10 Easy Skateboarding Tricks for Beginners

Are you a beginner in skateboarding and facing difficulty in riding? Skateboarding is a beautiful experience that provides you with better physical activity and great fun. But you need proper riding to enjoy and safe riding. It seems simple, but it becomes a big problem to maintain your balance and good riding when you are a beginner.

Surely you need some helpful guidelines which help you to teach skateboarding. If you try skateboarding without learning basic tricks, then you may hurt yourself many times and also take much time to learn skateboarding.

You need proper guidelines and proper learning of necessary skills, making you a good learner and ensuring your safety. I have collected ten simple skateboard tricks to learn in order which will help you to learn skateboarding if you are a beginner.

Top 10 basic skateboard tricks list:

  1. How to ride switch

It is not a trick, but it is one technique you will need to build up to more advanced skateboard tricks. The riding switch is simple; it is just skating with an opposite footing than a regular footing.

For example, if you have your right foot in the front and push the board with your left foot, then in a riding switch, you will follow the opposite pattern. You will need to have your left foot in front and pushing with the right foot. If you get mastery in that trick, you will open the doors of many new tricks.

  1. Biebelheimer

The next trick you need to learn is Biebelheimer; it is a cool way to get on your skateboard.  It is simple, and all that you need is to grab the board with your nose your fingers on the opposite side. After that, turn the skateboard at 180 degrees angle, so the grip tape hits the ground.

But the critical thing to note is to make sure that you make a slight angle when you are throwing it down; it will give a flip over. You can easily practice that trick; you just need to stand still and practice getting the board to flip around. You do not need to scrape the tail on the ground if you want that trick to work.

  1. Kick Turn

Kick turn is an excellent trick that helps you a lot in mastering skateboarding; it is a bit more efficient, especially when you want to cruise faster.

It is a relatively simple technique; you just need to place your one foot on the board’s tail and lean your more weight on that end but do not remove your other foot from the front.

When you put more weight on the backside, the front nose of the skateboard will rise up.

When you see that the front face of your skateboard is just a few inches off the ground, then pivot on front or back. It is also necessary to learn the kick turn if you want to know the other tricks, such as kickflip.

  1. Nosebleed/ Nose Stall

A nosebleed or Nose stall is also a necessary trick to learn when you begin skateboarding. It is simple, which involves an obstacle such as a curb with an edge and then applying the pressure on the skateboard’s nose while you lean on the backside.

If you want more comfortable skills to learn that trick, then lock your nose on and start on a lower obstacle and gradually work your way up. For that purpose, you will need to push it a little bit up and then roll up to it.

When you succeed to curb lift, your board by applying slight pressure on the board’s tail and setting the board’s nose on the curb.

To stay in the right position, lean on your forward foot; you shall also need to roll off; once you succeed to hang of it, move toward the taller objects.

  1. Ollie Pick Up

Ollie pick up is one of the easiest tricks to use to popping your board a little. For learning that trick, you need to ride in a forward direction and then pop up the tail a bit. Now place both feet on the ground after popping the skateboard.

To learn that trick start with just letting go of your skateboard and then notice how the deck responds. After that, you just grab and nail the trick. Try to pop it, and then your skateboard will fly upward, and it will be easy for you to pick it up.

Once you succeed in grabbing the skateboard nose, then jump back on it is another trick bomb drop. Ride on your deck forward and then gently pop the tail, then put both of your feet on the ground and grab the board in your hands.

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  1. Wall Bounce

It is really a fantastic trick and provides you great fun when you are a beginner; it is a trick which will impress your opponents and your friends. This trick is one of the creative tricks which needs some confidence before doing it. If you are not confident about that, it is better to skip that trick; otherwise, you may hurt yourself.

It is simple to perform just roll towards the wall, and then when you feel confident and, full control then pop skateboard tail and jump off the board. Wait for a little to bounce it back and then jump on your skateboard.

But you need a lot of confidence. I faced it too much scary, but I feel great proud of my skills and become a favorite of my friends after doing it.

  1. Fakie Kick Turn

It is one of the simplest tricks in skateboarding; you can smoothly perform and understand it just by reading the instructions. You will only need to ride back and then turn around 180 degrees. Here you will first move your shoulders and head and then the rest of the body.

Get your board rolling, fakie, turn your head, then shoulders, and gently push the tail. But make sure your body follows the movement of your head and shoulders.

  1. Kick Turn on the Ramp

It is also a fundamental trick that a beginner can quickly learn; it will help you a lot in the skateparks. You can perform that trick from the front and backside, but you should serve the backside first because it is easy to achieve from the backside.

This trick depends on your posture maintenance; you can rise up the front wheels just by pushing the skateboard’s tail.

It would help maintain a good posture when also turn your head and shoulders when riding on the ramp. It is straightforward to just move on the ramp and then turn your shoulders, head, and body.

  1. Hippie Jump

It is simple to learn hippie jump when you are at the beginning stage of skateboarding—no need to worry about teaching complications; you just need to know how to do a jump.

The essential things you need to follow carefully are not pressing the tail too fast, and when you land back from a jump, then do not land on the board’s tail or nose. Do not try higher jumps; start with smaller and make you skilled with practice and then try the higher jumps.

10. 180 Ollie

The last trick that I will share is 180 ollie. It is one of the best tricks that a beginner should learn when start skateboarding. You just need to start rolling and then get into a stance for the basic Ollie.

The only difference is that when you are landing from pop, Ollie does not land in the same direction; you just need to switch the stance. When you maintain a 180 degrees angle, then it will be easy to keep your balance.

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Final Thoughts:

Skateboarding is a popular hobby for younger people, and many young adults love to play with it. You can become a skilled skateboarder with practice, but it is good to learn some tricks from a professional person when you are a beginner. We also shared 10 beginner skateboard tips to learn skateboarding. You can try these tricks if you are a beginner to become a favorite of your friends.

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