10 Best Skateboard For 6 Year Old – Perfect Gift for your 6 years old kids

Are you trying to introduce your six years old kids to skateboarding? Finding the best skateboard for 6 year old kids can be challenging considering the fact that there are very few quality products out there designed specifically for children of that age.

In this post today, I will show you how to identify the right skateboards for 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and above year old kids that will significantly help them to master skateboarding. Keep reading!


Before showing you how to choose the right boards for your child, let me give an answer to the question that is always on the lips of every parent when it comes to skateboarding.

Top picked skateboards for 6 year olds kids

1. Meketec Skateboards

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The Meketec Skateboards is designed with advanced technology and it promises a strong board with 3.2-inch trucks plus it is delivered with varieties of colors.

With the Meketec Skateboards, you get a superb ride and you will glide with ease with the high performing ABEC 7 bearings that offer high-speed controls.

Additionally, the 60mm Urethane wheels are built to be strong, sturdy and durable for long-lasting use and efficiency when riding with this board.

Also, the deck is about 22.5 inches long and 6 inches wide and the maximum load it can take is a splash at 200lbs.

Balance and precision are other great features of this board and your 6-year-old will have a great time learning to skate with this board.

Additionally, this skateboard is designed with a high-value material and the appearance alone is totally unique from the skateboards out there. Lastly, it is safety certified with the CE certification.

2. Playshion Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard

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Sturdiness and safety is totally the peak of this skateboard as it is designed to give maximum fun to kids in the age range of 6 years. Also, it is a practical skateboard that can be used by beginners to learn their way into becoming an expert skater while also maximizing the fun.

Additionally, in terms of versatility, the Playshion Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard is up there with the best and it is designed to have a very elegant sticker.

Furthermore, the skateboard offers a maximum weight lift of about 220lbs without breaking or losing out on balance.

It comes with a very soft and superb 59 by 45mm PU wheels and it is in combination with the ABEC 9 bearings that handle the speed and smooth riding of the skateboard.

In terms of strong build, the 3.25-inch aluminum truck that is made to have soft bushings are great for comfort and sleek cruising with the board.

3. Merkapa Complete Skateboard

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Created to give dynamism, balance and proper showcase of skills as the design is comfortable and great for kids with appropriate safety measures integrated into the design.

In continuation, this board is created with a characteristic LED lights that do not require any form or wiring or electric charge/ batteries to come on because it simply powers by the rotation of the wheels.

In addition, it is a classic skateboard that will work perfectly well with 6-year-old kids and they can learn with this board to become an expert in skating.

Also, it comes bearing a V-truck base and a strong 3.2 inches aluminum ABEC 7 bearings that handle the speed and smooth gliding of the skateboard.

The PU wheels are pretty large and soft to ride on with proper shock absorption feature for added safety. Finally, you will enjoy a proper abrasion resistance when on this board and it promises a unique grip and comfort.

4. Newdora Complete Skateboard

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In terms of popularity amongst customers, the Newdora 22″ Complete Skateboard is high up the rank as it is well known for its quality delivery and how well it is to skate on this board. Additionally, the ride on this board is absolutely sleek and your 6-year-old is totally going to be safe while using this board.

The Newdora 22″ Complete Skateboard is a comfort giving skateboard with a highly sleek and transparent crystal PU wheels that come bearing superb speed.

Furthermore, its dimensions are precisely marked at 22 inches by 6 inches deck plus 3 inches thick pro aluminum truck for efficiency when riding on this board.

Also, the materials used in constructing this skateboard is totally gotten from fresh raw components and you will be glad to know that it can take up to 220lbs of weight.

Finally, in order to for the manufacturers to back up the quality of this board they have splashed a 180 days money-back guarantee with no conditions.

5. RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard

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The RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard comes with a magnificent build that allows kids to glide smoothly and safely on the board. The RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard is a plastic made skateboard with a fully assembled body and it comes with a 22 inches long and 6 inches wide deck.

Also, it is made with a superb freshly gotten material plus you will like to glide on the high performing 3 inches thick aluminum trucks.

The wheels are soft and sleek on the legs as they come with superb speed bearing and balancing for your 6-year-old kid.

Additionally, the RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard is able to lift about 198lbs of maximum load without breaking or losing its balance.

The board is built with great resistance and comfort plus it offers enough durability that will make it last for a while. Lastly, it is genuinely fun to use skateboard for kids that are just beginning to learn how to skate.

6. Xtreme Free Skateboards Penny Skateboard

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When looking for durability and a cruiser skateboard that is fully assembled to give maximum fun and balance, don’t hesitate to invest in this board by Xtreme free.

It comes with a 22 inches long by 6 inches wide deck and you will love that it is made with fresh components for long-lasting and efficient use.

In addition, the 3.0 aluminium trucks that come with this board are made to be genuinely thick and it will make you enjoy using the board for a pretty long time.

What makes this skateboard stand out is the uniqueness of its design as it creates a type of finesse and free to express usage.

Furthermore, the wheels are properly built and you will love that it is genuinely smooth to ride on plus it comes with the ABEC 7 super speed bearings.

Finally, the maximum load that this skateboard has been programmed to lift is about 198lbs and this will be done with no breakup complaints.

7. Wonnv Retro Mini Cruiser 22 inch Complete Skateboard

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The Wonnv retro mini cruiser skateboard is a polypropylene design and it is very well made to offer maximum durability and sturdiness which makes it rugged for use in any condition.

The deck is about 22 inches long and 6 inches wide plus it is made to be bendable and the finish coating is resistant to slip.

Additionally, it is crafted from 100% fresh material and the 3.25 aluminum trucks are well painted plus you will be fascinated with the 220lbs of maximum weight lift by the board.

The portability is why it is one of the best in town as you can easily house it in a backpack for convenience of movement when traveling or going for a skating adventure.

Fun is not missing with the use of this board as your little one can easily joy ride and glide knowing that he or she is safe with the proper safety measures in place.

8. ENKEEO 22 Inch Cruiser Skateboard

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An attractive skateboard that offers genuine fun for kids and any age range plus it is superb for beginners and expert skaters as it is built to be very strong and long-lasting.

The compact nature of this board makes it even more attractive to users and that is why it generates a lot of positive ratings from present and previous users.

The skateboard is absolutely rugged and strong thanks to the amount of durability that comes with the board.

Furthermore, in terms of weight, the board is able to lift about 220lbs of weight without any issues arising plus it is totally sturdy.

Also, the casters are designed to last very long and you will like to know that it offers up to 4 casters that are designed to a resistant PU.

Safety is important for kids especially 6-year-olds that are just learning to skate which is why this board is CE safety certified plus it can be used by all ages.

9. Easy Way Complete Skateboards

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Joyriding on a skateboard has never felt better and with the Easy Way Complete Skateboards, you are guaranteed maximum fun and a lot of free showing off skills. The flashing wheels makes it very attractive to buyers because it lets you see clearly when you hit a dark place while skating.

The non-slip polish even makes it properly safe for use by kids because you are sure it will hold on to your legs with great firmness.

The board is able to lift a maximum weight of 220lbs plus the wheels are so strong and it will make it very easy to use.

The PU wheels are pretty soft for gliding and it comes with the ABEC 11 bearings for the handling of the board’s speed.

Additionally, one of the best advantages of this board is that stopping it on the motion is pretty easy as you only need to put a leg on the floor and it totally halts the movement.

Finally, the deck is made to have a heat transfer feature with the painting used on the board and overall, it is genuinely great and useful.

10. NPET Skateboards

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This is a skateboard with a standard and its design is classic enough to wow you. The NPET Skateboards offers a highly durable deck which is one of the best reasons it lasts longer than its peers.

Convenience is another great feature that comes with this skateboard as it allows you to glide with ease and no worry about safety.

It is designed to offer a high performing deck that is about 22 inches long and 6binches wide plus you will love the soft 78A PU wheels that promise ABEC 7 bearings for speed tracking of the board.

In terms of load-lifting, this board can carry about 200lbs of weight and its durability will make it stay strong without breaking.

Finally, it has a sturdy deck and it can be used by a series of age groups plus beginners and experts can choose to use this board.

Are skateboards safe for 6 year old kids?

Best Skateboard For 6 Years OldMost parents who desire to introduce their kids to skateboarding are often concerned with how safe it is for them.

This is understandable as no parent would want anything capable of hurting his or her child to come close to them.

And based on their nature, children can play so roughly they end up coming back home with a bruised or broken limb. We do see this happen almost in every sport, including skateboarding.

However, the truth is that at 6 years old, your child has already reached the minimum recommended age for skateboarding.

Instead of worrying yourself much about whether it is right for your child to start skateboarding at that age or not, consider focusing more on how to train him/her to do it right and as well as finding the perfect board for your kids.

The video-sharing platform, Youtube is filled with several inspiring videos of 5 to 6-year-old kids skateboarding like professionals.

At that age, it is often easier for kids to learn and master how to skate than at adulthood. So yes, skating is a very safe activity for kids of 6 years.

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Benefits of Skateboarding For 6 Year Olds

Best Skateboard For 6 Years OldLike every other exercise out there, skateboarding has lots of benefits for both children and adults. I have made a list of some of these benefits your 6-year-old kid can get from it below.

  1. As an outdoor activity, it enables your child to meet and make new friends with children of his age group living in the same area.
  2. It helps your child grow in his ability to think fast and know what he ought to do at every given time even as he matures.
  3. It helps build up the child’s muscles, improves coordination and balance.
  4. It has been widely proven that children who frequently participate in exercises are always happier, easy-going, and healthier. So allowing your child to skate with his friends is not a bad idea.

If you are still worried about the safety of your child after seeing all these benefits of skateboarding to him, consider following these safety measures when teaching him how to skate.

Skateboarding Safety Measures for 6 Year Olds

  • Has your child put on protective wears? This includes the helmet, arm, and knee bands always when skating.
  • Do not force a child to learn or attempt a skill against his or her wish. If your child is reluctant about learning a particular skill, gently teach him to do it or leave it till another time entirely.
  • Let the child learn how to use his hands to keep his head, chest, and other vital body parts from hitting the ground during a fall.
  • Regularly check on the equipment to make sure they are in perfect working condition before he goes out to practice with them.
  • Do not let your child go for skating without supervision on a very busy road.

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Choosing the best skateboard for 6 year old beginner

Skateboarding For 6 Years OldGetting the right boards for your child is a must if you have decided to teach him or allow him to learn how to skate with his friends.

Picking just anything sold out there is not only unsafe for your child, but it can also affect how much of skateboarding (skills and everything) he learns and the rate at which he learns it.

If you intend getting the perfect board for your child, here are a few things to seriously put in mind before buying one.

  1. Smaller Wheels

Based on their age, it is recommended you get boards with smaller wheels (from 50mm down) for your six years old. With time you can then get them the ones with the bigger and harder wheels.

This will enable them to learn how to perfectly stand on the boards and do simple small tricks that wouldn’t put them in any form of danger.

  1. Lower Decks

While adults can skate on any deck, children will require 6 to 6.75 inches long decks to master skateboarding very well at such a tender age.

  1. Real Sticky Grip Tape

Equipping their boards with a very sticky tape will help them to position themselves on their board well comfortably.

So when buying a board for your 6-year-old, ensure the grip tape is very sticky. Check it out very well before buying and bringing the board home to your kid. That way, they can stand comfortably on the board and perform any skateboarding tricks they would like to.

  1. Wide Trucks

It is often recommended to get your kids boards that have wide trucks on them when they are still learning how to skate. In case you are wondering how wide enough the truck needs to be, I mean just a little bit wider than the deck.

It is not always advisable to get the boards that fit precisely with the deck until they have improved or mastered how to stand on their boards. That way, you can help them minimize falling now and then while practicing.


Finding the best skateboard for 6 year old can be a whole lot of work itself. You will have to carefully select the one that will not only be best for him in terms of skating but will also help keep him safe while he is on it.

If you follow the guidelines I have put down in this post carefully, you will be able to select the right board your child will love and be able to use in practicing any time he/she desires to.

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