9 Best skateboard for 10 year old – {Expert picked skateboard and Buyer’s Guide}

Best skateboard for 10 year old – For kids, learning to skate should be one that should be on the top priority list. The reason for this is because, kids grow up very fast, and they adapt quickly to whatever sport or skill set they get introduced to early enough in life.

And the advantages that come with the art of skating are too numerous to overlook for the all-round development of any kind.

Nevertheless, there is the occasion of fear that creeps up for many parents, since skateboarding is recognized as a type of extreme sport.

But this should not necessarily be, for if the right safety precautions, features, and quality of a skateboard are taken into full consideration when trying of pick out the top quality skateboard for 10 year old, they can go on to have a fun-filled skating experience.

Let’s dive in!

Top picked Skateboard for a 10 year old kid

1. Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard Retro Style Plastic Board Comes Complete

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The Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard is one of the most popularly known skateboards today and it is very well designed to give great balance and superb maneuverability.

Also, it is a high performing skateboard with a sleek design plus the materials used in making this board is absolutely great.

In addition, it comes with a 3-inch low weight aluminum trucks and the58MM wheels are made from Urethane materials.

The Abec 7 Skatro bearings also offer swift movement and make it easy for riders to glide as they so please plus the skatro flexy technology also makes for optimum flex when on the board.

Furthermore, it is a budget-friendly skateboard and yet it is up there with the best and it generates a lot of positive reviews from existing customers.

Finally, you can use this board on a series of surface like the subway, train, plane and etc. without having difficulties. It is designed to have a T-tool that is made to give a color matching combination.

2. SkateXS Beginner Unicorn Girls Skateboard

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High performance is one of the best reason to choose this skateboard as it delivers great values for the money invested in it.

Furthermore, this skateboard for kids is absolutely engineered in the United States of America which says a lot about its quality.

Additionally, it comes with a properly constructed deck that will readily suit your ten-year-old child without worries and it comes with a very attractive color.

The size of the skateboard is just perfect and it will make your ten-year-old to have a great feeling of safety and easy gliding on the board.

Also, the materials used in making this board are from the best components you can ever imagine and it can be used as a beginner skateboard. Lastly, it comes with a 53mm 90A wheels and the Abec 7 bearings support great and easy flex on the board.

3. SkateXS Beginner Panda Street Kids Skateboard

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The SkateXS Beginner Panda Street Kids Skateboard is another intelligently designed skateboard from SkateXS and it is made in the United States.

Additionally, this board is designed by skateboarding parents which tells a tale of how carefully made this board is plus it is extremely safe for use by kids.

The materials used in assembling this board are collected from the best plus they are made from well-known and reputable brands.

Furthermore, it is a high performing skateboard that delivers safety, flexibility and easy gliding on the board plus the size is just pretty perfect for kids.

It is designed to come with polished performance trucks, 53mm 90A wheels and the Abec 7bearings to make your little one enjoy the ride.

Finally, this is a skateboard that can be used by both male and female child and it comes with a balance that your child would readily love plus its design is environmentally sustainable.

4. SkateXS Beginner Pirate Street Skateboard

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You will be thrilled to know that this skateboard was voted as the best skateboard for kids as it delivers the best flexibility and balance that a kid will require on a skateboard.

The design is from top-notch materials that make it even more durable and totally flexible for kids to use plus the materials are totally environmentally sustainable.

Additionally, the durability function of this board makes it last longer than normal and it is designed to come with a lightweight design which makes it easily accessible to the kids.

Furthermore, this board is designed by real-time and longtime skaters which is why it delivers absolute balance.

Also, this skateboard can be used by beginner skaters as it is designed to have the simplest form of body construction.

The performance trucks are well polished and you will like to glide on the 53mm 90A Wheels plus you will be happy with the Abec 7 bearings.

5. LISAWEI Child Skateboard 

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Designed with a strong aluminum alloy bracket material and it is made to have wear resistance capabilities and it has a surface made with PU shock absorbing ring. In addition, this board is made to have an environmentally safe design which is why it is one of the best in the market.

In terms of durability, this skateboard is up there with the best as its materials are genuinely authentic plus the sturdy design means it will last for a long period of time.

It comes with mouthwatering features like genuine safety control, optimum gravitational steering and it is absolutely lightweight.

Furthermore, it is designed to suit community gardens, asphalt roads, park squares, community gardens and plenty of other road surfaces.

The design is for beginners and it is well suited for your ten-year-olds as it comes with a well-humanized design which makes it very easy to carry and travel with. Overall, it is genuinely outstanding and you will love to have this for your kid.

6. Penny Australia Complete Skateboard

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Looking for a skateboard with finesse, balance and great durability? Then you should not hesitate to go for the Penny Australia Complete Skateboard. The board is one of the classic skateboards from Penny skateboard Pegasus and it is about 27 inches long with smooth surface design.

It comes bearing a 59mm 83A wheels that are strong, sturdy and very rugged for series of road surface plus your ten years old will just love to use this board for cruising.

In addition, the deck is engineered for proper safety of your kid as it comes with a non-slip surface and it has a great gravitational grip on the floor.

Because of the level of quality splashed on this skateboard, the manufacturers have made sure you get a lifetime warranty when there is an issue with the board.

Finally, it comes with varieties of color matching cushions and bearings which delivers simple aesthetic from the top to the bottom of the skateboard.

7. Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard

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Fun is the legacy adopted when creating this skateboard and the portability even brings added advantage to whoever that is using this board.

Also, this board is easy to carry and it is one of those boards that you can use on any surface because it comes with strong wheels that are designed with great sturdiness.

Furthermore, the skateboard is designed with dimensions ranging from 27.5″ in length, 7.5″ in width plus it comes with a wheelbase of 18.5 inches.

In addition, the Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard is designed to have a deck with practical quality from genuine components that will make your little one enjoy using it.

With the double kick tails feature, you are ensured of great versatility and the fun you get from this is totally one of a kind. Finally, the topmost deck is designed with sand grit finish which allows your feet to stay in place without slipping.

8. Amrgot Skateboards

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For a fact, this is a very pretty and attractive skateboard from Armgot and it is suitable for any gender whatsoever and the amount of flexibility you get from this board is high off the roof.

In addition, it is designed to have support from the aluminum alloy stent and it comes with a high quality that comes with a smooth surface.

Also, the wheels are very well made and are pretty strong with great ruggedness and it is made with 54*37mm PU wheels.

The Abec 9 bearings are also great as it affords the board to go on maximum speed and it has great balance plus it allows you to move freely on any surface.

Furthermore, the durability promised by this skateboard is top notch and you are guaranteed that this skateboard will last you for a whole lot of time.

Finally, it is cool, comes with a very attractive finish and you will love to use this any time.

9. Penny Skateboard

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Designed with a plastic deck and it is engineered to be about 27 inches long with great quality and balance on series of surface, the penny skateboard is just the one to get.

Also, it is designed to have a powder-coated finish with 4-inch aluminum trucks and the finish is totally non-slip which brings about safety.

The steel bearings are made with high-end quality color with the Abec 7 stainless and it is made to be a high tensile deck bolt.

Additionally, you will enjoy a smooth ride with the super-strong 59mm 83A wheels as they are sturdy, durable and totally great with balance.

The great thing about the wheels is that it will last for a long time because of the chip-resistant formula and it is a lightweight design that keeps movement very easy. Lastly, the setup of this board is easy and you will have great fun using the skateboard.

Benefits of Skateboarding For 10 Year Old Kids

Best skateboard for 10 year oldFor the most part, kids stand the greatest chance of benefitting the most from many upsides that come with the sport. We will be touching on a few of these benefits that kids can take advantage of in a few.

  • Most times, kids are preoccupied with schoolwork that they barely have the time to engage in other extra-curricular activities that build them in ways that the typical classroom cannot.
    One way skateboarding makes up for this is building in kids culture of self-belief.
  • The power of self-belief emboldens in a child the spirit of persistence, the ability to push even in the face of challenges and adversity.
  • Self believes also teaches kids that true sheer hard work and commitment; they can conquer their worst fears and become what they aspire to be only if they are patient and consistent enough.
  • Skateboarding also instills a certain level of independence within kids and shows that every child is individually unique.
  • Failing is part of learning, and kids get their first lessons in this department, which helps them embrace failure faster as part of every learning process.
  • Lastly, skateboarding breeds a sense of togetherness amongst their kids participating in the sport.

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Top Safety Skateboarding Tips for 10 Year Old Kids

Best skateboard for 10 year old

  1. One thing that must be ensured before any kid mounts a skateboard is his/her safety gears. They must be fully decked with complete safety attire. This includes a top-quality helmet, a wrist guard, and good elbow and knee pads.
  2. They should be made to feel comfortable first before they even attempt to skate. One way to achieve this is to do a small test on a rather friendly surface like a field of soft grass.
  3. They should be taught good feet placement. This will helps them to properly balance the front and back wheels of the skateboard.
  4. When they have balanced properly, a skating style can then be adopted. Typically there are three skating stances that a beginner kid can pick from. The first is regular, where the left foot is placed forward. The second stance is called goofy. With this style, the right foot is instead placed forward in place of the left. The last but not least is the mongo style which lets the rider push his/her forward using the back foot.
  5. Kids should be refrained from trying any tricks at the learning stage to avoid fatal accidents
  6. When starting in the world of skating, kids should be advised to practice only on the soft friendly surface like grass or a carpet, especially for the first few days of learning
  7. They should learn how to power-start to maintain a speedy roll for a good amount of time before needing to push again.
  8. They should also be taught how to turn to both the left and right direction.
  9. Lastly, they will have to learn how to stop the skateboard. The safest way to do this is a method called foot braking. This involves the rider gradually taking his/her foot off the board and gently gliding it on the ground to bring the skateboard to a gradual halt.

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Choosing the Best Skateboard for 10 Year Old

Best skateboard for 10 year oldThey are quite several things you should consider before picking out the best skateboard for your 10 year old kid.

One is the size and bodyweight of the kid in question. The overall safety of your is also of great importance. Listed below are a couple of such features to look out for in a skateboard.


The standard size recommended for a 10 year old who naturally should fall within the height range of between 4’5 to 5’2 should be anywhere between 7 to 8 inches in width, while the length should be between 27 to 31 inches.

The main emphasis should be placed on the width because this is what gives the kid the right comfort and stability. Try out different sizes within the range to get the right fit.

Weight of Kid

The size and bodyweight of the kid in question should be thoroughly considered as the overall safety of the kid is dependent on that.

Always pick a very strong skateboard, and go for the highest size within the size ranges for a big sized kid.

By doing so, you will ensure the best comfort for the kid while ensuring his safety from accidents that can occur.


The shape of the deck matters a lot when picking out skateboards for kids if you hope to achieve the best movement and speed.

There are different shapes of deck available in the market today. There is the radical board, the W-concave, and the flat-concave.

There radical and W-concave are both U and W-shaped, respectively. The radical board is most suitable for a beginner level.


You should inspect the trucks of any skateboard you wish to purchase. Good trucks will give you the best experience as well as ensure your maximum safety.

Always make sure the size of your truck is the same as your skateboard. A badly suited truck can either slow down if it is too wide or be outright dangerous if it is too small. So you should always choose something moderate.

The Wheel

The wheels are of course, what gives the skateboard its roll. So being careful about its quality should be a no brainer.

Usually the best wheels in the market today are about 55 mm in diameter, built tough for the stability and the best skating experience of the rider.

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Skateboarding is one sport that kids across the board are growing increasingly frantic over.

We have seen that aside from the obvious fun they derive from the sport, there is also the cardinal growth and development potential that kids can benefit from it. Parents should be advised to inculcate the sports into their kids’ activities for their overall mental and physical growth.

If the right safety approaches are carefully followed when picking out the best skateboard for 10 year old, these young kids will be ensured a safe and enjoyable skating experience full of excitement, vitality, and purpose.


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