Are longboards easier to ride than skateboards?

Are longboards easier to ride than skateboards? The answer to this question is very straightforward. 


If you are a beginner, then your skateboard can be a difficult task for you. Maybe, you cannot roll them quickly, and you may lose your control.


We noticed that a beginner needs much time to learn on skateboards. Some people even give up learning altogether. Are you looking for a good board that assists you in learning with ease? 


A board equipped with rough roads skateboard wheels can help you a better ride on every street. A longboard is an appropriate choice for you to learn quickly and fast. 


Today, we have decided to provide you some facts to prove that longboards are easier for learning and riding than skateboards.


What is the difference between Skateboard and Longboard?


When we see skateboard and longboard, we cannot differentiate them. It is true, but some factors make them separate. 


Skateboards are small in size, and they also have short and hard wheels; they are mostly designed for fast speed and tricks.


While the longboards are manufactured for turning and smooth rides, they are bigger and have bigger wheels. You will find them more agile, and they take time to get up to speed. 


They make you able to go for a long drive with a smooth riding experience.


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Why are Longboards easier to ride than longboards? 


Some essential facts make a longboard a better choice than a skateboard.


1. Wheels size


While we make a comparison between skateboard and longboards wheels, we found that longboards wheels are more compatible and provide you the opportunity to have a better riding experience reason explained below.


Longboards have bigger wheels than skateboards. A skateboard comes with wheels range from 50-59mm, and their durometer range from 95-100a. Skateboards have tough wheels. 


No doubt, these small wheels in skateboards are suitable for some reasons such as comfortable to push them and lightweight, which make it possible to roll them fast.


These wheels are ideal for skating in Skate Park, where pavements due to hardness allow small and hard wheels to move fast.


But the problem is that while you are on the road or in a street where there are no smooth roads, these small wheels failed. 


They get caught in the cracks on highways and vibrate if you ride on pavements—their fast speed then turns into very slow like a tortoise.


It would be best if you tried longboards by replacing skateboards because some features make it possible for you a comfortable ride.


Longboards have bigger size wheels in a range of 66-72mm in size, and their hardness ranges from 78-82a. This hardness makes them smooth on rough roads and absorbs much amount of vibration.


Only longboards ensure a smooth ride at such cracked and rough paths. Their bigger wheels easily cross over the cracks, pebbles, and many imperfections in the pavements. 


Their giant size gives them more momentum, and they can roll for a longer time than skateboard wheels. 


2. Longboards are Wider and longer


What a beginner find more convenient? Smaller and thin size or wider and longer size boards? Indeed a broader and longer board ensures a better ride for the beginners.


While we look at the skateboards’ size, we found that they come in only 7.5 to 8 inches, and their length also not more than 32 inches. 


It may be possible for the experienced person to ride and do tricks on skateboards but very hard to ride for the beginners. They will hesitate to main their balance on the board and may get them hurt.


But if you want a better riding experience, only longboards are suitable for the beginners that make it easy for the beginners to maintain their balance.


They come with 8.5 to 10 inches width and 32 to 40 inches lengthy boards that provide you the opportunity to stay with more confidence. Their long wheels also make your ride smooth. 


Due to their more expansive room, a person with more weight can stay balanced and better control cracks, bumps, and rough roads. 


So we find longboards as a better choice than skateboards for beginners or heavyweight people.


3. Size of Trucks


If we compare the size of skateboards and longboards trucks, skateboards come with a 4 to 5.5 inches truck width. At the same time, longboards come with a more width of around 7 to 10 inches wider.


Longboards help you maintain your balance while turning due to their wider trucks, which shift smoothly. Wider trucks of longboards make you feel smoother during a turn. 


But on the other side, a skateboard with narrower trucks moves quickly on sides, and you may lose your balance and fall. Your unstable ride can hurt you. 


These skateboards small trucks may work well in the skate parks for the quick turn but not at other paths.


So if you want better control during turns, then you should replace your skateboard with a longboard.


4. Longboards have a flexible flipside


How will you make your ride smooth? Only flex and bounce make it possible. Flex makes it smooth while you ride on rough roads.


If we compare, longboards come with decks that have more flex. Longboards quipped with vertical lamination, fiberglass, and bamboo to provide flex. Due to this flex, they are comfortable and absorb the vibration shocks on rough roads.



While the skateboards that come with a stiff neck. This kind of deck may provide a better and responsive ride during performing tricks. But it is not suitable for a usual ride over cracks and rough roads. 




No doubt, longboards are expensive, and people think they are not comfortable in their pockets, so they ignore them and buy skateboards.


But some facts make us convincing that longboards are better than skateboards during the ride. Their bigger size wheels, trucks, more expansive space to stand, and flexibility make them safe, comfortable, and easy to ride then skateboards. 


We believe you have got a straight answer from our article are longboards easier to ride than skateboards.

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