10 Best skateboard decks for street – Perfect choice for street skateboarders

Are you interested in knowing the best skateboard decks for street? Consider following the basics laid out in this article on how to identify one.

Street skating is one of the most exciting outdoor activities you can participate in and have a great time doing it. Not only can you use it as a means of transportation to go from place to place, but you can also use it to burn those calories, meet new friends and also get your head cleared of toxic thoughts.

I can’t count how many times I have climbed on my board and skate my way down the street to help me let go of some steam, think faster and refocus my energy on a particular task. I just discovered riding and performing some tricks have a way of helping me, especially on days when I’ve been through a lot of pressures.

Without having a good deck, there is absolutely no way I would have been able to ride excellently not to talk of performing some of the most amazing tricks I have seen skateboarders do out there on streets or TV.

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Are Bamboo Skateboard Decks Good?Best skateboard decks for street

While some skateboarders are comfortable using those materials made of Bamboo, others complain of one thing or the other about it. I think it all boils down to individual preferences. If you feel okay using it, then go for it. If not, try maple then.

However, on a general note, there is nothing wrong with using bamboo products for skateboarding on the street. They have their advantages, which may make you go for them as an option.

Some of those advantages are:

    They are lighter and much stronger than any other type of wood boards.

    Bamboo skateboards can take any hard beating. They can completely absorb or withstand impacts.

    Since they are lighter in weight, using them to perform any trick is more comfortable unlike those made from “heavier” materials.

    If speed is your thing, then you will find bamboo boards useful during street skateboarding.

Just as they have their advantages, they also do have their disadvantages. But overall, going for bamboo materials is not a bad idea when it comes to skating. You may eventually fall in love with them and never go for any other option anymore.

What Is The Coolest Skateboard Brand?Best skateboard decks for street

There are a couple of brands that offer some of the coolest skateboards out there, making it a little hard to determine which of them should be tagged the best.

If you are searching for the most recommended brands with really great reviews online, then below is your answer. These are my coolest brands when it comes to boards for skating.

  1. Powell-Perralta Flight Boards

Though quite expensive, the Powell-Perralta Flight Boards are one of the best you can ever come across as a skateboarder. Their products are reliable and have great reviews online.

  1. Real Heavy Weights

These specially designed boards have been built for people of bigger sizes and weights, especially those whose weights are more significant than the normal weight.

  1. Impact Support

Built to withstand tears and wears, the Impact boards are some of the coolest brands out there.

  1. P2

The P2’s come with 45 days no break warranty. Built to last for a very long time, this might be the right one for you.

  1. Everslick

These boards, designed with a polymer layer at the bottom, are not your normal kind of board. With them, skating on the street becomes a fascinating experience.

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Choosing the Best Skate Decks for Street Skating

Best skateboard decks for streetHaving seen some of the coolest brands there are out there, let me show you how to choose the best skate decks for street skating. These are some of the basics to consider when choosing the right boards, you need for skating out there on the street.

  • Concave Profile

The concave profile here has to do with the extension of the curve on the street skating board. Usually, there are low, medium, or high concave profiles from which you can choose the one that suits your needs best.

While you are on that, if you are a beginner in street skating, do not let it slip from your mind that the higher your board concave, the lesser stability you will have on the board. Since you are just starting and would need to learn how to control your balance on the board, it is recommended you either go for the low or medium concave profiles.

As you grow and master how to ride very well on the streets, then you can go for the higher options and have as much fun with them as you want.

  • Bamboo Woods

Bamboo woods skateboards are lighter in weight and as well stronger than most boards out there. Most people prefer them to other kinds of decks due to how cheap and environment-friendly they are. I have already highlighted their numerous advantages above in this post so I wouldn’t want to start repeating them here.

However, if you are tight on your budget, you might want to go for this. Only ensure you carefully test them thoroughly to see how comfortable you are with them before putting your money down for any.

  • Maple Woods

In recent times, skateboards for street skating have been more produced with Maple woods due to manufacturers discovering how good the material is.

When compared with bamboo, maple woods skateboards are far better and has more advantages. If you are to choose the one to put your money down between the two, then consider going for this.

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If you’ve got interested in street skating, it is necessary you find out time to select the best skateboard decks for street skating.

While you can easily do that on your own by walking into a skate shop and trying out everything they’ve got there to see what works for you, I have carefully put down some guidelines in this article that will be of great help to you when it comes to doing this. Even if you are ordering one online, remember to test it as soon as it is delivered to you to be sure you got exactly what you need.

If you are a beginner, you would need to start with the less concave ones and go for maple woods as well. I believe it’s going to help you do well when you are out there on the streets skating.


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