child always to wear a helmet

A skateboarding helmet is one of the safety gear you can get for your kids when introducing them to skateboarding. You should never let your ward go out there for training without wearing one. To avoid him injuring his head during a fall. Do not just get any helmet, get them the specially designed helmet for kids.

    Get them knee and elbow pads

Knee pads help your child’s knees safe during a fall while they are skateboarding. Just like elbow pads do to their elbows.

Ensuring your kids wear these safety gears when they are going for skating will help reduce the impacts of a fall on those specific body parts. Without such safety gear, you might be surprised to see them coming home one day with injured or broken limbs.

    Have an adult supervise them

At seven years old, kids should be placed under supervision during skateboarding. Especially when they are just beginning to learn the sport. An adult overseeing them will help keep them safe until they can skate correctly on their own.


Skateboarding is a game that almost everybody finds enjoyable, including kids. From corner to corner, you will find kids of all ages learning and skating in their own free time. Some even skate their way to school every morning.

At such an early stage, a child may not be able to select the right skateboarding equipment if given the opportunity. The responsibility is then on us as adults (parents and guardians) to carefully get the best skateboard for 7 year old kids, and this requires some efforts from our side, whether it is done online or offline.

With the guidelines laid out in this post, one can easily do that if he or she makes out time for it. I hope you find this guide useful.


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