10 Best Figure Skates For Beginners-Perfect choice to start

Getting involved in ice skating requires using any of the best figure skates for beginners if you are new to the game. It is one of the sporting activities I vowed to participate in, but that couldn’t be possible without a personal skate.

This then led to getting a personal skate that will fit perfectly because one of the things that determine how you perform well is the fitting on your leg. A perfect fitted boot is the most important part of staying on ice without regret.

Without a doubt, owning the best figure skates should be your priority if you ever want to succeed on the ice and with lots of products out there in the market, once can simply make the wrong decision especially as a beginner.

So, we have made everything easier with the list of the top figure skates that you should consider without having anything to regret your investment.

Let’s dive in!

Choosing The Best Figure Skates


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How on earth will you not fall in love with this amazing figure skate? It is such an embodiment of fashion and class. It comes in white which can be a bit difficult for you to maintain and considering you are using it on the ice, you have less to worry about keeping it glowing for as long as you keep it to yourself.

Obviously, it is never a wrong investment to purchase these figure skates as a beginner if you have to look into the design and how easy it is to use for newbies. The engineering of the figure skates makes it boasts of vinyl upper and a felt backed vinyl/mesh comfort tongue which offer nothing but the best support for stability.

The figure skate has an ultima mark II blade that is highly polished and attached firmly with screws. The polish isn’t to beautify the skate as it makes it all easier for you to glide on the ice ring easily. Also, the liner is thoroughly reinforced with foam to give you the comfort and warmth needed to perform excellently.


Synthetic liner padded with foam

High polish finish for a smooth glide on ice

Mesh for added comfort

Lightweight and easy to carry for beginners


Blades have to be sharpened before use


Riedell Recreational Ice Skates

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One of the challenges you face as a beginner on the ice with figure skates is your stability and for those who are looking for a fast means to get stable should opt for Riedell Recreational Ice Skates. This is a figure skate that is designed to offer light support for good balance and stability on the ice.

It is designed to keep you ever comfortable with all features and parts included in its construction. It has a simple lacing system for a perfect snug fit, and a considerable part of it is equipped with a foam padding for added comfort and convenience.

The material, both inner and outer parts of the figure skates are made from high-quality material. They are designed to offer you the best comfort you need to use the skate for a longer period without hassles. The sole is strong to accommodate the stainless-steel spiral blades to give the best glide on ice.

As a beginner, you do not have any struggle or worry about your training or practice once you’ve owned this skate. It is very easy to wear and put off. Also, apart from the features and what the figure skate is designed for, the color and construction are alluring and that makes it too difficult to overlook.


Built with added reinforcement

Very easy to use for beginners

Gives quality performance

Great stability on ice

Comfortable and lightweight


Designed for men alone


Jackson Ultima Mystique Series

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Looking for top-quality figure skates for beginners? The Jackson Ultima Mystique Series will be a perfect gift for such a person. It is a well-designed figure skate with an alluring look, easy to use lacing, and very easy to wear and put off. It is one of the best you can start your ice-skating training without regret.

It is a figure skate that can be used by both genders. So, it will be a great gift to you and loved ones that love to participate in ice skating. Also, it comes in two different colors for you to choose the one that is of best interest to you.

The design of the figure skates boasts of leather upper polyurethane that is coated with stylized PVC outsole for easy glide on the ice. With the help of the flex notch, the figure skates are very flexible and with the synthetic lining, your comfort and convenience are assured.

Also, the figure skates have an ultima mark II blade that is attached to the sole with screws which makes gliding easy for you as a beginner. Also, the inner has foam-backed vinyl/mesh that gives comfort to anyone that wears the boot.


Very flexible

Mesh for comfort

Durable and strong for long-lasting use

Synthetic lining


The blade needs sharpening before use


Botas Figure Ice Skates for Women

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With this Botas Figure Ice Skates for Women, you have no excuse to leave out your kids in ice skating activity. This comes as a versatile choice for both adults and kids. However, it is not the right choice for men as it is only designed for women and girls.

The ice skate is made from high-quality materials with synthetic figure skate leather that boasts of waterproof finish. It is stylish and alluring with its look which makes it quite difficult to resist. It is designed with liner materials that can keep your feet warm whenever you are skating on ice.

The soft liner makes it comfy and convenient for you and your kids to wear for a longer duration. It has a plastic sole that makes it a great choice for kid’s ice skates. It is a great investment if you are looking for an affordable one.



Lightweight and easy to use

Very easy to wear

Quality blade for smooth glide

Mesh and comfy liner for convenience


Not ideal for men and boys


Women’s Recreational Figure Ice Skates

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Here is a perfect recreational ice-skating boot for women you should consider if you are interested in one. The Women’s Recreational Figure Ice Skates is a dynamic ice-skating shoe that can allow you to learn ice skating in a short while. With the boot, you have all it takes to perform excellently.

It gives enough room for you to move freely without any difficulty. The boot has a double synthetic reinforcement which serves as the support needed to the ankle. It has quality shoe lacing to help you keep the shoe fitted on your feet without any hassles or discomfort claim.

The open throat design and lacing system with the higher toe box style is a clear indication that your comfort and convenience was taken to heart during the production of the figure skates. You rarely have to complain about any form of discomfort while using the boot.

Also, the skating shoe boasts of a PVC sole and Dri-Lex lining which helps to keep your feet dry at all times. It also has padded Achilles tendon collar for extra support. It is a great choice for beginners. So, if you are getting this, you are investing wisely.


Double reinforcement for comfort

Easy to wear

Perfect for learning

Padded lining for convenience


Blade sometimes requires sharpening before use


Jackson Ultima DJ2190 DJ2191 DJ2192 DJ2193 Freestyle Series

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There are few heavy-duty figure skates for beginners and this Jackson Ultima series is one of them. The boot comes in just two colors for you to choose the one that is of interest to you. Also, it has different sizes so you do not have to get the wrong size and then end up complaining about fitting. Choose rightly.

Furthermore, the boot is stylish and attractive with its design and lovely finish. It is made from high-quality material that is lightweight and thus makes it so easy and convenient for you to move easily without hassles.

The construction of the figure skates boasts a softer topline with a rolled collar which serves for nothing but support needed to stay comfortable for as long you have the boot on your feet. The contoured backstrap helps to keep the skating boot fitted on your ankle so you can move easily without fear of getting injured.

Also, the liner of the boot has a padded microfiber lining that is treated with antibacterial to keep you safe and secure. Not that alone, the foam inside the boot is shaped asymmetrically for long-lasting comfort so that you do not feel any form of pain whenever you wear the skating boot. With the aspire blade attached with screws; you can easily glide on ice even if it is your first time.


Padded foam for comfort

Antibacterial properties

Safe to wear with support to the ankle

Full quarter and extra ankle padding

PTR insole is strong, torque resistant, lightweight, won’t absorb moisture




Notch figure

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Looking for top-quality figure skates for beginners? Then you don’t have to look further as you’ve got all you ever wanted in Notch figure. It comes with a topnotch design and lots of amiable features which makes it a perfect choice for beginners who are even scared to set out on the ice for fun. It is a great choice to start your ice-skating training.

With just two-color options, you can choose the one that you like and you’ve also got to choose the size that will fit you perfectly so you do not have to struggle with fitting whenever you are on the ice skating. The good side of it is that it comes cheap and affordable yet of great quality.

The materials used in its construction are of high quality. The boot features a softer topline for extra comfort while it has a good lining that gives you the comfort you need to perform excellently when on the ice. The microfiber lining with memory foam gives support also to the ankle and ensures that the boot is breathable with the integration of mesh.

The boot has Ultima mark IV blade screwed to the sole and it can last you for a longer period. Your stability with the ice-skating shoe is assured as it boasts of a solid outsole that helps to ensure you are balanced on the ice.


Design prevents ankle and knee strain

Easy to wear

Lightweight and easy to move on ice

Perfect for beginners

Quality material for construction

Comfy for a longer period of use


Blade needs to be sharpened before use


Botas Figure Ice Skates for Women, Girls, Kids

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The Botas Figure Ice Skates for Women, Girls, Kids is among the inexpensive figure skates for beginners you can consider if you are looking for quality and you do not have more to spend. It only comes in white color so you might have to settle for that since you’ve got no color options.

It is a well-designed skating shoe with waterproof upper collar and leather that hugs the foot just below the calf to ensure you are safe and sound every time you go out there to skate. The skating shoe has a laminated synthetic suede lining that gives great comfort to the foot to ensure you are comfortable.

The only setback with the skating shoe is that it is not designed for men or boys. Aside from that, it is a great choice for women and girl kids that are interested in ice skating. Mind you, your kid’s safety is secured as the blade is gripped in a tough plastic sole, therefore, making it safe and sound for your kids to have fun without hassles.


Laminated synthetic suede lining for comfort

Tough plastic sole

Waterproof upper collar

Easy to use

Perfect for women and kids


Not an option for men and boys


Botas Figure Ice Skates for Men, Boys

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Botas didn’t just make beginners figure skates for women and girls alone but as well for men and boys and that is why you have this as the best option for you. Well, it comes from the same brand but different color as this is made of black while that of the woman is of white.

However, it still maintains its quality and appearance. It glows, and the design makes it attractive and alluring. It has waterproof finish which helps to preserve the material of the shoe and enhance the lifespan of the skating boot.

The ice skating shoes have brushed knit lining which offers amazing comfort with foam that complements the convenience you get from using the boot. The rugged plastic soles of the boot ensure that the screwed blades stay firmly in place therefore making it fun and exciting for you and your kids to use.


Design is topnotch

Stylish and alluring


Rugged plastic soles

Innovative boot design




Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Allure

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The Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Allure is a great choice for those who do not have the capacity to break the bank for a figure skate. It comes with quality material and yet affordable for all. This is an entry-level figure skate for beginners who are just getting into skating.

The design of the boot ensures it comes with reinforced uppers with ankle support which offers great stability and fit for good performance. The figure skate is stylish, alluring and has all it takes to keep you comfy and convenient whenever you are skating.

The stainless steel blade is of great structure and high-quality material that prevents rusting. It helps to get smooth glide on the ice and gives you quality performance with minimal maintenance required. It is a great investment for beginners.


Rust free blade

Easy to use

Good lacing for adequate fit

Good design for comfort and convenience



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Important Things To Consider

There are things that you need to consider whenever you want to get a figure skates as a beginner and they include:


The size of the figure skates is one of the factors that you need to consider. It comes in different sizes and getting the right size is important to your performance. So, you are advised to check and see to it that you opt for the one that is okay for you.


Oftentimes, the design of what we get tells us about how well we use them. It makes no sense to invest in something and end up abandoning it because you don’t like it. So, you need to consider the design, the color and all, and choose the one that is of interest to you.


Of course, ice skating shoes are not of the same price in the market. Price varies as a result of the quality of material and brands with other factors. So, you should ensure you get what you can afford. Fortunately, most figure skates come affordable.


Sometimes it gets so difficult to find a skating boot that will fit you even though you get the right size for you. It is the reason you should consider one with a proper lacing system that you can adjust to get a perfect snug fit.


We have the lists of the best figure skates for beginners for those who are interested in this page. We have done our research, reviews from customers, and all to ensure we could offer you the best information you need to make the right decision. We hope you can go ahead and invest now without regretting your choice.

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