10 Best complete skateboards for beginners – The perfect choice for every starter

Best complete skateboards for beginners – Things you need to know to make the right call.

Skateboarding is a form of extreme sport that is being taken on by more and more people. It has gone from a sport commonly that used to associated with rebels and outlaws, to one that is receiving wide mainstream acceptance.

There are many benefits one can get from the sport. One is its exertive power on your overall physical and mental wellbeing – just what you need to shake off the hinges every now and again.

Thus, this post will be tailored towards people trying to get the best complete skateboards for beginners trying to get into the world of skateboarding.


Why You Should Consider Skateboards Over Longboards For Beginners

best complete skateboards for beginnersWhen starting in the sport, you are at an absolute level of ground zero. Hence your main focus at this stage will be first to master the basics like proper feet placement, weight balancing, power rolling, learning to swerve in both directions and eventually learning how to bring the skateboard to a stop.
At a beginner level, the right skateboard is just what you need.

Longboards are designed primarily for long-distance skating or commuting. Since you are at a beginner level, you have no business with long-distance skating since you are only just starting.

Longboards are not built for learning as they are not easily maneuverable, and could be quite cumbersome for learners.

At a beginner level, you should go for cruiser skateboards instead, which are a balance between a long and shortboard. They usually come in different forms and shapes and are more lightweight and portable.

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Perfect skateboard for beginners – Expert picked products

1. SkateXS Beginner Unicorn Girls Skateboard

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The SkateXS beginner Unicorn skateboard is all about complete fun and it is just the perfect fit for anyone interested in learning how to skate.

It affords the skateboarder a personalized feature where the owner of the board can inscribe her name on the board with ease.

In terms of getting a beginner skateboard, this is your best bet as it has all it takes to deliver the best when it comes to learning new moves.

This board from SkateXS is totally built and packaged in the United States of America and this tells you a lot about the quality that will follow this board plus it is mainly designed for kids willing to have a new experience in skating.

The materials used in building this board is from a total quality and the ABEC 7 bearings that is promised by this board is great at high speed and controls.

Finally, the wheels are designed to be smooth and soft which makes it very easy to ride for kids plus it is just made to have the best size that you can ever imagine.

2. SkateXS Personalized Beginner Pirate Street Skateboard

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Imprint your name on your board with class and personalize your board plus you will be able to use this board in a pretty funny was as it comes very well built for fun.

With the skateboard made by skateboard parent, you have no choice but to trust that it is very well built for the kids plus it features are standard.

Additionally, every kid would love skate on this board because of its beginner level design which allows for showing basic skills that will bring a smile to the kid’s face.

The components used in manufacturing this board is absolutely from well-known brands which makes it even high up there in terms of quality.

Also, the deck of this skateboard is a high performing bamboo skates and the size is well trimmed to perfectly suit kids.

3. elos Skateboard

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A skateboard with one of the most portable and compact look you have ever seen as its dimension is set at 18 inches and it weighs just 4lbs. this makes the board easily kept in a backpack and it can be kept in a locker without eating up space.

With this board, you will be able to learn faster because it is very maneuverable and the wider surface makes for extra skill for you on the board as it is made to serve as steering to the wheel for greater stability.

Beginners will find this board to be very useful and fun to use because of its high center of gravity control plus it comes with 72mm F1 like wheels that will deliver great balance and speed.

It also has a self-suspension capability that will allow for a smooth ride thanks to the lightweight design of the board. Finally, the manufacturers are known to give adequate customer support for users.

4. Skitch Premium Skateboard

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A beginner skateboard that transcends quality into fun plus the body is absolutely strong and durable which is why it is totally great amongst consumers.

The Skitch Premium Skateboard is a lightweight design and you will find it very well easy to carry plus this skateboard is well trusted amongst parent for its elegant design.

Kids from age 4 to 13 can make use of this board with no issues and it is also great for professional skaters too.

The deck is made to be very smooth with a non-slip surface and its dimension is set at 22 inches in terms of length.

Additionally, this beautiful skateboard can be used as a gift package for your little ones or friends and family.

Furthermore, it is designed in the United States and it comes with a type of wheel that is superb and makes riding very smooth. Lastly, the manufacturer promises 100% satisfaction and you will have fun all the time with the board.

5. Coolstep Pro Skateboard

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This is absolutely what is referred to as a complete skateboard because of its total design of sturdiness and its high durability.

Additionally, it comes with a 31 by 8 inches deck and it will readily lift up ton220lbs of weight with ease plus it comes well equipped with a rebound bushing.

Also, it is a concave designed skateboard that will readily allow for proper tricks both for beginners and expert level individuals.

The 5.25 inches trucks that come with this board is well carved with aluminum alloy and it has a great speed thanks to the ABEC 9 precise bearings plus the 52mm 95A wheels are going to make it very smooth when riding.

Furthermore, it is a lightweight skateboard which allows for easy gripping and lifting of the ground. Lastly, this skateboard is suitable for both adults and kids and it helps to develop pretty amazing skills when used with diligence.

6. WiiSHAM Skateboards Pro

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With the ABEC 9 bearings, the WiiSHAM Skateboards is definitely going to deliver the best speed and it will also allow for great control while on the move.

It is a pretty long skateboard with 31 by 8 inches in size and it is very colorful which is what makes it totally nice for kids.

The color coating on the board makes it easy for any skater to wear an outfit that will match the color plus the finish is a non-slip design for additional safety measures.

The wheels are made to have about 54 by 37mm dimensions which are great for balance, finesse and any speed of your choosing.

Additionally, the WiiSHAM Skateboards is a complete skateboard that makes fun very easy plus the easy maneuverability is an added advantage.

Finally, quality plus safety and durability will make you love this board for what it is any day at any time.

7. Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard

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The Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard is a lovely and fun giving board that allows you to mix fun with practice while you don’t have to worry about safety.

Additionally, this is a portable design skateboard that makes it easy for skaters to lift and keep in a backpack or locker.

If you are the type that skates just anywhere, this is your best bet board as it is able to rotate on any surface without any form of hindrance.

Furthermore, the length of the board is great at 27.5 inches and the width is at 7.5 inches and it has a magnificent wheelbase of 18.5 inches which helps to carry the board with ease.

In terms of component used in manufacturing this board, you will be glad to know that it is made from a Canadian maple which spells absolute quality.  Finally, it is well equipped with double kick tails that bring about great fun and versatility.

8. Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard

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A deliciously made skateboard with a scintillating color combination for immediate attraction to kids and or buyers. The final coating on the deck makes it impossible to slip off this board because of the massive grip that comes with it.

In addition to that, the ABEC 7 stainless steel design bearings make this board even looks more fascinating and it will deliver great speed and optimum control.

Furthermore, the tensile bolts used to hold the wheels in place are made from high-quality materials and this will give enough durability to the wheels and the board as a whole.

The 3-inch aluminum truck made to come with this board is manufactured with a powder coating and this will readily allow for easy grip on the board.

Finally, you are guaranteed a smooth ride with this board because of the 59mm, 83A wheels and you can be assured of a non-slip ride.

9. M Merkapa Pro Complete Skateboard

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Made from a totality of hard rock and the 7- ply Canadian maple allows for a double kickboard which is great for expert-level skaters.

The deck is designed to withstand maximum impact and it will remain intact regardless thanks to the heavy-duty deck board.

Additionally, slipping off this board is totally unrealistic because of the non-slip design and it will allow for great grip on the board.

The printing on the back of the deck is designed to have a thermal transfer feature for proper dispensation of heat.

The wheels are not all that large but comes with a 95A PU casting plus the ABEC 9 bearings will offer maximum speed with great control.

Also, this board is able to take a maximum load of 198lbs thanks to the 31 inches long and 8 inches wide deck. Finally, adjustability of the board is also an option for the best of your convenience and you will generally love the board.

10. Eggboards Mini Longboard Cruiser Skateboards


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The stability that is offered by this skateboard is absolutely high off the roof because it is just great, the board is made to have a compact and portable look which makes it very easy to lift.

You can easily house this skateboard in a backpack, locker or carry on travel bag. It is just strong, smooth and practically sturdy to use anywhere.

Also, the wheels are made to belong and large having a ¾ skateboard trucks which translate to a smooth ride with this board and you will be glad that the board comes with ABEC 7 bearings.

Additionally, the high-quality bushings that come with this board make it easy to speed down the hill without worry.

It is a great board with different levels of functionality as it can be used by a beginner while it is also a good board for experts in skating.

Finally, it can take a maximum weight of about 250lbs and the board comes with a lifetime warranty.

6 Skateboarding Tips For Beginner

best complete skateboards for beginners

  1. The very first thing to always have in place before going skating are your safety gears. This includes a good quality helmet, proper wrist guard, and a well-suited elbow and knee pads.
  2. Always make sure you are most comfortable before you try rolling off. Learn how to evenly distribute your weight across the board, as well as proper feet balancing.
  3. Before you set off on hard concrete, do a test run on a solid surface such as a field with soft grass.
  4. After you might have a got the hang of it, you have to choose a skating style. There are typically three popular skating gaits you can assume before you roll-off. One is the regular stance, where the left foot is placed forward. The second is the goofy, where the right foot is placed instead placed ahead. There is the last style called the mongo, which is not always recommended for beginners. In this style, the rider pushes forward using only the back foot.
  5. On your first few tryouts, always skate on flat surfaces. Avoid trying any stunts at this stage until you mastered the basics. You will learn how to power roll. This means push hard backward as forcefully as you can to give you acceleration. Also, you will need to learn how to swerve in both the left and right directions.
  6. Lastly, you will have to learn how to stop the skateboard. The best way to achieve is a method called foot braking which involves taking your back foot slightly off the board and touching it onto the ground to slow down speed before eventually bringing the skateboard to a halt.

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Choosing The Right Skateboard For Starters

best complete skateboards for beginnersSize

The standard size recommended for a beginner should be anywhere between 7.5 to 8.5 inches in width. The length can fall anywhere between 27 to 32 inches.

The primary focus should on the width of the board because this lets you have the best stability and riding comfort.

You should test out the different lengths and widths available in the skating shop to see what suits you before picking out the best option.

Shape Of The Deck

The deck of your board matter a whole lot. You will need to have the best feet placement and be able to maneuver in different directions.

Having the best deck will also let you manage to swerve and speed. There are different types of decks in the market today.

There is the Radical that is shaped like the letter U. The W-concave is another type of deck which is shaped like the letter W.

There is a flat concave, which possesses sharp wheels. Always try to pick out the best option that will give you the ideal performance.

The Trucks

You need the check out the trucks of the skateboard you are trying to purchase. A great truck will give you the best skating experience.

Also, try and make sure you get the same size of the truck as your skateboard. A poorly suited truck can be dangerous for the rider and can lead to severe accidents if it dislodges.

The Wheelbase

A lot more focus needs to be placed on the wheelbase. An ideal pick for a skateboard wheel should be anywhere around 55 mm in diameter and should be built tough to withstand pressure.

A right wheelbase will give you stability and provide you with the best skating experience.

The Wheel Durometer

Durometer is a process by which the hardness of the skateboard wheel can be measured. Most manufacturers utilize the A Scale standard measuring system; which is a 100-point scale that measures how hard a wheel is.

Usually, the higher the point scale is, the harder the bike is expected to be.

There are also different scaling systems available like the B Scale, which measures 20 points less than that of the A Scale. The B scale is also a sound scaling system for skating wheels.


We can see above that skateboarding can be a ton of fun, if the right features, quality checks, riding etiquettes, and best safety approach are all taken into rapt consideration when picking out the best complete skateboards for beginners.

First timers need not be scared if they make mistakes at tryouts. Failure is perfectly normal and is part of the learning process. With patience, dedication, and consistency, learners can go on to partake in a culture filled with so much spur and vigor, which is all the more magnificent for their overall wellbeing.

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