Best shoe for skateboarding: Top 15 of 2020

Are you searching for the best shoe for skateboarding? Then get in here and let’s see together how to identify the best of these unique skating materials that help make the sport more accessible.

Skateboarding is one game you must always wear something on your feet before participating in it. Like Football, putting on skate shoes will help keep your feet safe from injuries and as well as give you some comfort when you are out there.


In this article, you will get to know what makes a shoe right for you to put your money and other essential tips you need to about skate shoes.

What’s unique about skate shoes?

First is the fact that these uniquely designed products were explicitly meant for skateboarding. From the sole to the lace and the entire body, everything about it is intended to help you enjoy the game better and also stay safe while you are on a skateboard.

For most people, it is how confident they feel when they put on these fashionable shoes and climbs on their boards.

You know that feeling of looking like a pro you get when you wear other safety gears like a helmet, knee and elbow pads and go out there on the streets to skate? That is one thing about these shoes that make them unique.

Though most people value how comfortable their feet feel when they wear one, and that makes the shoe unique to them. For some others like myself, it is the assurance of knowing I can count on it to protect my feet, ankles, and soles from the impacts of a fall probably as a result of a failed trick attempt.

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Top men skateboard shoes

1. Etnies Men’s Metal Mulisha Swivel Skate Shoe

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2. Osiris Men’s D3 2001 Skate Shoe

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3. DC Kalis Lite shoes

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4. Etnies Men’s Marana Mid Crank Mountain Bike Shoe

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5. Emerica Men’s Reynolds G6 Skate Shoe

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Top women skateboard shoes

6. DC Women’s Evan HI WNT Skate Shoe

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7. DC Women’s E.tribeka Se Skate Shoe

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8. DC Women’s Kalis Lite Skate Shoe

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9. DC Women’s Chelsea Tx Skateboarding Shoe

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10. DC Women’s Pure High-top V Skate Shoe

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Top kids skateboard shoes

11. SDSPEED 7 Colors LED Rechargeable Kids Roller Skate Shoes

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12. Heelys Kids’ Dual up X2 Sneaker

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13. Heelys Dual Up Skate Shoe

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14. DC Kids’ Pure Skate Shoe

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15. Ufatansy Rechargeable Shoes

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What is the difference between skate shoes and regular shoes?

best shoe for skateboardingSo many differences exist between the regular shoes we wear for events or everyday activities and the ones for skateboarding. That is why you can’t put on the proper shoes you would wear when going out to see a friend to skate. Even if they look almost similar to those types people wear when skating, it is never advisable to wear them for that purpose.

Regardless of how cool regular shoes feel when we wear them, they are still different and can’t come close to doing what skate shoes do. Why? You may ask.

One is that skate shoes are often padded in specific areas like the heels and soles to help protect those parts of our bodies. They also have toe caps in their interior to help ensure our toes are not easily hurt out there.

Unlike regular shoes, they come with unique features like lace protectors, thicker and broader soles and also more large tongues to help you enjoy the game and stay safe doing it.

Another significant difference between those two is the materials they are made of. Skateboarding shoes are mostly made of super suede and action leather. These materials are durable and as well as protect against abrasion during a fall.

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How to choose the most comfortable skate shoes

Durability is one thing to never play down on when choosing skateboarding footwear. Extra carefulness is always needed here to ensure one gets the best out of so many options out there.

Below are some of the things to put into considerations when selecting footwear for skating that can last for quite some time.

1.       Brands

Several brands are known to have excellent quality products that you can choose from when buying some shoes solely for skating.

Some of these brands can be found online either by visiting their skateboarding sites or through search engines.

Before deciding to go with a particular brand, you might want to find out what people are saying about them online via social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. You can also check out their user product reviews on Amazon and other online shopping malls.

2.       Design and Material

This is the most important thing to consider when choosing a “durable” product carefully. Make no mistake about it; the right major determinant of the durability of any product is its material.

If the shoes you want to use for skateboarding are made of suede and action leather, chances are you are count on them to be able to withstand all kinds of abrasion and impact. At least for some time.

Talking about the design, the wider ones with thicker and broader soles are also a great choice. The tongues must be full too, with the lace protectors adequately positioned. You don’t want to have those laces continually getting in your way as you move.

Importance of getting the right skate shoes for skateboarding

Best skate shoes for wide feetWhy is it essential to get the right one? Why can’t you just anyone out there? Well, I’ll tell you a few reasons below.

  • They make performing tricks easier

You cannot perform some tricks during skateboarding without the right shoes. Even the simplest ones. You will always face difficulty either learning or performing any stunt on your board.

  • You feel more comfortable in them

One thing you should never downplay as a skateboarder is your comfort. Every of your equipment should be easy for you to use. The more comfortable you are with them, the better for you.

Imagine skating with a shoe that is causing you so much pain, and you can’t go far with it not to talk of performing tricks.

Taking part in skateboarding competitions with such shoes is a very sure way to lose. If it doesn’t feel good on the feet, do not go for it.

  • They help minimize injuries

With the right skate shoes, wounds that have to do with your feet will no longer be a regular thing as they will help protect your feet during a fall. At least 95% of the time.


With the guidelines laid down in this post, you can get the best shoe for skateboarding even much stress. All you need to do is to make out time for it. Whether you want to buy it directly online from sites like Amazon, or you want to visit a skate shop and get one for yourself physically, you ill find the tips here very useful.

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