10 Best knee pads for skateboarding – How do i get the best ones?

Skateboard knee pads serve only one purpose – to protect your knees from injury while you are out there skating. This amazing safety gear has been designed in such a way that you no longer have to worry about your knees getting injured if you happen to fall during skating.

So, if you are searching for the best knee pads for skateboarding, consider following the guidelines laid out in this article to select the one that suits your needs the most.

I usually tell folks around me, and you can ignore every other thing when you participate in sports activities, safety gear such as knee braces is not one of them.

The reason is that it doesn’t take much to fall while you are out there skateboarding. Trust me; even the professionals do fall occasionally. And when that happens, only a knee brace can keep your knees safe from either minor or severe injuries.

Who needs skateboarding knee brace?

From the brief explanation I just gave above, it wouldn’t take much for us to answer the question “who needs skateboarding knee brace?”

If you are skateboarding on a ramp or downhill, you will agree with me that you falling now and then is not an uncommon thing. Especially when attempting a new trick.

It doesn’t even matter if you have gained some level of stability on your board or if you are starting to learn skateboarding; having a knee brace that you can easily use is a necessity. I will tell you why in a jiffy.

So, do not just dismiss it as something for rookies, newbies or beginners as you may like to put it. It is a piece of equipment you must never do without skateboarding.

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Importance of wearing the best knee brace for skateboarding

best knee pads for skateboardingIs it necessary I wear the best knee brace while I’m out there skateboarding? Why can’t I wear anyone at all I can place in my hands-on?

Well, you must wear top quality braces for your knees during skateboarding. Below are just a few reasons you must never overlook them:

  1. According to stats, knee injuries are the most common injuries in skateboarding, and It is so common due to loss of balance, failed trick attempts, or any other reason at all.
  2. Even with a knee brace, you can still hurt your knees bad if the brace is just some random low-quality stuff that you can easily find around.
  3. Not only will a top-quality brace keep your knees safe wearing one will also guarantee you some level of comfort while you try to bend your knees during skateboarding
  4. There are some braces out there you buy, and you can’t quickly move or bend your knees with them. Getting the best for yourself is a sure way to worry less about comfort.

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Factors to consider when choosing skateboarding knee pads

Knee braces are not just something you can pick from anywhere anyhow. They require you to put some certain things into consideration when choosing them.

Doing this will help you secure the very best to help you stay safe while skateboarding. Unless you want to become a regular patient at one hospital or the other, you must put in some efforts into selecting the best pads for your knees.

I have heard stories of professional skateboarders who didn’t last long in the game due to knee injuries. Maybe you have too. You don’t want that to be your story.

What are these factors one needs to consider when choosing some skateboard knee braces? You will find the answers below, beginning from the least to the most essential element.

  1. Convenience

How easy is it to wear and remove the braces? You might not consider this to be very important, but it is, depending on how you go about skateboarding.

If you are someone like me who doesn’t like to waste much time wearing or removing my equipment so I can go ahead with other things, you might want to test how easy it is for you to put them on or off before buying.

  1. Material

This is one of the most critical factors you must pay some real attention to. You don’t want to wear something that will end up hurting your knees due to the materials it is made of.

A right skateboard pad for your knee’s protection should be made of materials like foam, fabric, Polyurethane, Kevlar, VPD, etc.

It should have both the interior and the exterior properly built with stretchy materials that can absorb imparts to ensure your knees unharmed during a fall.

  1. The Thickness

For a beginner, you will need a quite thick-knee brace. The thicker, the better.

If it is too light, then your knees can quickly receive some impacts when you fall either due to a failed attempt to do the trick or for any other reason.

While going for these thicker knee pads, ensure you test them to be sure they feel comfortable before putting your money down for one.

The reason is that though the thickness is a plus, if it is too thick you may find them a little bit uncomfortable and so skating with them will be an issue.

  1. Size

This is the most essential feature you need to consider before putting your money down for a skateboarding knee brace.

The size of the brace must match the size of your knee well. Not too tight and not also lose. Usually, the shop where you want to buy it from will have a measuring tape that you can easily use to check if the one you have interest in buying is precisely your size.

In Summary

The desire to get the best knee pads for skateboarding is familiar with every skateboarder out there who values his health and want to stay safe while he is riding on his board.

Unfortunately, not everyone ends up getting the exact kind he or she desires. That is mostly because not everyone knows how to choose the best out of so many brands out there.

However, if you follow the guidelines laid out in this post before going to buy one for yourself, you will not just get the right kind for yourself, you will come home with the very best.

I hope you find this article useful.


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