5 Reasons Why Your Skateboard Is Slow?

Are you worry that you owned a new skateboard, but it seems slow, you cannot build the momentum? You have checked and also try too much by pushing it fast to get faster but in vain.

When I was new to skateboarding, I also faced that issue and tried to figure out why, but I cannot solve my problem. Then I discuss the matter with one of my friends who was the skateboard shop owner.

He told me some simple tricks, which help me figure and resolve my skateboard’s slowness issue. Today I decided to share five beautiful ideas with you to make it easy for you to sort out the reason and to get faster riding on your skateboard.

Why is my new skateboard so slow?

I hope you will not experience any reason other than the below five reasons, which I will share when your skateboard is slow.

  1. Wheel types and fitting
  2. Problem with skateboard truck
  3. Low-quality skateboard
  4. Pushing wrongly
  5. Dirt and debris

Wheel types and fitting

When you noticed that your skateboard is slow, there may be a problem with its wheels; maybe your wheels are heavier and not of satisfactory quality, or perhaps they fit very tightly.

It is a most happening problem that sometimes when you try to tighten the nuts properly, you want to secure and tighten the axle nuts too much. It becomes a hurdle for the wheels to get faster speed.

When you have over tightened the nuts, then the axle will pressure the bearings, becoming an obstacle for the wheels to spin. It is simple to encounter because you will hear a squeaky rubbing noise when you tighten the nuts too firmly.

For the wheels’ proper fitting, start with off the one washer down the axle, then apply the wheel, and add the second washer. You can tighten the second washer with your hands. When you feel it becomes firm, then take a further draw, but check the noise by spinning the wheels during pulling the wheels.

Just spinning with hands is not enough after tightening; take a ride for ten to twenty yards to check the wheel.

The quality of wheels, such as their size, shape, hardness, and durability, also slows down the skateboard’s speed. When you have too much harder or broader wheels, sometimes it also slows down the speed. It is good to take suggestions from some experienced person to ensure a suitable choice for your skateboard.

For better control, 52 mm soft wheels support a beginner to skate and maintain his balance. Hard and small wheels do not contact well with the ground and become unstable when speed increases. But the softer wheels maximize the grip, which is excellent shredding through rough terrain.

Problem with skateboard truck

A truck may also cause a slowdown of the skateboard; it is a common problem that when you use a new skateboard, it takes time to adjust. But you can adjust it according to the required level. Generally, if you tighten the truck at a medium level, then the truck will work well.

You may get faster speed with loose trucks, but they also become a hurdle to control your balance. While the tighten, trucks offer you more control on your balance, maintaining but slow down the speed. Only the medium tighten trucks makes you comfortable at a faster speed.

One of the truck’s common problems is wheel bite, which suddenly stops the skateboard during the ride. The warped bushing is also another cause when they become old bushings will be cracked or split.

There can be problems with your skateboard truck due to bent truck axles and missing speed rings.

Low-quality skateboard

Never jump over the low-quality skateboard or skateboard parts to save your money. You may save yourself some money, but you will pay more for its maintenance.

A low-quality brand will cause many problems; its wheels, trucks, and other parts are of a cheap quality that cannot perform well. You may find hundreds of brands when you shop, but try to buy a well-known good brand.

If you have a low budget, wait until you have the money to buy the perfect quality skateboard. Because a low-quality skateboard will not provide you with a faster ride and it also has many risks, such as more chances of accidents and unbalancing.

Pushing wrongly

Most people face that problem; they do not push the skateboard in the right way to get faster speed. They do not follow the proper technique to push the skateboard. Please learn the pushing from an experienced person.

A good pushing technique can help you to get a faster ride on your skateboard. When you are riding then keep your knees bent and try to lower your centre of gravity. Due to maintained balance, you will get more control on the board and also remain safe.

Always place your dominant foot under the front bolts; it will help you to get the right angle with your back foot. You can change the placement of your foot to get a happy medium. Ensure your back remains straight and adopt the posture, which helps you get better control and better control on pushing.

Dirt and debris

Over time the skateboard becomes dirty, which needs proper cleanliness. When you do not clean your skateboard correctly, it may become contaminated, and dust and debris around the skateboard’s different parts affect its performance.

The most occurring problem due to dust, debris, and other residuals is the skateboard’s slow down. You can get rid of that situation by cleaning the skateboard and properly greasing the skateboard trucks, nuts, and other parts.

Final Thoughts:

A skateboard can provide great entertainment, but some problems such as its slowness can spoil your enjoyment. There can be many reasons, but I share the five most occurring issues, making your skateboard slow. You can correct it by removing these problems. Do not go to the shop and fix problems yourself.

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