9 Best skateboard bearings Review

Are you upset about losing skateboard game continuously with your friends? Low-quality materials used in your skateboard are one of the main reasons for this. Wrong equipment in skateboard can even cause serious injuries. If you don’t have the best skateboard bearing, you can’t stay rolling. A long-lasting bearing with high-precision will make your skateboarding fun.

How to Choose Best Skateboard Bearings

Bearings are round-shaped metals used in wheels to assist in moving. The balls in the bearings cause the wheel to turn. Almost all the bearings are in the same size and shape. But there are some variables like the materials of bearing, lubrication, and ABEC rating that change the bearing quality.

Are you looking for bearings to make your skateboard ride fast and furious? You are on the right track. We come up with the reviews of top 9 best skateboard bearings to save your time. These reviews will help you to pick one item that matches your needs.


 Chart of 9 best skateboard bearings

1. Bones Swiss Ceramic Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack·         ABEC grade 7

·         Water- proof balls

·         Rubber shield

2. Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack·         6 larger balls

·         Ball diameter- 8mm

·         Pre-lubricated

3. Bones Ceramic Super Reds Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack·         Ceramic balls

·         Rubber shield

·         Pre-lubricated

4. Spitfire Burner Skateboard Bearings·         Heat- resistant

·         Steel feature

·         Impact-resistant

5. RADECKAL Blue ABEC 7 Skateboard Bearings·         ABEC grade 7

·         Can be used in multiple rides

·         Pre-lubricated

6. Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings·         ABEC grade 9

·         Corrosion-resistant

·         Pre-lubricated

7. Rollerbones Bearings 8mm 16pk·         Nylon ball cage

·         Pre-lubricated

·         Rubber shield

8. Mini-Logo Skateboards Bearings·         Double shields

·         Pre-lubricated

·         Skate-rated

9.Oust MOC Skateboard and Skate Bearings·         Pre-lubricated

·         ABEC grade 5

·         Rubber shield


Top 9 best skateboard bearings review


  1. Bones Swiss Ceramic Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack

Swiss skateboard bearing from Bones has been leading in bearing industry for over 28 years.

The package comes with 8 bearings, 4 bearing spacers, instructions and a sticker. The bearing has the feature ABEC grade 7. It uses the lightweight balls with nylon ball retainer for greater speed. The balls are waterproof and resist dirt without any hassle. It also has pre-lubrication feature.

Moreover, the bearings are outfitted rubber shield to avoid friction and make washing easy. They come with standard size and fit in most of the scatters. You will get a noise free smooth ride using these bearings.


  1. ABEC grade 7
  2. Noise free
  3. Long-lasting
  4. Pre-lubricated
  5. Provides smother and faster ride


  1. It’s a bit costly


  1. Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack

With the feature of 6 larger balls Super Swiss skateboard bearing from Bones makes it unique from other bearings. The diameter of ball in most of the bearings is 7mm. This bearing comes with 8mm balls for more speed, faster acceleration and durability.

This precision-grade bearing uses high- quality nylon ball retainer to increase the speed and strength. It is covered with rubber shield to reduce friction and make cleaning easy. You can remove the shield whenever you want. Pre lubrication feature with the speed cream of Bones makes the bearing competition rated.

Most importantly, you will get life time warranty against any manufacturing faults.


  1. Life time warranty
  2. 8 mm balls
  3. Pre-lubricated
  4. Rubber shield
  5. Provides higher speed


  1. Some users claim that they find it jammed out of the box


  1. Bones Ceramic Super Reds Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack

Ceramic Super Reds from Bones has the lightweight balls with nylon ball retainers which fasten the speed of the wheels. The balls are waterproof and last longer than steel balls.

The bearings come with rubber shield with laser beam which is removable. The item is also pre-lubricated with speed cream. It doesn’t have any ABEC rating, but it is skate tested.

This high-quality bearing is also cost-friendly. On top of that, the item is very easy to use. You also have the chance to replace the product if you receive it in bad condition. The company offers warranty for all its products.  These bearings from Bones will be the right pick for the people, who are students and beginners at skating.


  1. Company status
  2. Long-lasting
  3. Affordable
  4. Ceramic quality
  5. Large balls


  1. Do not have Swiss feature


  1. Spitfire Burner Skateboard Bearings

Spitfire Burner Bearings come with some fire features that make them unique from the others.  These bearings use high-carbon chrome steel feature. Unlike ceramic feature, this one makes the product heat resistant. You can skate all day in summer.

The bearing has a unique quality of impact resistance which allows you to skate hours after hours. It uses removable nylon cage which will help you to clean the dusts. The races of the bearings are also super polished.

On top of that, you will get the product in ready to use form in the cheapest price possible. If you are not concerned about design but only about high performance, this set of bearings is the best skateboard bearing for you.


  1. Heat-resistant
  2. High- carbon chrome material
  3. Cheap
  4. Impact-resistant
  5. Nylon cage


  1. Not a professional pick
  2. Ordinary design


  1. RADECKAL Blue ABEC 7 Skateboard Bearings

Are you searching for bearings for your new generation electric skateboard? Radeckal Blue ABEC 7 bearings are capable to fit in both ordinary and electric skateboards. Besides, you can use it in other rides like roller skate, rollerblade, inline skates, scooters and much more.

Radeckal contains high quality lube and Bone’s oil to avoid friction. You can enjoy a super smooth and fast ride up the hills, around your town, or in Skate Park with your people.

This set of bearings have been tested by the skate team and rated under ABEC 7. In addition, you will get this high-quality product cheaper than other available items in the market. The bearings will also surprise with their durability. You have the option of returning, if the product doesn’t satisfy you.


  1. ABEC grade 7
  2. Can be used in multiple devices
  3. Pre-lubricated
  4. Cheap
  5. Long lasting


  1. Not recommend for using in long-term


  1. Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings

Heady shake pro Skateboard Bearings are the real gems for skate athletes. The bearings can fit in inline skates, roller skates, and scooters.

The package offers 8 bearings, 4 spacers and, a water- proof sticker. The bearing comes with pre-lubrication feature with special lubricant for outstanding speed with quiet rotation. As this bearing focuses too much on speed, it is recommended for beginners. It has a steel body with titanium coating which makes the item corrosion resistant.

These precision bearing has outclassed the same items from other companies by its grade 9 ABEC rating. Beside high quality, the bearing also maintains a skater-friendly design. It won’t leave your company very easily. You will get a long-term service from the bearing.

If the bearings can’t satisfy you for any reason, don’t worry. The company offers you 100% money refund against any kind of defect.


  1. ABEC grade 9
  2. Pre-lubricated
  3. Long lasting
  4. Skater-friendly design
  5. High-speed


  1. Not recommended for beginners


  1. Rollerbones Bearings 8mm 16pk

A set of Rollarbones bearings comes with a combination of all prime qualities. This precision ground bearing is pre-lubricated with speed cream from Bones. Lubricants offer the best performance possible, and the cream helps to avoid corrosion.

The 8mm bearings contain ceramic balls which make the skate faster and last longer that steel balls. The bearings uses rubber shield to reduce friction. The shield is contact free and removable. It also assists you to do skating for long period. Moreover, the bearing has nylon ball cage. These features will help you to remove the dust without any hassle. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance.

The product is very easy to install. Most importantly, it has been tested for clearances, materials and tolerances to provide you the best performance. The bearings provide high-quality speed, and you will smooth skating with these bearings for years.


  1. Pre-lubricated
  2. Corrosion-resistant
  3. Long-lasting
  4. Easy to clean
  5. High-quality speed


  1. Noisy


  1. Mini-Logo Skateboards Bearings

A set of 16 Mini logo Bearings is successfully competing with other competitors for years. The manufacturer gives more focus on the performance and quality than its packaging.

The bearings come with unique double shields. In one side, it has rubber shield. Metal shield covers the other side. You can remove both of the sides for cleaning. The bearing is chromium steel built, and has molded ball retainer.

You don’t have to bother about lubrication. The bearings are pre-lubricated with low viscosity speed cream from Bones. The cream is beneficial to resist corrosion.

The bearings are skate rated. With all these qualities you are getting these bearings in cheap price. Moreover, you will also get lifetime warranty against any fault of the product. If you are a beginner, this set of bearings will be the right pick for you.


  1. Double shields
  2. Pre-lubricated
  3. Skate rated
  4. Cheap
  5. Lifetime warranty


  1. Low-quality packaging


  1. Oust MOC Skateboard and Skate Bearings

Do you love aggressive skateboarding? With the set of Oust MOC bearings you can show a lot of tricks with skateboard. This bearing comes with all the criteria for aggressive skateboarding. It is first bearing that achieves a similar coefficient of friction between radial and tortional roll out.

With high-quality Rockwell material the bearing is enriched with excellently polished surface, and makes the skateboard speedier. Two removable rubber shields on each bearing protect the bearing from dusts and moisture. This feature also makes the maintenance easier. Don’t worry about the durability.  The materials and premium design saves the bearing from friction.

Though the bearing has ABEC grade 5, the construction is well manufactured with MOC 5 technology. It has a ball cage of carbon steel for the strength and protection from rough condition. Moreover, the bearing is pre-lubricated with ME-TOL speed oil. The item will provide you all these services with very low price and lasts long for years.


  1. Pre-lubricated
  2. Cheap
  3. Long lasting
  4. Capable of aggressive skateboarding
  5. Carbon steel cage


  1. ABEC grade 5

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Chinese, American or Swiss Skateboard Bearings?

Answer: The quality of the Bearings depends on what type of materials manufacturing company is using. Chinese bearings are cheaper than other bearings. American companies make mid and high quality bearings. Swiss bearings are the best in qualities and price. ABEC rating, lubrications, bearing body; these are the factors that define the best bearing.

  1. What are the fastest skateboard bearings in the world?

Answer: The bearings that have 22 mm outer diameter with width of 7 mm (8 mm core) are the fastest bearings in the world. Again, Ceramic bearings are faster than steel bearings.

  1. Is steel or ceramic skateboard bearing the best?

Answer: Ceramic bearing is better than steel bearing. Ceramic bearing is harder, and damage less than steel bearing. It creates less friction at faster velocity. The only defect in ceramic bearing is its brittleness.

  1. What are the things I need to consider when shopping skateboard bearings?

Answer: If you are pro at skating, select the bearing that gives fastest acceleration.  Low budget bearing is preferable for the beginners. Consider ABEC rating, materials, and lubrication; when you choose your bearing.

  1. How will I clean the bearings?

Answer: Wipe away the dusts and put all the bearings into a pot with bearing cleaner. Let them soak for some times.


What bearing you will buy depends on what type skater you are. If you are new at skating, try to buy an inexpensive bearing with good quality. You won’t need high-quality speed at the beginning. A professional rider will search for durability, fastest acceleration, and the capability of riding in different roads in his bearing.

By following the provided guidelines and reviews, you will find the best skateboard bearing that matches your needs.

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